Bitcoin is about to have another massive Breakout and just like yesterday I Predicted this exact breakout right here I think that today we're going to have Another far greater breakout and I will Be exactly discussing my price Targets On today's update video I will also talk Of course about black rock that Yesterday bought over $850 million US Dollar worth of bitcoin the most Important charts the most important Indicators and many more important stuff That is going to tell us something about What is about to be happening next week Bitcoin right now so without any further Ado don't forget to once again slam up That like button back above 1,000 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said Le me jump straight Away in towards the content and of Course yesterday I talked about this Symmetrical triangle where what Bitcoin Was creating and the moment we broke out And confirmed the retest of that Symetrical triangle that was the point Where the breakout was getting confirmed And just moments later Bitcoin pumped up Over 2 and a half% towards the upside And after we saw a significant rejection We came back towards this level it Flipped into support once again and Right now once again we can start to see That Bitcoin is creating yet again Another consolidation phase and this

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Consolidation phase will be very Important to keep your attention towards Because in the upcoming hours we are Going to be having another insane Breakout and if I were to be looking at My price targets I am expecting that the Breakout Target for Bitcoin is going to Be somewhere around $75,000 us this time around so if Bitcoin were to be breaking that Downward slopping Trend which I believe Is most likely going to be happening and Why that will be happening I will come Towards that a little bit later in Today's video but most likely we're Going to be going to $75,000 us and then Bitcoin is only 25k away before reaching 100K which I've also stated many times Before is most likely going to be Happening way quicker than anticipated And a reason to think that right now we Are going to be having another bullish Breakout today is that yesterday Black Rock bought another 586 million Us doll worth of bitcoin and From this data we can clearly see that Black rock is not slowing down or these Other ETF issuers are not slowing down On accumulating Bitcoin well in fact we Are trading above $73,000 us so I'm Expecting we're once again going to see A significant pump here of course as Sell pressure dies out and of course as The people that really want to exit the

Market are right now exiting the market At some point there is there's probably Not going to be a lot of sell pressure Anymore because people know and can Clearly see the data that things are Looking extremely bullish and that is Going to be cat building Bitcoin up Higher and that is why I do think that $100,000 is going to be imminent for Bitcoin and definitely this data that We've seen once again today is probably Going to wake up the market that black Rock is not slowing down here and at the Pace that they are currently Accumulating everything is indicating They're not slowing down and while Indeed Black Rock bought over $800 Million of of Bitcoin Bitcoin was indeed Trading above $70,000 so they are Clearly not afraid of accumulating Bitcoin right now and that is why I do Believe we are are going to see this Trend continue very strongly and Honestly yesterday has been also the Largest daily inflow yet and we Accumulated over a billion US Dollars While Bitcoin is is above $70,000 so you Have to understand that these Institutions are still buying more than A billion dollars worth of bitcoin Yesterday and Bitcoin is trading of $70,000 use so how could you be bearish In this market scenario I honestly don't See any reason to be bearish at all and

Of course you can clearly see Bitcoin Has confirmed above its aumn High On That daily time frame Bitcoin has Confirmed that Weekly candle above the Autumn high and honestly like we have Learned from history it usually only Takes two to three weeks before reaching Its first extension Target which in this Case is going to be the 1.618 that is of course sitting around $100,000 and we're expecting that is Going to be happening in the coming two To three weeks so most likely every Consolidation phase that we're going to Be creating right now is going to be Having a bullish breakout and these are A lot of trading opportunities that are Going to come to the market and if you Were to be trading Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency you know on bybit you Currently got more than 427 coins listed more than binance and If you want to be trading them make sure To go to buy because if you're right a Sign up account using that link below You will get an insane deposit bonus Worth $30,000 and without this link in Description it's only 400 so it's a Massive win-win scenario so if you're Interested in trading go to the link Description of today's video but going Even further in towards the content of Course Bitcoin is indeed right now Confirming that break above Alum high

And historically speaking just like I Said earlier in the video we tend to go Very exponential but what is definitely Different this time around is that we Have not got the Bitcoin Hing and Usually Bitcoin tends to set a new Timite after Hing but currently it Already happened before so the Bitcoin Hing is still 33 days out and many People are actually saying that this Bitcoin Hing is going to be a sell the News event but I don't believe that this Is going to be a seld the news event and Let me quickly explain why first of all We need to identify that this is a Different Market environment this time It is clearly different because Bitcoin Has formed a new automi and of course The main reason why Bitcoin has said hit A New Alm before Hing is due to these Bitcoin sport ETFs and just considering The fact that yesterday they bought 14,760 but after the Bitcoin halfing is Only 450 so most likely once the Bitcoin Hing is going to come it's only going to Accelerate the significant price surch Of Bitcoin and and that is why I don't Believe it's going to be a sell the news Event unless of course we're going to See a clear shift in Bitcoin spot ETF Inflows but of course as we're seeing Right now it looks to be that we're not Slowing down anytime soon and actually We're hitting new records of

Accumulation on that SP Bitcoin ETF so There's no reason to right now say we Should be bearish on bitcoin at all and We should call the Bitcoin Hing a sell The news event and of course like I Discussed many times before on my Altcoin Channel or basically in general I believe that not the only big Opportunity are going to be a Bitcoin But of course I want to be analyzing Bitcoin and seeing what is happening With Bitcoin to determine what the next Move is going to be in the entire market So of course currently we can clearly See that the altcoin market is also Entering a very significant expansion Phase and as this expansion phase is Getting enables I'm expecting there's Going to be a massive breakout for this Entire Market the entire altcoin sector And yesterday as well we actually had The ethereum Duncan upgrade and that is Right now life and this upgrade is Basically making layer twos even more Cheaper than they already were and for Example the base chain you only pay Right now about 1 cent for a transaction And that is in my opinion extremely Bullish for layer 2os so important to Understand what is all happening right Now but there's been a lot of Developments this upgrade has been Worked on for over two years and right Now it's finally there so you have to

Understand that ethereum right now also Is creating a massive consolidation Phase so if you're looking for a new Trade here potentially on ethereum and I Do believe that eventually ethereum is Going to be outpacing Bitcoin in 2024 Especially due to the fact that it is Currently deflationary and as more People are going to be using it it's Going to be even become more Deflationary so you have to understand The bullish narrative for ethereum also With that spot ETF coming up anytime Soon here I do believe that trading Ethereum could be a very good Opportunity right now we can currently See that we're creating a symetrical Triangle and the symmetrical triangle is About to be breaking out in the coming Period as well here just like Bitcoin is About to be breaking out so I'm Expecting a new breakout today or maybe Early tomorrow so you should be Definitely keeping your eyes wide open On ethereum is preparing itself right Now for a massive move and once this Breakout does happen we're once again Most likely going to be seeing another Significant move for ethereum so while We can see it has been consolidating in An approximately range of $300 which is Quite a lot for ethereum so the breakout Is most likely also going to be quite Explosive and if I'm going to be

Measuring a breakout it's either going To be pushing ethereum up higher to 4,300 or it's going to be pushing Ethereum down which I think is very Unlikely to 3,700 so those are my Targets I'm currently looking for Bitcoin is potentially already starting To be breaking out so I'm going to Quickly wrap up this video post it right Now online because otherwise maybe You're going to be missing out on this Opportunity right so thank so much for Watching toward this amazing new update Video if you did enjoy it snap that like Button subscribe to the channel and I'll See you guys back again tomorrow on Another update video peace out goodbye

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