Bitcoin has been exactly breaking Towards the upside like we've been Saying for days and on today's update Video I will talk about the price Targus I will talk about this massive Liquidation we have just seen and I will Talk about where the next liquidity lays In the market I will talk about the most Important charts the most important Resistance and of course I will talk About where we're going to be heading Towards next because the Bitcoin spot ETF is literally hours away from Potential acceptance so make sure to Slap up the like button on today's Update video can we smash it back up 600 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said Le me jumps Straight away in towards the content so Only minut a short turn we have seen a Gigantic pump of about 7 to 8% towards The upside and we have been screaming For this bump for quite a while right Now here honestly on every single dip we Got I said make sure to approach this as An opportunity and not necessarily as Something bad so after Bitcoin broke Towards the upside we of course broke First of all above this down opening Resistance line and we have been Breaking above this very important 4H Hourly high in the market so since Bitcoin right now has been breaking the 4 hourly high I would expect let's say

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If Bitcoin comes down here potentially Towards that 44.2k level I would expect That this is going to be the main level That's going to be providing big support For Bitcoin so if we were to be seeing Bitcoin to come down I would approach This book that I'm currently drawing This green book right here and has the Massive support below us since we've Seen massive rejection from in the past And due to that most likely this level Is going to be flopping into big support So this is the first of all biggest Support I identified to Bel lowest and Of course like we also do know we have Been breaking out of this 28 day Consolidation phase to be exact if I say This correctly yeah it's 29 days even so We have been creating a massive Consolidation phase for Bitcoin it has Been forming lower highs higher lows and Yes right now finally we broke the Downward sloping resistance line and Formed an higher high on that time frame So of course the breakout on this Pattern is not only on the 4ly time Frame but also here clearly on The Daily Time frame and you can clearly see that Bitcoin broke the downward sling Resistance line and this is actually a Very beautiful pattern and I said this Several times before symmetrical Triangles in a bullish trength they tend To just break upwards and once again it

Broke upwards and if we're going to be Looking at the price Target the price Target of this pattern right now is Laying somewhere around $47,000 us so this level here on the top Side is the price target of the breakout Of this pattern and honestly if we're Going to be looking about where we're Currently standing in the cycle I mean Honestly we're just days out or even Hours out before that potential Acceptance of the bigcoin sport ETF so It does make a lot of sense we are going To be seeing another push towards the Upside and I've been saying this in this Entire region while we were trading on The lows I still think we're going to Have another push towards the upside Because I don't believe that the Bitcoin SP ETF is completely priced in and Honestly if we're looking at the news Black Rock has literally stated that They are thinking that the S will Probably take till the end of this week To approve the Bitcoin spot ETF so this Week for sure is going to be super Volatile and it's just going to be Getting accepted somewhere in this week So right now it is Tuesday and we're Probably three to four days out before Potentially is going to get accepted so Make sure to pay attention towards this YouTube channel right now because I will Try to keep you guys as up to date as

Possibly can because once it gets Accepted I will straight away make a Very quick emergency video so also Looking at the liquidity heat map guys I've been also saying this for weeks in A row here Bitcoin always follows the Liquidity and once again there was a Massive amount of short liquidations Laying on the top side and Bitcoin Exactly squeezed those out here so once Again guys you need to be paying Attention towards the liquidation heat Map because Bitcoin always follows the Liquidity and once again again we Squeezed out all the liquidity in the Market so of course if I see another big Amount of liquidity piling up on the Lower side or top side I will let you Know here on the channel so don't forget To subscribe right now a thing that I'm Still a little bit worried about is that Currently 52% of the market is long and Only 47% is short and due to that the Funding rates are extremely overweighted So this is definitely a more bearish Thing in my opinion and due to that Defending rates are extremely high so if You want to be longing Bitcoin you have To pay a massive premium but like I said It doesn't mean that we can't move Towards the upside since we are days out Before that acceptance of the Bitcoin Sport ETF all in all everything is Looking very good I mean if I'm looking

At the RSI we're creating a massive Bearish Divergence right here and we are Indeed running in towards this big red Box of resistance so yes indeed we are Right now impo approaching resistance For Bitcoin but to be very honest due to The Bitcoin sport ETF I think we could Get a massive hype run up once again Here and due to that I don't necessarily Will be expecting that we are right now Straightway going to see a move towards The downside and honestly if we see a Move towards the downside I would Approach the 43.5k as big support and I Would approach the $44,000 US also as Massive support for Bitcoin so if you Want to be trading this don't forget to Go to the link description of today's Video where you could claim a deposit Bonus worth $40,000 and without this Link is only 400 and on top of that you Could claim a free $1,000 airw position And all you need to do is sign up back Out using that link below complete KC Level one and then you have to deposit $100 in your first s days and you could Be claiming this insane airw position For only depositing $100 and if you Can't trade on B because you can't do Kyc make sure to check out fmax where They also allow you to trade without kyc And they're giving you a 10% cash back On everything you are depositing right Now so looking then at the 3-day time

Frame also on the 3-day time frame the Pattern looks just absolutely beautiful And the price arcet is also sitting Around 47,00 000 us if I'm looking at my Historical weekly heat map resistance Box I mean I draw this chart here while We were trading on $24,000 and these levels are just the Most important levels we're currently Breaking about 43,000 and honestly the Next big resistance for Bitcoin on that Weekly uh heat map resistance is going To be sitting around 46.8k so that is The level that I will be approaching as A massive resistance so if we touch that Level I potentially could be expecting We're seeing a massive rejection but if We break above it yeah then of course We've got this level right here that I'm Looking at let me say this correctly This level uh sitting around $50,000 and After that it's just 60,000 US dollar so There's not a lot of resistance left to Be breaking after we broke this level But right now as well we're seeing a Weekly Golden Cross for Bitcoin what is Of course also massive this is the first Time this has ever happened in the History of Bitcoin so this is it for me On today's update video I try to keep it Short so you can watch it very quickly Make sure to send this video to your Friends and family if they want to learn Something

About this recent Bitcoin move so thank So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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