Bitcoin is pumping massively and in this Exact video I will talk about why we are Pumping towards the upside what is the Behavior on the charts right now what Are we seeing and why is Bitcoin right Now moving towards this level I will of Course also talk about the most Important chart the liquidation heat map And many more important charts we need To discuss right now because I prepared Tons and tons of charts we need to Discuss because yes if we're going to be Looking at our heat map the biggest Resistance that we're going to be Approaching is going to be 43.2k and Literally right now we're only $1,500 us Away from it so so we are literally About to hit this level so I will be Discussing this and many more important Things so without any further Ado don't Forget to sble the like button back Above 600 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards Dem In in short term to discuss the behavior On the price shart of Bitcoin so Bitcoin Has been going absolutely exponential it Scrash through the $40,000 us and even Crushed above the 41 $1,000 and curly is On its way to $42,000 and what is actually very Interesting right now is that on these Previous moves towards the upside we saw A huge inflow of open interest and then

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Of course at some point the open Interest get flushed out again but this Time around we have not really seen a Significant inflow of open interest what Means that the majority of the reason Why Bitcoin is currently going up is due To spot buying so the most likeliest Scenario that we're currently having is That there are some big Wills actually Buying up Bitcoin from the spot market And that is pushing up the price higher And actually if we're going to be Looking at onchain data we did saw that Two big wheels have been buying a lot of Bitcoin around 41 to $40,000 so that Could be the main reason of the move Towards the upside of course we had Another small short squeeze it was not Necessarily a big move because the Majority of the liquidity is not laying Above us anymore but currently is laying Below us and due to that I am not Necessarily expecting that Bitcoin is Rning necessarily going to towards the Upside to squeeze out all the short Positions of course there are some Shorts here on the market but the Majority of the shorts they already got Liquidated and due to that reason I am Not necessarily right now expecting that Bitcoin is pushing up purely to squeeze Out these short positions since yeah the Majority of the short positions were Laying around the 38 to 39,000 us level

And indeed they all got flushed out here So I mean I've been looking at this R For quite a while here and I've been Talking about the reason about why Bitcoin is keep going up and up and up And that is of course due to the fact That the SP ETF is a few days out and Right now it's only 31 days out before The acceptance of the first Bitcoin spot ETF is going to come and due to that I've been saying why would you actually Sell your Bitcoin and this is why I've Been saying this for quite a while who Is going to sell their Bitcoins days Before the Bitcoin SP ETF gets approved I think that no one is actually really Interested in selling the Bitcoin days Before it's going to get approved and That is why we saw these higher lows Getting more and more exponential and Right now it is even getting more Exponential and Bitcoin is in a Parabolic rally a parabolic rally is of Course going to end at some point where Does it end we are not quite sure and Honestly it could even continue up to 48 Or 46,000 definitely could be happening But I won't be fooling with that I mean Honestly what I'm doing I have been Always long on Bitcoin in terms of my Spot wallet so I am benefiting massively From the prices going higher because I'm A long-term believer in Bitcoin but for Trading on the short term I am not going

To be opening up a position right now I Need to wait a little bit here still I See a very good entry getting towards me So honestly the levels that I've been Looking at is of course this biggest Support level here on the Lower Side Around 38,000 of course it's quite far Below us but this is going to be the Biggest level at least for me to be Opening up a long position from and Right now in the imature term I don't Necessarily see a very good opportunity Yet we just have to wait to see how the Prices are going to be developing but Honestly if I'm looking at Bitcoin Further we are creating a potential Downward sing resist line here on the Daily time frame and we're creating then A bearish Divergence like I said also Pretty previous videos I'm just pointing Out that we're creating this I'm not Parish on bitcoin whatsoever I'm super Excited about it only if you're going to Be buying Bitcoin on spot right now uh You have some risk that you're literally Buying towards an exponential rally and That could potentially cost you and While I've been buying literally in the Last one and a half year around the bare Market low 156,000 us do it makes no Sense for me necessarily to be buying Bitcoin right now at this point but if You're not exposed to bitcoin at all it Does make sense to potentially get in

Right so it's just your own strategy What you should be looking at if we're Going to be looking at the bigger Perspective I think that Bitcoin is Right now going to be trading between These two ranges here since we broke up The $38,000 level confirmed um you see That we are right now trading Potentially back in towards this region Right here so we had this bare Market Region here on the lower side this green Box then you have this uh basically air Gap here in the middle this is where I Was expecting Bitcoin was also going to Be moving very quickly why do I call it An air gap is because basically once Bitcoin went down it went very quickly Once Bitcoin went up it went very Quickly and honestly right now we're Entering that big liquidity range this Is where I will be expecting this is the Place for consolidation right so this is The place where Bitcoin saw quite a lot Of consolidation honestly I do will be Really expecting that this could be Potentially a level where Bitcoin could Struggle a little bit more at H I mean Honestly if we're sitting on $41,000 I Can't even believe my eyes and this is Basically how I'm approaching it here a Little bit here at the same time guys Michael sailor is about to hit A2 Billion US unrealized profit what is of Course absolutely massive um for my

