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Bitcoin is getting ready for another Move right now here and while this is Happening we're creating another CM G For Bitcoin so I will be exactly talk About this C Gap what it means for Bitcoin and many more important charts Because I want to be quickly talk about What we're currently exactly seeing in This Prime section right here what we're Doing with our next trades what is going To be happening next in terms of news And many more important stuff we need to Discuss right now so without any further Ado don't forget to up that like button On today's update video and let me jump Straight away in towards the content so On the imminent short term guys we're Seeing the Bitcoin create another CME Gap over the course of last weekend the CME Gap is currently trading between 34.8 to 34.9k and basically in order to fill it Up we have to go below that price uh but Of course what we do notice that we even Got another CM G trading below us around $34,000 so Bitcoin is right now really Going on a trend of creating cigas Because literally for the past three Weeks we have been creating CME Gap so Either we don't create any CM Gap at all Or either we create a c Me Gap and it Tends to get filled up on the Monday Straight away and now already we got Three C me gaps in a row week after week

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And all of them are not filled up what Is of course absolutely very interesting To be seeing for Bitcoin and to see this Strength also over the course of the Weekend people are really interested on Buying Bitcoin so that is why the price Just keeps pushing up higher over the Course of the weekend so Bitcoin is Still trading in his upper sing support Line every single time Bitcoin has Touched this level and yesterday again We somehow touched this level after a Big wick towards the downside we see Bitcoin is bouncing from off this level Every single time we touch it and the Top side as well every single time we Touch that top side we get rejected from Of that higher point in the market so Bitcoin is clearly getting ready for Another move here and of course I've Been saying this for quite a while guys Uh probably within 65 days from now on We're going to get the Bitcoin sport ETF Because the final Arc deadline is going To be on January 10th 2024 and it's from Off today only 65 days away here so if The S were to approve any ETF they will Probably approve them all at the same Time and since arest is the first final Deadline we're expecting before January 10th we're expecting all of them are Going to get accepted so yes it is not That long anymore here and definitely Once that news is going to hit the

Market it's going to really change what Bitcoin is going to be doing and yes we Could potentially create this resist Line on the top side but really if that News hits the market I won't be Surprised for Bitcoin to literally go up For three or four months in a row and Why am this why am I saying this I've Mean I've been saying this quite a well On the channel already and that is Because the news is currently moving the Market because this narrative is really Going to be pushing Bitcoin uh probably Through $40,000 us and potentially even Through $50,000 us it may sounds pretty Insane but it is a pretty realistic Price target for Bitcoin why am I saying So is because this news what it is going To be doing here is that of course these Issuers are all going to go on a Marketing campaign to attract as much Money to their ETF as possible because The more money they have in their ETF The cheaper the fee can be and the Cheaper the fee is the more people are Actually going to join the ETF and the More money they have under management The more money they are going to be Making so it's going to be a very Interesting point and also they're going To all try to launch as soon as possible And if we're looking at the ethereum Futures ETF it only took aox o imately 5 Days from acceptance to going live what

Is of course absolutely massive super Quickly and since BlackRock is even Seening their ETF already we will be Probably expecting it will be in a Similar timeline so it gets accepted and Then within 5 days it is going to go Live trading and then we're going to see The real interesting data and we're Going to see the real demand for a Bitcoin sport ETF so if you want to be Trading this make sure to go to buybit Bybit is currently offering you an Insane deposit bonus up to $440,000 and Without the link in description if if You just go to the website it's only 400 So it's a win-win situation for both of Us and yes if we're really looking at Bitcoin right now it looks to be that it Is just consolidating around this region Really holding up here about $34,000 what is of course a beautiful Thing to see redistribution people are Getting out of the market new people are Getting in here and what we can see also Here is clearly that Bitcoin is losing Some momentum right now on the daily RSI While the price action still is creeping Towards the upside so we are in fact Creating a small little bearish Divergence over here and I'm definitely A little bit worried about it because This could potentially suggest that We're going to see a small little Momentum loss and Bitcoin could

Potentially see some bearish price Action but where I'm really worried About is potentially this resistance Linee right here but yeah just like I Said if this news that the ETF gets Accepted comes out Bitcoin is probably Going to be crushing through this level So be very careful if you're going to Short Bitcoin right now I have also Opened up a small little short but my Stop loss are so tight because yes one Small news article has to come out and Bitcoin is just going to crush through All the resistance that is the Importance that you have to understand Right now and that is why I think Shorting Bitcoin is extremely dangerous In this period in the market but if you Were to be doing it make sure to use a Very tight stop loss because otherwise You're going to be losing and if Bitcoin Really continues this move here guys we Could potentially be looking at once Again another overbought weekly scenario Here where bit probably is going to even Extend this move much more significantly Than we have already been expecting so Let's see that is going to be playing Out here but one thing is for sure many People are thinking there is a lot of Buying pressure in the market but really What I think is that there is just Less Sell volume in the market and that is Why Bitcoin is moving up because we can

