Bitcoin has seen a massive 10% Correction towards the downside and on Today's video I will be exactly Explaining why did this happen and what Is the biggest support tget below us and Is Bitcoin going to create a bounce from Of this point onwards or are we just Going to continue even lower towards Even lower lows so I will be exactly Discussed this on today's update video Of course I've been exactly predicting This ever since we were sitting here on The top side so I will be also talk About that and many more important Things that can help us right now to Project where Bitcoin is heading towards Next so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap up the like button on Today's update video can we smash you Back above 600 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away Towards the content and first of all Congratulations to anyone who Potentially shorted this move here on The top side so I opened up this Bitcoin Short only $150 exactly from the top what is of Course absolutely insane I managed to Exactly short the top and of course I Said this as well in yesterday's video And in the videos before but let me Straight away explain to everyone out There why Bitcoin just had a significant

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Dump towards the downside first of all We saw a massive amount of liquidity of Long positions laying below us because Everyone was longing the market and Almost no one was shorting it the Funding rates were also becoming Extremely high right now they're Dropping quite significantly they're Still high they're significantly less High compared to yesterday but due to That there was of course a bunch of Liquidity on the lower side and I Exactly projected basically that we were Probably going to be squeezing out these Long positions and that is exactly what Happened so Bitcoin had a massive move Towards the downside to be exact it was A 10% flash crash towards the downside Where more than 350 million US dollars worth of bitcoin Long positions were getting wiped out Bitcoin yesterday of course was also Creating this Rising wedge pattern and I Said this so many times on the channel Right now guys always once Bitcoin Creates these parab moves and is going To consolidate after going exponentially Towards the upside creates a bearish Divergence on the top side and basically Continues to consolidate it usually Tends to be turning out to be a big Crash towards the downside and honestly I've been right and trading Bitcoin for Over seven years and I've seen parabolic

Movements happening every single time in Bitcoin and this was once again one out Of the books it was once again exactly The same structure like all these Previous parabolic run-ups and that is Why it weren't everyone here on the top Side that potentially we could get such Kind of a movement towards the downside But the question right now remains since It right now already happens and people Want to be knowing what is going to be Happening next where is Bitcoin heading Towards now so of course Bitcoin came Down massively I set up some support Targets of course R 42,000 us literally The level that we're currently finding Support on and below that the big level Of support is going to be 39.7k so I want to be pointing out our Next big level of support is Significantly training below us and it's An about a 2.3k drop towards the downside if Bitcoin were to be touching that level So that is quite a significant drop if You would ask me also if I'm right now Going to be looking at that one minute Time frame and if we're going to be Looking at the significant correction Towards the downside there is right now Also a lot of loose liquidity in the Market hanging between $40,000 and 41,000 US dollar so honestly I won't be surprised we could

Potentially seeing this even getting Filled up so what am I really expecting For Bitcoin right now honestly if I'm Going to be looking at defending rates I Would still say Bitcoin could still go a Little bit lower because apparently People are still super excited about Bitcoin at this point of time and are All longing it and that is quite Dangerous what tends to be happening and I have said this also several times Before I think we should be looking for A 10% I think we should be looking for 20% correction and that is the point Where I will be really start to be in Getting interested again right now we Just saw 10% correction but honestly I Think this region 37.5k to 39.7k could be the level in my opinion Where Bitcoin is really going to be Providing big support because previously Ran this has been also two very Important levels why is because this Level right here was that previous drop Off point from the top side and it was The drop off point on the lower side so Honestly if Bitcoin were to be retesting Any of these two levels I really would Be expecting we're going to be finding Big support but between these levels I'm Not really expecting big support unless This 42,000 US dollar level but we're Already trading on that level right now

So due to the big wick on the lower side I am really expecting we're still going To go a little bit lower here and how It's going to be playing out here is Probably we're going to see some Consolidation we could potentially be Moving up again and honestly if we see Another move towards the upside I will Be expecting that this is going to be a Big level of resistance the $43,000 because this has been previously Around acted as support and if it's not This level it's going to be probably This level right here and if it's not That 43.1k level level I think it's Really going to be the 43.6k level this Level previously rent is also an Important level to be paying attention Towards so this is a little bit how I am Approaching Bitcoin right now here and I Think it's a very important approach to Be having because honestly right now the Parabolica that Bitcoin created Literally ended right we ended the Parabolica and right now we should be Looking at some new price structure I Would love to see some consolidation for Bitcoin I am also going to start to Close out on this trade because Currently I looked in on about 50 or 40% Out of the currently I looked in on Approximately 40% of the profits of the Trade but I'm looking to cash out Everything in the coming hours so I'm

