In this video I will be exactly talking About the most important charts of Bitcoin but more importantly I will talk About why Bitcoin will probably keep on Pumping towards the upset and this is Not due to the fact of the Bitcoin price Action on the charts looking super Bullish no it's purely fundamentally Speaking and I will be exactly Explaining what currently is going on Here I will'll talk about the most Important charts so without any further Ado don't forget to stap all the like Button on today's update video can we Smash it back up a 400 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that it Being said let jumps straight away in Towards the price section of Bitcoin I Mean here on the immin short term we can Clearly see Bitcoin is getting rejected From this top side right here while we Had a small little fake out above it we Can clearly still see that this is the Level where Bitcoin is getting rejected From right now it's weekend so we're Expecting that Bitcoin is probably going To continue to trade sideways I mean Last week as well we saw some volatility Towards the upside and last two weekends We actually saw quite a lot of Volatility on bitcoin so probably maybe It could be happening again here but on The base case the weekends are usually Very boring so let's see how it's going

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To be playing out here Bitcoin remains To be holding the upward sloping support Line what is of course Absol at the same Time Bitcoin remains to be holding this Upward sloping support line what is of Course absolutely incredible and of Course if we're taking a more educated Gas Bitcoin is probably going to be Remain to consolidate in this region Because right now for already 10 days in A row Bitcoin has been consolidating in This exact consolidation phase right Here so probably it's going to continue To trade in this region and right now What we're seeing is just a Reaccumulation and what we're really Waiting on is the next Catalyst in terms Of news what could really drive up the Bitcoin price so what are we looking at Right now here I mean to be very clear Once the Bitcoin spot ETF gets accepted I personally think Bitcoin is going to Be even pumping harder towards the Upside and here is why so there are Currently 12 ETF applications the General consensus is is that the SSC Will all approve them at the same time Because otherwise the SEC will probably Get a lot of charges from the issuers That they're choosing sides because for An ETF it's very important to attract The most amount of capital because the More Capital that you have in your ETF The more liquidity is in the lower you

Can have the fees because let's say you Have 10 billion US dollar so let's say You have 10 billion US dollar and Someone wants to be investing what is it Let's say $10,000 in your uh in your ETF It's a way less big of a size so the Management fee could also be less due to The fact that you're already managing More so what is going to be happening Once these ETFs get accepted first of All it's going to be a race to the start They all want to be launching as soon as Possible and due to that the Bitcoin Price action can probably not change in The change of demand that we're going to Be seeing then second of all all these Issuers they're going to literally go on A market marketing campaign to invest All in their Bitcoin sport ETF and not In the other one and that is exactly What Larry think is doing the the CEO of Black Rock the richest and largest asset Manager over the insire worth and that Is why he's going on TV right now and Talking so positively about Bitcoin so Literally what all these issues are Going to be doing they're going to go on A marketing campaign about Bitcoin and Why it is so good and these are Billionaires these are people people With a lot of capital and this could Really attract a lot of capital and this Is really going to be the Kickstart of The next Bull Run so so we're expecting

That the first Bitcoin SP ttf is going To get accepted in approximately 64 to 65 days from now on before January the 10th so expect that around this time From of November December we're probably Going to see the Bitcoin price action Probably even increase higher because It's going to be pricing in what is Going to be happening and of course it Could be literally happening any moment Right now here but one thing is for sure It's probably going to be happening in 60 to 65 days why is because Graco Already won the case against the SEC and The SEC is currently working together With the issuers to complete the filing So this is the the reason why I Pro Probably think that Bitcoin is probably Going to continue to pump towards the Upside and honestly you don't understand How gigantic big this is because they Will literally go on a marketing Campaign the richest people alive are Going to go on a marketing campaign About Bitcoin and that is going to be Doing something insane on the price Action of Bitcoin it doesn't matter that We're right on the short term creating This bearish Divergence because all I am Doing right now here is accumulating More and more Bitcoin and honestly if Bitcoin really were to be coming down Here and comes down to 30 $1,000 us it Will be a gift because that will be a

Massive opportunity in my eyes of course They're going to do everything to Suppress the price action to buy it as Low as possible but honestly I don't Really see a clear reason to be bearish On bitcoin rate now here of course the TA is telling us that we should be a Little bit more cautious right here but What I'm doing I'm opening up three ex Leverage long some positions on bitcoin All over the place here to of course Maximize my profits for the next Bull Run so I am super excited right now so If you want to be trading this don't Forget to sign sign up account using the Link below you can currently claim a Deposit bonus up to $40,000 for only Depositing $400 so absolutely insane Deposit bonus going further in towards The TA on bitcoin I mean we are Currently running into towards somewhat Of a resistance but honestly once this News hit the market the resistance Doesn't matter anymore because probably We're just going to crush through it and I can tell you also what is going to be Happening probably since it's of course Bitcoin related Bitcoin is going to Really shoot towards the upside and Really going to take the advantage from This move currently we're seeing a small Little dip in Bitcoin dominance but be Aware we're right now really in a Bitcoin season and honestly once Bitcoin

Starts to be breaking above its ultim High that is probably the point where Altcoin season could be started and then I'm going to be investing more money Into these smaller altcoins that Potentially could do 100 or 200 exes and I'm going to also talk about it on this Exact channel so make sure to subscribe Right now stay up to date because we're Going to be making a ton of money in the Next Bull Run it's going to be Absolutely insane so we are right now of Course breaking out of this gigantic Consolidation phase also be on high Alert there was a c Me Gap around $99,000 and if you are still waiting to Be buying that c Me Gap you are still Waiting and yes right now we also create A small little C Me Gap right here uh What was it around $29,000 us please or Even one a $4,000 us please don't be the One that's going to be waiting for the Cab to get filled I mean they usually Tend to get filled 95% of the times but It doesn't necessarily have to get Filled here and right now it's once Again a weekend and if let's say some Good news hits hits over the course of The weekend Bitcoin is probably going to Even still pump further on towards the Upside so Bitcoin is right now Approaching 36.5k I think this is the Most important resistance to be paying Attention towards but honestly once

Again the market is drien by news Nowadays so if it's really bullish news We're just going to crush through it but Anyways if Bitcoin is just going to be Going up here without any news and we're Going to retest 36.5k I honestly do Think that it's going to be providing Somewhat of a resistance depends of Course what is going to be happening if Let's say the SP ETF gets accepted we're Just straightway going to of course rush Through that level so I'm going to be Looking very closely at it I've Currently got some order set up here but That is why you want to be using a very Tight stop loss right now in this market So Bitcoin also beautiful retail with The downward sling resist line and of Course the head and shoulders pattern is Currently breaking out so right now it's Weekend there's not a lot of stuff Playing out here but I just had to point Out about all the stuff that's currently Going on and why this is definitely the Time to be super bullish on bitcoin so Thanks so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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