Bitcoin is breaking out right now and in This exact video I will talk about why We are currently moving towards the Upside again because yes Bitcoin is Currently about to be entering that Higher range and it is looking super Super bullish so I will be exactly talk About what I'm currently seeing on the Price section of Bitcoin right now I Will talk about all the most important Things that we need to discuss and many More important stuff so if you want to Be finding out about why Bitcoin is Moving up right now here don't forget to Slap the like button on today's update Video can we smash it back up at 500 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and First of all let me kick off with the Immin short term for Bitcoin because Bitcoin is once again moving up here and Actually just a few hours ago Bitcoin Reached a whopping $29,000 usar once Again on the 1 hour time frame you can Clearly see it is continuing towards the Upside and actually it broke Above This Previous resistance level and ever since It has been creating another high in the Market so this is looking very good for Bitcoin especially after we got the fake News from black r i mean Bitcoin is Holding off still very well here and Actually we got some very big news that

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Just hit the market is that vidality Filed for an updated version of the Bitcoin spot ETF and this is a big deal Why is because this is the reason and More proof that potentially the Bitcoin Sport ETF issuers are working together With the SEC and bringing in changes SL Amendments required for the SSC to be Approving very positive signs in my Opinion so actually what we're currently Seeing here is that they're literally Changing up the things that were not Correct because they are communicating Together with the S and due to that People are pricing in that the Bitcoin Sport ETF is going to come and since They saw what kind of an effect a Bitcoin sport ETF could have on the Market yeah that is why Bitcoin is Already moving up towards the upside Right now here since it's definitely Getting priced in towards the market Right now potentially I mean everyone Thought the Bitcoin SPF was already Priced in right here but then still it Went up 10% within matter of minutes and Yeah if it really gets accepted it will Probably even be more so Bitcoin is Looking quite strong right here it is Breaking towards the upside and honestly If you're looking at the daily time Frame we broke Above This most important Resistance level you can clearly see Every single time we've been retesting

This level we got rejected you saw right Here rejection rejection here we saw a Couple rejections and then we broke Above it and this level flipped into Support so that is a very good Development for the price action of Bitcoin and maybe more importantly we Are right now knocking on this higher Range here and breaking in the higher Range as soon as Bitcoin breaks above 28.5k so as soon as we do see the Confirmation of that break above 28.5k I Will be looking for the potential break Out and the break in of this newer Higher range for Bitcoin and I've said This several times before once we're Breaking in towards this range there Will be no resistance until we're going To hit 31.5k so that is going to be Definitely a very easy target I mean for Me it's pretty unfortunate because I Yesterday just sold eight Bitcoin to be Buying a new car I'm going to show it on My Instagram and probably also my Twitter today so make sure to follow me Over there but I mean wow I just bought A dream car hopefully Bitcoin is not Going to pump and I mean if Bitcoin is Going to pump to $30,000 it was even More expensive for me but anyways I Don't really care anymore but Bitcoin of Course at the same time while we're Looking at these charts here I mean for Of course we do know we have to really

Break above $31,000 right that is the Big big resistance here on the top side If we break above that level that is the Point where Bitcoin really is going to Be breaking massive out here so we're Still waiting for that until we're not Breaking that level I don't think There's a real big fireworks going to be Happening but of course on the imidate Short term we can see that we broke out Of the ascending triangle and I mean Honestly the price record of the Asing Triangle is somewhere around $31,000 and that makes a lot of sense Since $331,000 is also that resistance Here on the top side so definitely going To be looking towards that level and I Mean for me on right now I just want to Be looking closely towards this level Depending where the daily candle is Going to close if it's closing above 28.6k we're confirming the breaking Towards this region and I would Definitely be expecting we're going to See more upside so so if you are Interested in trading Bitcoin make sure To go to the link description of today's Video because yes if you write a sign up At account using that link below guys You can claim a free $1,000 air position For only depositing $100 and all you Need to do here is sign up an account Using that link below deposit $100 Within 7 days and you can claim that