Going to probably start to do this after This video is recorded so yeah I showed This trade as well here on the channel Guys if anyone took it congratulations You made a bunch and bunch of money I've Been doing very good trades here and you Can just literally see my p&l right here So here you can see boom plus 1300 plus 4,000 plus 2,000 plus 12,000 plus 800 Plus 800 plus 2,000 minus 4 and Basically yeah we've been doing an Extremely good job recently and we've Been making a ton of money to be exact We've made more than $40,000 just purely From one time longing Bitcoin and one Time shorting Bitcoin in the past two or What is it one and a half week because On the move towards the upside I longed Bitcoin and on the top I exactly shorted Bitcoin so I'm going to be closing this Trade out anytime soon and then I'm Going to be looking once again at the New trade so if you want to be trading Yourself make sure to go to buy with the Link description you could claim Al the Plus bonus up to $40,000 and also on top Of that you could claim this insane Insane free $1,000 position and all you Need to do here is go to the link Description of today's video sign up an Account over there complete kyc deposit $100 in your first seven days and you Could claim a free $1,000 long or short Position on buybit and if you can't

Trade on buybit for any reason make sure To check out fex because fix allows you To also trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies it's very similar to Bit only it's got a little bit different Brand but the interface is almost Completely the same so if you can't Trade on bybit or you want to be trading On two exchanges make sure to check out Fix in the link description of today's Video because they are also offering Some insane deposit bonuses right now Further on we can currently see of Course the parabolica for Bitcoin ended To predict where the next big Bitcoin Support is going to be here is going to Be always of course very very difficult And I don't do that on the daily time Frame I just talked about it here on the Lower time frames but if you're looking At the daily time frame honestly Bitcoin Has been going super exponential and Such a slight pullback is not a bearish Thing here I don't really see this as a Bearish confirmation or a bearish thing Or whatsoever because I have been always Bullish on bitcoin on the longer Trend Here only right now for the shortterm Trend we could see a slight correction And honestly once the Bitcoin spot ETF Approval comes I think it's going to be Pumping again but once it gets accepted I think we're actually going to be Dumping again we're going to consolidate

And the Bitcoin Hing comes we see a Slight little dump here and then we see Takeoff after the Bitcoin uh Hing came Here that's my expectation this is what I'm expecting but Bitcoin right now it's Just a slight pullback and the bigger Things of it all and that is why I want Everyone out there to be buying Bitcoin Around $44,000 honestly if you don't Hold any Bitcoin at all I think that is The biggest risk that you could Potentially have in the market right Here so Bitcoin confirmed eight weekly Candles in the green in a row what is of Course absolutely insane right now the Ninth weekly candle is red so Potentially we're ending the streak Right now the last time that this Happened was all the way back in the Bull market of 201817 and after that uh we formed eight Weekly candles in a row then we had a Slight little correction and then we Went up again here so won't be surprised If something similar is going to be Happening for Bitcoin and honestly it Wouldn't be a bad thing at all if we see A slight correction right here right Then of course the last thing in the Resistance heat map we can see $43,000 is also a big level of Resistance we currently got a slight Little rejection from it but honestly The biggest resistance we are still

Facing above us is 46.8k and I mean I've been saying this For quite a while here here what the Biggest resistance was here it was of Course this R box here on the top side And look about what exactly provided the Rejection it was the $44,000 level and That is why I opened up this small Little short position right here and um Looking to take my profits off the table Today so guys thankks so much for Watching towards amazing new update Video tomorrow or maybe later today I Will potentially post a new trade here If I do see new opportunity but just Like I always do it took me an Approximately you can see it right here I opened it on this move here towards The upside it took me a while before I Wanted to be entering the trade because I'm just very patient I want to be Seeing enough confirmations for my trade And i' rather enter my trade a little Bit later but uh but be a little bit More certain about it then of course Enter my trade too early so that is my Strategy right now but anyways guys Thank you so much for watching towards Amazing new update video slap up the Like button on today's video subscribe To the channel That will be absolutely Insane if you want to be seeing and Knowing more about my Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency portfolio go to the

Channel altcoin Rover I just uploaded The video over there talking about my Portfolio but this was it for me in Today's update video thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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