I exactly know why Bitcoin has been Pumping towards the upside and on Today's video I will be revealing debt And many more important charts that are Telling us something about the market Right now the liquidation heat map that Is massively building up liquidity below Us that is potentially a big warning Signal for Bitcoin right now and I will Be discussing many other charts that we Need to discuss right now here in order To see what the next move is going to be For Bitcoin so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap that like button Back above 1,000 likes on today's update Video that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jumps Straight away in towards the content So Yesterday Once Again Bitcoin has seen Another significant pump towards the Upside and like we know on the Thursday And on the Friday we've also seen Bitcoin pump significantly towards the Upside and on the Thursday and Friday we Knew that Bitcoin had seen a large infro On the spot Bitcoin ETF but what we know That happened yesterday I literally just Found out a minute before recording the Video is that yesterday we had an Approximately $494 million us doar worth of spot Bitcoin ETF inflow once again so yeah Why is Bitcoin pumping it is literally Pumping due to the fact that Wall Street

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Is buying up tons of Bitcoin and that is The only reason why Bitcoin is currently Going up a little bit higher and while Wall Street is aping into Bitcoin and The price action is just only going Higher and higher and it looks like it Is not slowing down we can currently see That we are actually creating a bearish Divergence here on that 4H hourly time Frame on bitcoin and while Bitcoin is Creating this bearish Divergence we can See that there is a ton of liquidations Getting ped up below as right now here Towards 40 to 48,000 us so there is a Lot of liquidity being built up on the Lower side and this is happening due to The fact that of course the funding Rates are becoming extremely positive What basically means that no one is Actually actually shorting the market Right now but everyone is opening up Long positions and due to the fact that Everyone is opening up long positions The long positions have to pay an extra Interest to be having their position Open because so many people are Interested in doing that so this is very Important to be paying attention towards Because usually once the funding rates Are turning a little bit higher a lot of Liquidity is being built up on the lower Side we tend to see a reversal in the Market however I want to be pointing out Here is that right now potentially yeah

Indeed we could be sitting at somewhat Of a top structure or a short-term top Structure for Bitcoin because most Likely Bitcoin is not just going to go Up forever and we're going to see a Recovery or a pull back at some point And the only reason why I'm a little bit Afraid to say this the pullback is right Now going to be happening is due to the Fact that there's just so much Bitcoin Getting bought from Wall Street because If Wall Street right now today decides Once again we're going to be buying Another what is it500 million US dollar Worth of bitcoin most likely Bitcoin is Not going to be going down it is Potentially even going to be breaking Above this key resistance on the market Right here that we can clearly approach Here on the daily time frame so I want To be pointing out indeed there are some Risks in the market right now here Because yes if I'm looking at the short Term I would definitely say that Bitcoin Is right now looking like it's creating A short-term top if I'm looking at the Liquidation heat map if I'm looking at The funding rates if I'm looking at the Bearish diverg on the 4ly time frame or If I'm looking at the daily time frame Where we are currently running in Towards resistance but I do also clearly Know that this just easily can get Invalidated if today is once again

Another day with large inflows however I Still want to be pointing out is that Currently I am of course like always Long on bitcoin on my portfolio because I am holding millions of dollars worth In the cryptocurrency environment so I Am definitely benefiting from the higher Prices but currently I am not going to Be opening up a new long position Because I just see that the risk is a Little bit too high for me to open up a Long right here because we're trading Against resistance creating a bearish Divergence we're having a lot of Liquidity below us and maybe this is a Trick from Wall Street where they are Going to try to manipulate the market to Of course create a lot of liquidity on The lower side and then squeeze out the Liquidity towards the downside I mean Honestly right now Wall Street is Involved in the market and things could Be happening we are not expecting so Make sure to pay attention towards this So Bitcoin is right now breaking above This red line of resistance I've talked About many times before you can see that It's got us rejected right here and Currently we're breaking above it and of Course on the weekly time frame you can Clearly see that right now Bitcoin is Indeed breaking above the 0.618 on the Weekly time frame but of course we still Have five more days in this weekly

Candle and potentially this is going to Be a fake out and Bitcoin is going to See a rejection and moves towards the Downside but you they should definitely Take this level very seriously the 48.5k Is the level that I am looking at at the Weekly time frame and if Bitcoin Confirms the break Above This level Right here I am going to become Extremely bullish on bitcoin because That will be confirming a massive Breakout towards the upside so if you Want to be trading this um you could do So right now on decoin and if you want To be joining me on my next trade on Decoin and guys yes I only trade once I'm fully convinced and right now I have Not seen the opportunity yet here but I'm going to start a copy trading Account here on deep coin I'm going to Be doing it anytime soon I'm going to be Opening up my first trade anytime soon But I will only do so once I see a clear Opportunity where I think okay right now The risk for me is low and the return is High so because many people are Following me on on these trades I only Want to be taking a trade where I am 99% Convinced that the market is going to be Going higher but if you want to be Joining me with my next trade here I'm Going to be doing it on decoin decoin is A good exchange breaking trade without Kyc without VPN so if you want to be

Joining me you have to sign up us that Link below because otherwise you can't Follow me so make sure to check it out In the link description of today's video So Bitcoin indeed is right now pumping After we created that bullish Hammer Candle so once again learn from the next Time if we see a bullish Hammer candle Make sure to not get fooled and take This candle very seriously and yesterday Also Bitcoin confirmed that Weekly Candle for its highest candle close in 770 days here what is actually quite Massive for Bitcoin we've not seen this Level in 770 days and I think right now This is just the period Before the big Bitcoin Bull Run of Course the Bitcoin Hing is at Approximately 60 days out here I think That we could still see some Consolidation for Bitcoin and if history Is an indication we do know that usually Around the whole thing Bitcoin does does See some pullbacks here on the market But if that were to be happening once Again we're expecting a price action Something like this so maybe another Push up here correction towards the Hing And then boom absolute takeoff Approximately in the beginning of the Summer of Bitcoin so that is so far how History has been playing out every Single time so let's see if it's going To be this time any different but

Anyways of course we are breaking above That 0.618 and that is the level that I'm keeping my eyes wide open on right Now here and while this all is happening People are losing attention potentially Towards ethereum because ethereum is Going to be having its spot ETF in 100 Days from now on I mean in 100 days from Now on from today's recording video the Final deadline is going to be there for The spot ethereum ETF and what is most Likely going to be happening with the Spot ethereum ETF we're most likely Going to see also large inflows like the Bitcoin spot ETF and what are people Going to be doing from the market that Are currently seeing Oh Bitcoin is Massively pumping from that spot ETF oh Wait we are going to be anticipating This on ethereum so what am I expecting To be happening I think that ethereum is Going to be having a large large runup And right now it's still 100 days out so We are relatively early towards the next News and no one is really talking about It yet that I do think that ethereum is Going to be doing extremely well on this News ethereum is going to get an ETF and That is going to be massively driving The price action of ethereum higher than It is currently sitting and we are Currently anticipating this from an Early stage with uh yeah not a lot of Hype in my opinion and smart investors

Right now are positioning themselves Right here and I feel myself as a smart Investor and I have currently in the Recent weeks massively positioned myself In ethereum to prepare myself for this Next big hype runup so this was it for You in today's update video I truly hope You did learn something from it if you Did so don't forget to subscribe to the Channel like the video and I'll see you Guys back tomorrow on another update Video peace out goodbye

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