Bitcoin is pumping towards the upside Right now and in this exact video I will Talk about why this move could even Continue further on I will talk about Why Bitcoin is pumping towards the Upside right now I will talk about the Most important resistance that we're Literally retesting right now so without Any further Ado make sure to slap up the Like button on today's update video Let's smash it back up at 500 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content because yes Bitcoin has been crushing new highs bit Coin just said once again a new yearly High and it hit 36.8k and Bitcoin even managed to hit 36.8k what is an absolutely insane Target already and honestly the majority Of the people were not expecting that Bitcoin was going to go so high so what Are we seeing right now here first bitco Was creating somewhat of a small little Double top then it recovered a little Bit here broke above that level and the Point we basically broke above the Previous high that was the point where We started to accelerate for me once Again I was a asleep but what we're Seeing once again is that this move for Bitcoin yet again happen in the Asia Session so well Asia was trading Bitcoin Was moving upwards and it's very funny

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Because actually for the last four or Five big bumps on bitcoin every single Time it was on that Asian session and Once again it was on the Wednesday Thursday so it's always in that middle Point of the week where Bitcoin tends to Be the most volatile so we have been Talking about this consolidation phase For many times before in the channel and I said also that this really looks like A typical bullish continuation phase Just like we had in previous bull runs And once again we created that Continuation pattern and Bitcoin Actually also continued to row down Towards the upside and we can clearly See that we created somewhat of a parel Channel here on bitcoin and actually we Right now also managed to be breaking Above the top side what is of course Absolutely insane also here on the 8 Hour time frame we clearly saw that this Was the level this 35.4k what was Providing resistance we got rejected Once right here twice three times in a Row and then actually yesterday or like Eight hours ago we managed to confirm That candle break above that level and After that we straight away saw that Continuation happening towards the Upside so once again a very good Indication to look at this chart once we Confirm the breakout Above This level That was the point we really started to

Be moving towards the upside but maybe a Reason why we are actually pumping right Now here is that we are right now Entering a window where potentially the Bitcoin SP ETF could get accepted and The Bloomberg analyst James is saying we Are still believing there's a 90% chance That the 10 Bitcoin spot ETF will be Getting approved before January 10th and If it comes earlier we are right now Entering that potential window of Approval orders of all current Applications so he is explaining about Why that is happening right here so Basically right now for the coming 12 Days we are in an window for potential ETF acceptance and that is of course Making it very interesting because once The Bitcoin SP ETF hits the market we All know what it's going to be doing With Bitcoin is going to create a huge Scarcity shock because the demand can't Be priced in here and it will of course Be a big game changer for the market and That is potentially why Bitcoin is right Now moving towards the upside so if you Want to be trading Bitcoin or benefiting From the volatility don't forget to go To buy within the link description of Today's video because you can currently Claim a deposit bonus up to $440,000 and Without this link it's only $400 so it's A definitely a win-win situation for Everyone out there watching the channel

I do want to be pointing out right now Here on the daily time frame Bitcoin Indeed is of course creating higher Highs right now here on the RSI we are Potentially still creating lower highs So Bitcoin is potentially still losing Some momentum here on this chart and This could potentially mean that Bitcoin Is right now losing some momentum However I have said this several times Before I mean honestly what we should be Really doing here is looking at the news And this is once again important news What is really driving the market Upwards and if we're looking at the Volume the volume is not necessarily Increasing but is just the fact that People are not actually willing to sell Their Bitcoins anymore and more Importantly right now Bitcoin is maybe Sitting at one of the most important Levels of resistance out there of this Entire Trend the 36.5k we're currently trading a little Bit above it but this level right here Has been previous weekly support and if We break with the weekly candle Above This level we're breaking in towards This bullish range here on the top side So that is definitely a thing that I Would love to see here so I'm going to Be looking towards Bitcoin very closely But if we break up of 36.5 okay I will Be definitely thinking we're going to go

See a very big continuation but as long As we're not breaking Above This level I Honestly really think that this is going To be a big level that's going to be Providing resistance at least on the Weekly time frame so let's see if we can Confirm the weekly close Above This Level that will be of course in my Opinion absolutely amazing but don't Forget that Bitcoin is right now really Trading on very important resistance and Also thing you shouldn't forget here is That actually Bitcoin is right now Getting overbought on the weekly time Frame and the L plus three times Bitcoin Has got overbought on the weekly time Frame it stayed overbought for at least A longer period of time and you can Clearly see what it does with the price Action of Bitcoin because overbought on The YSI is not necessarily a bad thing It is just an indication that the Bullish momentum is exponential and People are super excited about the price Action of Bitcoin and Bitcoin usually Tends to go also exponentially upwards In terms of price action so Bitcoin is Currently overbought and I think this is Of course absolutely incredible to see So once again we are waiting to see what This continuation is going to be be like But honestly as long as this momentum Stays Bitcoin could definitely still Benefit from off this overbought

Condition and this overhyped condition Currently in the market so you can Clearly see Bitcoin is inde breaking Back in towards the bull market region But I quickly want to be taking a second To talk about altcoins because yes the Bitcoin dominance has been bouncing back A little bit here on this latest latest Move on bitcoin because Bitcoin is up About 2 to 3% here while ethereum is Only at 1.7 and some other altcoins as Well so if we're first going to be Looking at the total three market cap so That's the total cryptocurrency market Cap without Bitcoin and ethereum we are Still in fact creating lower lows here On that Weekly time frame and actually We have not been breaking above this Very critical level right here so I want To be seeing confirmation break above That level for all coins to potentially Really see that continuation getting Created and also to see the confirmation In this exact move that we're creating And on the total two so the total two is The market cap excluding Bitcoin only we Can still see that we're also still Trading in a downward sloping trend line Also creating an overing support line And basically creating a gigantic Consolidation phase and I want to really See this level also break out here so if This level breaks out I could Potentially start to say okay maybe

Allcoins are going to be starting to be Really breaking out right now here and It's not going to be a fake out but Anyways you should be very careful with Trading altcoins there's much much risk On altcoins in my opinion but there are Always way more risk on trading altcoins But personally I am just gigantically a Fan of trading Bitcoin in this period of Time because I already think that the Best time to be trading allcoins is once Bitcoin breaks this altimi because then The risk is super low by buying for Buying allcoins and that is of course What I'm looking at I'm looking at low Risk High return and I really think that The lowrisk high return uh situation for Altcoins are going to return once Bitcoin is going to be above $5,000 Approximately just very closely towards The altime high and if Bitcoin is maybe Going to be having a small drop here we Never know what's going to be happening I can guarantee you one thing altcoins Are going to drop twice or maybe three Times as hard as Bitcoin at that point So let's see how it is going to be Playing out but this was it for me Today's update video I truly hope you Did learn something from it Bitcoin Continues to be pumping towards the Upside I mean you know my target 36.5k Is the biggest resistance out there so Thank you so much for watching and I'll

See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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