Bitcoin is pumping and in this exact Video I will be exactly talk about why This currently is happening so make sure To stick in this video because I will be Also talk about the most important Supportting resistance and Bitcoin is Literally right now breaking above Critical resistance so make sure to Watch this video till the end it's going To be a super important one with that Being said don't forget to slap up the Like but on today's update video and let Me jump straight away in towards the Analysis so once looking at the imminent Short term Bitcoin has literally closed In higher high than the previous high of This big massive fake out of the fake Black Rock news what is of course Absolutely massive and let me straight Away explain about why this is happening So what we're currently seeing is that Literally all signs are pointing that we Are going to get a Bitcoin spot ETF Before the 10th of January 2024 and due To that the market is literally pricing In the ETF in the market and that is why Bitcoin is moving up right now here why Am I saying so is because since last Week we have seen different behavior From the SEC because right now the SEC Is working together with the issuers Like Black Rock to complete the Fulfillment they're literally refiling All their ETFs to uh match basically

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What the SEC exactly once and this is of Course massive news because this is the First time that the SEC is working Together with issuers to complete the Filing for a Bitcoin spot and due to That the chances of a Bitcoin spot ETF Are increasing and due to that the Market is pricing it in why it's because Last time we saw what the market could Do if a sport ETF gets accepted out of Nowhere and literally the olds are Rising so the market is pricing it in so That is personally really why I think Bitcoin is going to be moving up here And honestly probably is going to Continue up for a little bit longer here As well so looking in the 4ly time frame We actually perfectly found this level Into support and then we move towards The upside looking then here at this Chart we exactly broke below this range Low here after we did so on The Daily Candle boom we shoot up towards the Upside exactly like I've been predicting So you can literally see Bitcoin just Entered the higher range here so this is Very good news here because yes I've Been talking about the higher range for Quite a long time on the channel already I mean we've been trading in the lower Range for a very long period of time of Uh in this market for Bitcoin and I said If we manage to break above 28.6k on the Daily candle we could be entering that

Higher range and that could be Ultimately super bullish for the markets And that is exactly what we did so Realistically speaking if we're going to Talk in terms of resistance and support The next resistance here in this region Is going to be somewhere around this Level right here this is going to be the Middle range resistance I would call and Of course this is going to be a level That probably is going to be providing Some rejections it's sitting around 29.7k here but as soon as we do break Above This level honestly 31.5k is going To be realistically speaking the next Target and that will be the top side for Bitcoin but don't be fooled don't be Fooled because actually yeah Bitcoin is Maybe bouncing back towards the upset Again here but literally for the PS let Me say this correctly for the past 220 days we've been trading in this Range already only we're right now Coming back towards the top side of the Range for Bitcoin to really create a big Move here what you want to be seeing Here is a breakout of the region so Right now we're still trading in this Bigger price region and for me to really Call okay right now we're going to have A big pump right now we're going to have A big dump you need to see a break Outside of the region so as long as Bitcoin is trading inside of the region

I'm not really expecting fireworks I Mean yeah Bitcoin is moving up average Slightly towards the upset right now but You can't even imagine what kind of a Move it will be once Bitcoin breaks out Of the region and that is really where We're waiting for so stay posted for That I mean at the same time Bitcoin Managed to break the three-day massive Downtrend it's a 998 week downtrend and To be exact in terms of days is a 685 Day downtrend that Bitcoin yesterday Just broke above off and this is also Massive news here Bitcoin is breaking Above This legendary downtrend and yeah The price of this breakout is around $47,000 what is absolutely insane so I Mean guys honestly I think trading Retail is the most smartest thing to do Here and trading your region right here Is also the most smartest thing to do But if you're interested in trading and Benefiting from the volatility that Bitcoin finally is creating again here Don't forget to go to the link Description of today's video because you Can currently claim a free $1,000 us Airdrop position and all you need to do Here is sign up an account using that Link below deposit $100 in the coming 7 Days complete kyc and then you can claim That insane deposit bonus whether you Want to take it in a long or short Position you can choose it but it's

Absolutely massive so looking further at Bitcoin the daily time frame is Beautifully breaking out here and Honestly I've been just talking about This as long as Bitcoin is training in This region I don't really expect Fireworks but once we break outside of This region and I really think that Bitcoin could really break out once the ETF news is going to get confirmed but Once we break outside of this region Especially towards the upside honestly Then we're going to be entering a new Price region and what price region is is Going to be I'm not quite sure yet and Of course the most beautiful thing we Could have here is a breakout towards The upside and then a potential retest And on that exact retest that is the Point where I will be opening up massive Long positions on bitcoin that is Currently what I'm looking to do that is Currently what I'm aiming for to do so I Will keep you guys posted but there will Be massive trading opportunities Honestly yesterday I bought a Porsche 911 GT3 RS with Bitcoin I spent eight Bitcoins on this car and it's already a Bad investment I already knew that I'm Not going to make a profit on it or Whatsoever this is of course a thing That is not smart to do here but I'm got So addicted to the car that I had to buy It so I spent eight Bitcoin on it guys

Follow me on Instagram if you want to be Seeing more about it and let me know in The comment section down below if I Should make a video about this car Because yeah I mean I personally love it But I'm not quite sure if you guys want To see it as well anyways let's continue With the analysis because right now you Can see also on the weekly time frame It's not confirmed yet here but we are On the edge of having that breakout Right we're only 2 days and 19 hours out Here and once we break out right here we Will confirm that Mass 98 we downtrend Break also on that Weekly time frame What is going to be big news here and of Course still on the bigger things of it All the resistance to be breaking is $32,000 as long as we're not breaking Above $32,000 there's no reason to Really say Bitcoin is right now turning Super bullish and it's quite interesting Because geopolitically speaking there is A lot of interesting things happening Right not interesting but uh yeah Damaging things happening and you can See that gold is massively having a Runup and what is also having a run up Right now it is Bitcoin so Bitcoin and Gold are moving quite similarly towards With each other towards the upside so That's actually quite interesting to be Seeing gold is really moving up here Bitcoin is also following so maybe not

Necessarily is because of the ETF news Getting priced in but mainly it's also a Little bit due to the fact that gold is Pumping so maybe it's like two out of One and that is why Bitcoin is moving up Right now here but it's good to see that Bitcoin is actually moving up while the Classic stock market is down 0.6% Bitcoin is up 1.5% in the last 12 Hours so that is of course absolutely Amazing and at the same time we saw that The Bitcoin mining difficulty jump more Than 6% yesterday what is of course a Massive jump in mining difficulty so Guys keep building we are definitely Still in the bare Market we're not out Of the woods yet here but I am so Convinced that I mean I'm at least Accumulating massive amounts of Bitcoin Right now here and I'm so 100% thousand Convinced that we're going to get this Next bull market and that next bull Market we're going to got so so freaking Rich so guys thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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