Bitcoin it is happening right now and on Today's update video I will talk about My price targets I will talk about the Spot Bitcoin ETF flows that has been Significantly increasing once again and We've seen the lowest Grays skill Bitcoin outflow ever since launch so I Will be talking about this and many more Very important charts the Bitcoin Funding rates that are literally hitting Highs not seen in over three years and Many more important charts that are Going to tell us something about what is The next move and of course a slight Little update here on ethereum so Without any further Ado don't forget to Subop that like button back above 800 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let jump Straight away in towards the content so First of all I've talked about this Consolidation phase for quite a long Time here and ever since we broke above The top side of resistance that was the Point of continuation started and like I Discussed yesterday I was expecting a Big move was happening since the volume Was dropping significantly and yesterday We saw a volume breakout outside of this Region and while we were getting this Small little fake out on the lower side I told everyone the volume is low so Most likely this is a fake out and Yesterday as well we also exactly filled

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Up the CME Gap I talked about and then We had that push up towards the upside So things exactly played out like we Were expecting and Bitcoin right now is Indeed breaking out of that Bitcoin bu Flag pattern I've talked about many Times before and the price taret of this Bitcoin B flag pattern is laying Somewhere around 62,000 us and coin Currently already hit more than $47,000 and almost was about to be Hitting $48,000 so that is of course absolutely Incredible I don't expect that Bitcoin Is going to go up in a straight line Here and what you need to understand is That the main reason why Bitcoin has Been pumping towards the upside is most Likely once again due to the fact that There's been a lot of Bitcoin being Bought by Fidelity and black rock and Actually we saw that yesterday gryk only Had an outflow of$ 22 million us and This was by far the lowest outflow day We've ever seen before and in the Meantime still there are huge amounts of Buys from Fidelity from Black Rock and From Arc invest and due to that we're Seeing Bitcoin having massive buy Pressure on the market right now and While this all is happening guys I want To be quickly pointing out the Bitcoin Exchange Futures open interest also just Hit a new Autumn high and this means

That there has never been more open Interest in the market in Bitcoin ever Before and open interest is basically Once people once you open up a trade With let's say $1 with 100x leverage You're adding $100 in open interest in The market and this is sitting right now At Autumn highs what mean there is going To be a lot of volatility in this market In the coming period because once open Interest is high we usually see a lot of Liquidations and we see a lot of Volatility and while this in fact is Happening I am seeing something that is Quite worrying but this happens all the Time in Bull markets the Bitcoin funding Rates just hit and high of 0.085% and this is something very Seriously and if you don't understand How funding rates work I will do a quick Breakdown if funding rates are positive So above the 0.01 it means that you're Paying an interest on your long position If it's negative you're paying an Interest on your short position because In crypto if you're going to be trading The long Spade is shorts and short space The Longs and if there are only long Positions in the market the fending Rates go extremely high and that way you Pay the other long traders in the market To be having their positions open and to Be making profit so what this basically Means is that there is a massive amount

Of Bitcoin long positions in the market Open and not of course only on bitcoin But on a lot of crypto altcoins right Now here and while we indeed have seen This significant surch across Bitcoin This move towards the upside of about What is it 10 to 12% here we have not Really seen these altcoins takeoff like Ethereum has still been lagging behind a Little bit B&B as well and I believe That that once Bitcoin is going to Consolidate a little bit sideways that These altcoins are actually going to be Exploding so make sure to pay attention Towards that because usually in these Types of markets Bitcoin first tends to Lead and after that altcoins tend to be Exploding but at the same time I want to Be pointing out that this is extremely Extremely risky to be opening up long Positions in the market right now here I Mean I've said it several times before I Am spot long on bitcoin right now here But due to the fact that the fing rates Are so extremely high I want want to be A little bit more cautious because yeah You could definitely get extremely hard Wrecked if you are going to be opening Up any long positions right now Especially since Bitcoin bumped just 12% Towards the upside and also due to the Fact that the fitting rates are so Extremely high and like I said on the Channel many times before I was

Expecting indeed we were going to have That continuation towards the upside Because we were looking at this bull Flag pattern on bitcoin but I didn't Decide to be opening up a trade on it Because there are just some signals that The market is overheated just like the Funding rate signal right here so Currently I'm still waiting to open up My next trade but guys please give me Some time if I'm going to be opening up A trade I am sharing it with you guys Out there and I want to only share a Trade where I'm 100% convinced and I Don't need to trade every single day and Uh and I don't need to trade every Single day since yeah in the last six Months I've took like five to six trads We're all at least 100% profit and it Made more than and it already made more Than $100,000 with it and I am not going To chase the trade I let the trade come To me so there will be a lot of other Coins Rhino probably about to be Exploding on the market and you have the Opportunity to be grabbing it so if you Want to be trading it make sure to go to Decoin soon I will be also opening up my Copy trading account and you can join Any other copy Trader as well and like You can see they're doing more than $70,000 profit in the last 30 days and You could be joining them as well and if You want to do so go to the link