Clearly see on the BLX chart so these Are all the charts combined here so this Is the most uh the best chart to Basically look at the volume for we can Clearly see that indeed the volume has Seen a slight uptick here towards the Upside but nothing compared nothing Compared I mean here in this Consolidation phase we did about one 23k Uh Bitcoin in terms of volume and and Then on the push towards the upside we Saw about 166 to 200k Bitcoin in volume So indeed the volume almost uh is up by 50% but you have to understand when These moves up we tend to also see more Sell pressure but basically what then in Fact is happening is that less people Are actually selling their Bitcoin and That is why we're moving up there's no Big difference between uh this week and The weeks before but there's just less Selling pressure on bitcoin and that Makes it for me very very interesting in My opinion the volume remains to be Pretty low here and uh even though Bitcoin is going higher so there are Just a lot of sellers that are looking To be a little bit exhausted and if this Rent continues Bitcoin can really go Much higher and I've been saying this Also on my Twitter because we can Currently clearly see is that 90% of all The Bitcoin supply has not moved over 6 Months right now here even though we're

Trading above $34,000 so there's a clear Change of structure in the market and Less and less of people are actually Interested in selling their Bitcoin and That is the exact reason why we're Moving upwards more and more people are Getting the Huddle mentality and this is The exact reason why Bitcoin is probably Going to keep going up over time at the Same time JP Morgan also said in a Statement that they are expecting the Spot ETF approval in December what is of Course already next month in Approximately 3 to four weeks from now On and if we're quickly going to be Looking at ethereum I see many people Talking about ethereum because yes Yesterday it had actually quite a good Day here um ethereum is right now Sitting at a very important point in Terms of the support against Bitcoin I Think if you were to be trading ethereum You really want to be out trading it Against Bitcoin because either you're in Bitcoin or either you're in either Because either you are in Bitcoin or Either you are in Eve so let's see how That is going to be playing out here but Ethereum R is sitting at a very Important level of support but if we do Break below this level ethereum could go Much much lower and I mean in previous Bare marks as well ethereum has taken Big big big hit before potentially going

Then up again uh 4 500% against Bitcoin In that bull run so ethereum is indeed Breaking out of this massive symmetrical Triangle it's still holding above, 1900 Uh sorry ,800 us do I think really it's Going to be performing super well in the Next Bull Run so what I can currently See here is a lot of these altcoins are Actually bouncing towards the upside but Be on high alert uh this is the total Market cap for altcoins we are remaining To be trading in this downward slopping Trend here we remain to be creating Lower highs every single time here on The chart and that basically is Suggesting and uh basically is Confirming that the altcoin market is Still trading in a downtrend and it's Still massively down compared to the Altim high while Bitcoin is R now 50% Away from its altime high the altcoin Market is still down over 64% so uh Altcoins are still taking a bigger hit Than Bitcoin some altcoins are Performing very well right now here but Once the ETF comes out here probably the Spotlight will go back on bitcoin Probably some altcoins are going to Perform very very well that once Bitcoin Comes down these altcoins go down twice As hard so that is maybe the time you Could be benefiting from the volume Volatility downwards but historically Speaking if we're going to be looking at

The Bitcoin dominance because the Bitcoin dominance is the best way to Measure when to bu be buying altcoins And when not to is basically once Bitcoin breaks its alumn high because Once Bitcoin breaks its alumn high that Is the point the Bitcoin Dominus starts To be dropping exponentially downwards And once the Bitcoin Dominus starts to Be dropping exponentially downward that Is actually the point you want to be Getting into allcoins and not once it is Actually trending upwards and that is What we're currently in so I'm still Going to be waiting really before for Positioning myself more and more into Altcoins because I still think the risk Is most certainly very high there are Some altcoins going quite hard but you Have to understand just like cardano It's maybe bouncing over 50% here Cardano compared to bitcoin may still be Down over 90% And honestly it has been Going up a little bit here but it's Still down 84% here and probably against Bitcoin it is going to keep suffering Even more so yeah that is my message to Everyone out there thank you so much for Watching if you did learn something from It don't forget to slap all the like Button and see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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