Free $1,000 VI dollar already so at the Meantime while recording this video Bitcoin is even pushing further on Towards the upside what is absolutely Insane 28.8k what are we looking at right now So what is actually very interesting to See is that there were a huge amount of Short orders set up in the market and You can see that was the exact reason Why Bitcoin pushed towards the upside Since it was more than 32 million usar In Bitcoin Shores lowering around that Level and right now if I'm going to be Looking a little bit more closely around $29,000 we still got an approximately 15 Million so yeah if Bitcoin pushes up Another $200 from off this point and Maybe if the video is live it's already Been hits but if Bitcoin moves up to $29,000 we're actually going to see Another $ 30 million us exit the market What is of course definitely very Excited to see and on the lower side if Bitcoin really is going to be dumping it Will be going down to 28,000 US dollar Since there is where the most amount of Liquidations lay in the market so just a Quick update on that and I mean if Bitcoin because yes we are about to be Closing the 3-day time frame candle in 18 hours from now on and if Bitcoin Manages to be breaking out of this level Right here it basically will mean is

That Bitcoin is going to be breaking the 99 week downtrend what is going to be Massive in my opinion because if we Break this downward slow mo resist line We are going to be in for a very very Big swing in the market and that could Just indicate something very big is Going to come for the market and I mean Honestly if you're looking at the weekly Time frame as well for Bitcoin you can See that we're right now knocking on the 200 weekly moving average and we're About to be breaking above it and if I'm Zooming out even further guys but Honestly this is really the time to be Accumulating usually what happens is That approximately 6 months after the Hing hit the market Bitcoin tends to hit New AUM highs and I mean right now we're Just a few months out of the Hing and And we're approximately uh 11 to 10 Months away from a new Bitcoin Autumn High if we're going to be looking at History so I mean honestly I am super Excited about Bitcoin I really think That this is the time to be accumulating I really compare this cycle to the 2015 Cycle purely because of the interest Rates but also because of the market Structure and I mean of course also Looking at this yard you can see that Bitcoin of course right now it may be Moving up here but the big breakout is Going to be $32,000 where we have to be

Waiting for and I mean honestly for the Weekly time frame you can clearly see Bitcoin exactly bounc from off this Level this was no big surprise at all Here and honestly $25,000 is going to be A big support no matter if Bitcoin is Going to be breaking down again $25,000 Is going to be a massive support Target For Bitcoin and at the same time we can Actually see that the Bitcoin dominance Is moving up massively I've been saying This for quite a well here I don't think That this is the time to be buying all Coins I think this is the time to be Focusing on bitcoin and if you're Actually looking at to use the tedar Dominance um it is still sitting at Actually super high so in 2019 the tedar Dominance was about 0.7% and currently it's up more than 1,000% sitting around 8% approximately So uh of course in the last bum the Tedar reserves were around 2% so just Imagine if this teder Reserve is going To be flowing into Bitcoin what kind of Effect it will be having in the market It will be massive there's so much money Waiting on the sidelines to be entering Bitcoin and it's really going to be Happening once they think the bull Market is starting and I can tell you Already it's going to be starting in Approximately 12 months from now on uh 10 to 12 months from now on the Bull Run

Is going to be starting Ing and honestly It's better to be a little bit earlier And for me I've got a strategy I'm just Dcing in towards the market and I think That's the best strategy to do so and Considering the fact that the Bitcoin Sport ETF is probably going to hit the Market in 60 to 90 days that's what I've Been saying but not only me because KY Wood has said it as well and she's Saying that a number of Bitcoin SP ttfs Are going to get approved at the same Time but more importantly the real Deadline and SL the expectation date is In the coming 60 to 90 days here why is Because Arc invest has got the final Deadline sitting on January 10 and they Just can't outright deny it and then Accept the other ones because that would Be an unfair competition and KY would Also said it will be a marketing game Once the ETF comes out here because they All want to attract as much money to Their Bitcoin sport ETF so it's going to Be crazy and I think Bitcoin is really Going to be in the spotlight once it hit The market so make sure to get ready It's going to be happening in 60 to 90 Days so how can you prepared for it the Best by dcing SL accumulating right now At least that is what I am doing no Financial advice So that was it for me on today's update Video thank you so much for watching and

I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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