Description of today's video sign up Account to decoin because you can only Copy trade if you sign up account using The link below and on top of that if you Use that link you will get an additional Deposit bonus so check it out right now Here if you're interested in trading the The Bitcoin indeed is right now just Pushing up towards the upside broke Above this very important daily Resistance like you can see here on the Weekly time frame and this was Major Daily resistance in the past got us Rejected for two weeks in a row and Right now Bitcoin is clearly breaking Above it and the last time we broke Above This level Bitcoin straight away Pushed up toward $660,000 and the last Time we broke actually below this level Was the point we straight away dump Towards the downside back towards that $52,000 level so this is a very Important level that we just broke above Of and historically speaking we tend to Be moving very quickly in this region Because there's almost no volume traded At all and while Bitcoin indeed is Pushing up if we're going to be looking At the Fibonacci we're about to be Approaching the 0.786 and if we're Looking at the previous bar Market what Happened once Bitcoin broke above the 0.65 that was of course the big the Start of the Bitcoin bull run but we

Straightway broke through the 0.786 and then we went sideways for an Approximately 4 weeks towards that almi And then boom We crushed the buff it so Maybe we're going to get something Similar to this right now here if we Confirm the break above 0.786 I expect a Big move here towards the $69,000 level And then Bitcoin is going to trade Sideways for four weeks and then Potentially we're going to be having That next big move towards the upside And you have to understand that right Now we still have not seen the Bitcoin Hing and historically speaking Bitcoin Has never formed a new aumn high before Hing but we are currently on our way to Be actually doing this because If I'm looking at the data we're Currently only an approximately 20% away From alltime highs and that is actually Quite massive Bitcoin is super close Towards altim high once we do break Above altim high that is the point where The real fomo is going to be hitting the Markets and I mean we have not even seen The Bitcoin Hing that usually also leads Towards even more hype in the market and Historically speaking Bitcoin it's Bull Run starts after the Hing but it looks To be that this time it is clearly going To be different and maybe we still see That rejection and Bitcoin doesn't uh Break above the uh altimi before Hing

But due to the fact that we're seeing These large inflows from the spot Bitcoin ETF this could be one of the Reasons why Bitcoin is indeed pushing up Higher and higher and I mean while this All is happening of course we're seeing That the bull flag on bitcoin is Breaking out but yesterday as well Michael sailor bought another $3,000 of Bitcoin and right now he's in a profit Of an about 4.6 billion US dollar and Micro strategies is buying black rock is Buying I mean everyone is ly buying and They're not looking to sell anytime soon And because of the micro strategy strock Only going up and up it is likely that Actually Michael sailor is going to be Even buying more Bitcoin due to this Because the higher the stock goes the More money they can borrow against it And the more Bitcoin they can buy and The higher Bitcoin goes the more value Comes towards the company so they can be Buying even more Bitcoin so this is Absolutely insane and guys you need to Get ready right now because we are Probably going to be in this kind of Stage of a market for the coming two Years and there will be so much money to Be making in this market right now Especially once we do break above the Autumn High here because yeah we've been Looking at this blue fli pattern and Maybe I have to adjust myself as well

Towards the bull market vibe that Bitcoin only goes up here because Sometimes I have been a little bit more Conservative I I want to be honest with You guys indeed I have but indeed I Talked about how this bull flick pattern Is most likely going to be breaking Bullish but uh yeah things are looking Very good on bitcoin a thing that is Actually very interesting to be seeing Right now as well is that ethereum of Course indeed also move towards the Upside ethereum compared to bitcoin seen A slightly little retracement people are Straight away saying oh I Told You So Ethereum is going to be going down Against Bitcoin I don't really believe So because we do know that the ethereum Spot ETF is coming in like in what is it Like 86 days from now on and this is Going to be the next hype in the market Well is indeed not performing good right Now here it is lagging behind Bitcoin a Little bit here you have to understand That in the past three weeks here it is Still up in about 12% but I still Believe that we're in the beginning Phase of ethereum compared to bitcoin And I do believe that this is going to Be a very wonderful trade here we're in The beginning of the exponential move And always if you look at the path to All season it's first at Bitcoin pumps And then the money from Bitcoin flows in

Towards ethereum and that stage two and We're currently still in stage one Because the money is still flowing in Towards Bitcoin through these ETFs There's a lot of money flowing into Bitcoin that is adding liquidity towards The market then that money from Bitcoin Is going to go to ethereum and then that Money from ethereum is going to flow Towards large large caps and altcoins And that is how the path to all season Always works and this is how money flows In the market and if you want to be Winning this is how you need to be Playing it this is how you catch these Large trades in the market this is how You should be preparing yourself I still Believe that ethereum is going to be Outperforming Bitcoin in 2024 and I Believe that altcoins of course are the Better play from Bitcoin but currently At the moment Bitcoin is the one that is Of course leading the game we perfectly Expected this move this breakout and due To the fact that we're having large Volumes here on this breakout this is a Very legit Breakout out with of course a Significant follow through and I am Super excited about where Bitcoin is Stopping next year because honestly if We break above to 0 786 which we have Done very quickly in the last bull Market um Bitcoin is most likely going To be hitting Auto highs within five to

Six weeks from now on and in five to six Weeks from now on we're also going to Get the Bitcoin H thing so things are Looking great for Bitcoin this is the Time to prepare dou the like button if You learn something from this video I Would highly appreciate it and yeah guys This was it for me in today's update Video we'll be back tomorrow with Another update talking about Bitcoin Talking about what we're expecting next We'll be diving a little bit more in Towards the short term so hope to see You guys back tomorrow on another update Video peace out goodbye

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