Trades I closed my trade here on 39.7k uh that is actually quite good in My opinion that I closed it over there I Made a significant amount of profit Indeed I could have made more profit but I got my entry from 36,000 35,000 all The way to $39,000 us and sometimes you Just need to take the profits off the Table and honestly right now guys there Are going to be many many new trading Opportunities and I'm going to be Sharing it all here on the channel so Make sure to just subscribe to the Channel because tra trading is not about Being hesitant trading is being a Trading is all about being patient so I Need to be a little bit patient right Here I need to take a calm look at the Chart and the chart needs to give me an Opportunity to open up a new trade here So make sure to subscribe to the channel Because I will be sharing my next move Here on the channel as well and I mean Bitcoin is going up to new highs here And that is already a big win since I've Been saying well my strategy is at least To DCA every single day into towards the Market and I've been doing this for the Past one and a half year and this is Really making me tons and tons of money And especially since I've been so Bullish in the bare Market of Bitcoin so If you want to be trading Bitcoin or do Whatever make sure to go to the link

Description of today's video because you Can currently claim a depos bonus up to $40,000 and without this link it's only 400 and on top of that you could claim An insane air position worth $1,000 and All you need to do here is sign up Account using that link below deposit $100 in your first s days and then you Could claim this insane free $1,000 Position on buybid for only depositing 00 $ super valuable so make sure to Check it out in the link description and Of course if you can't use bit make sure To check out FX no kyc no restrictions And it's basically the exact same as Byit but you just don't need kyc so Check it out in the link description of Today's video definitely also an amazing Exchange you should be using further on A Bitcoin we officially created and Confirmed the seven weekly candles in The green in a row so that is absolutely Massive news here for Bitcoin Bitcoin Just crushed seven weekly cand in a row And honestly we're right now printing The eth one and I don't think I'm not Quite sure if we've ever seen eight Green candles in a row for Bitcoin at Least we've not seen it in the past Three years so it's going to be actually Something that is going to be quite Massive for Bitcoin but currently indeed We're creating history the last time That Bitcoin did this was at the

Beginning of the previous Bull Run so I'm going to keep my eyes wide open on This right now here because if this gets Because this could be literally the Confirmation of the next beginning of The Bitcoin bull run then of course I Know we're getting quite euphoric and Everything is getting very excited with The Bitcoin spot ETF with the Bitcoin Hall thing all these things coming up Here but if we're going to be looking at Approaching Bitcoin the same like Previous Cycles we are right now not in The bull market yet we are right now Still in the bare Market recovery and Honestly Bitcoin could go to 45 maybe $50,000 Us in the bare Market recovery And then still go down and then we have The Hing and then the bull market starts I mean honestly if we're looking at the Previous Cycles it makes more sense for Bitcoin right now to continue to go up Just before the halfing so for the Another coming two months halfing comes We're having a small little dip here Then we push towards the upside and the Bom Market hits that could be something We could be looking at I mean Historically speaking Bitcoin dumps Before the whole thing so probably it's Going to be happening again because Everyone is thinking oh I want to get Out before four Bitcoin dumps before the Hing right um but all these people also

Want to be getting back in towards the Market so but honestly um I am of course Still 100% spot long on bitcoin but for My trades I think they the best Opportunity is going to come in this Spirit right here around the Hing I Think we could get the best entry and That is also the place where you should Get the best entry right because that's All pre-b Market it's all pre-b market And if you get an entry over there you Benefit from the exponential rally Towards the UPS so that is what I will Be looking to be doing right now for Bitcoin the biggest resistance ahead of Ourselves is of course 46.8k and 43.2k Also the two we eay ribbon cross here Also happens also confirming the boom Market is probably going to be here Anytime soon I mean everything is Pointing towards the same direction guys And history is once again repeating and People they need Bitcoin Bitcoin is the Solution and honestly I'm super excited That Bitcoin is back above 441,000 us Just like I said earlier be careful Because Bitcoin is currently in an Exponential rally and exponential Rallies they could end quite terrible be Careful for that but of course I'm super Excited I'm still spot long on bitcoin I'm not going to change anything and of Course in 31 days we're going to get the Bitcoin SP ETF and that it could be

Changing the market up even more than it Is already doing right now so make sure To get ready for that thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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