Bitcoin has seen a massive dump towards The downside and in this exact video I Will talk about why this happened on This occasion I will talk about the most Important consolidation faces I will Talk about this retracement back in Towards the consolidation phase for Bitcoin again and many more important Charts we need to discuss right now so Don't forget to watch this video till The end I will give a huge update on the Market and while we had to crash can we Once again Smash Up the likes back about 500 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content so like you can see yesterday Evening Bitcoin was creating a new Consolidation phase after consolidating Above 31 000 for quite a while to be Exact Bitcoin was consolidating above 31 000 for about one day approximately and After that we had a huge breakdown Bringing Bitcoin down all the way down To 29.9 K and this drop in price Basically happened as soon as binance Announced that they're once again going To reduce more than 1 000 employees After the report came out so Bitcoin is Dumping an approximately one thousand Dollars due to the fact that binance is Laying off 1 000 employees I personally Don't really think this is all too big Of a deal here so with this layoff there

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Are firing and approximately 20 of their Staff it's of course quite a lot but Just also like cze that tweeted they're Just looking for more talented people And not a lot of employees in general Because you can better have a very Functional and a very good team to make Also more profit that have a lot of Employees that are not actually doing Quite a good job so personally I don't Really see the reason why we are dumping So hard on this news I don't really Think it's a too big of an event so I'm Also saying that this is fun and I won't Be surprised that we're going to recover Very quickly from this news because Yesterday the news hit the market that Xrp is officially not a security one is A huge win overall for the entire Industry and I personally think that That will of course strive the mark Upwards again and I think that this is a Gigantic fake out so yes well Bitcoin is Right now getting rejected from the top Side I won't be surprised to see Bitcoin Bounce back very quickly again towards The upside and right now we are actually Creating an outstanding broadening wedge For Bitcoin we're creating a new pattern After we once again got faked out on This consolidation phase right here we Broke above the top side but then the News hit the market and they consult a NASA drop towards the downside and

Basically right now we're still training In this consolidation phase so yeah what Has really changed since yesterday not a Lot for Bitcoin and of course looking at Bitcoin on the 12 hour time frame he can Currently still see we're still Consolidating sideways and so far it Looks to be on the 12 hour and finally Time frame that we have not really Choosing the direction so we're creating An ascending rolling wedge so we are Going to be looking at the airport Sloping resist line right now instead of The horizontal resistance that I was Looking at so yes Bitcoin Wallet create A small little fake ad I personally Still expect for the game in the short Term since this news is a little bit of An overreaction on the market is going To be bouncing back very quickly and of Course looking at my trade I'm still Holding my trade making a profit of the Match forty five thousand US Dollars on Bitcoin right now here and I'm Personally not even planning to take Some profits on the straight yet so far Because I personally still think Bitcoin Has got a much higher way to go towards The upside and that is what I'm going to Continue to hold this trade and of Course if you want to be trading Yourself go to the link description Because if you right now want to claim a Free 1 000 US dollars xrp or Bitcoin

Position all you need to do here is go To the link description sign up a new Account using the link above deposit 100 Within seven days and enjoy your free 1 000 US dollars xrp or Bitcoin position Remember more we can actually also see The Bitcoin of course just got rejected By this gigantic horizontal resistance Of course I was already talking about Bitcoin yesterday well in fact that if You were to be looking at the daily time Frame and you're just going to be Measuring the Range High so this is the Uh June or May High here trading around 31.8k you're going to Extended level so Let me extend it you can see the Bitcoin Exactly got rejected by that Range High In the market so I said it's also Already on yesterday's video the level To break for Bitcoin to really go Exponential is 31.8k 31.8k remains to be The most important level of resistance And you can just clearly see that Perfect rejection from Bitcoin from of That level and so far we're just Clearing more and more sell orders and The reason why I'm saying we're clearing More sell orders is because the main Sellers in this market right now are the People that actually bought below twenty Thousand dollars so what we're right now Seeing is distribution not from the Early early buyers but from the people That bought Bitcoin around twenty

Thousand dollars and I mean I'm Currently still holding and I'm going to Continue to hold because I want to Benefit from the next Bull Run and not From of this minor run up towards the Upside so I don't really think it's a Bad thing what we're currently seeing We're just seeing distribution and I Better want these people out on 30k than 60k because then they have way more cell Pressure of course in the market Furthermore we can see that the cup and Handle God once again rejected for Bitcoin I mean we got rejected right now For over 26 days in a row right now and That is absolutely crazy the company Handle still not breaking out for Bitcoin and what is very interesting if You're going to look at the eight day Time frame here or even the nine day Time frame here on the email ribbon is About to be having a bullish crossover And you can see the last time it Happened it signaled that the market is Going to be entering a bull market and You can see it also here on the 8 day Actually Bitcoin is going to be entering That boom Market stage right now here it Is not necessarily going to be going Exponential straight away like you can See right here but it took us so well But then we create the momentum towards The upside and it won't be surprised if We're going to see something similar

Right here it is going to take a while Before we're going to create the Momentum towards the upside again the Bitcoin is most certainly right now and A very good buying opportunity and of Course the resistance to break is 32 000 But as soon as we do break above it the Boom Market is definitely going to be Getting re-entered and of course on xrp We saw Maya retracement of course due to The fact that Bitcoin is dropping but Still holding above 70 cents is Absolutely crazy to be very honest it is Still with approximately 60 higher than Just two days ago what is of course Absolutely mental and like I discussed On my Twitter page chair if you're Looking at the daily time frame we got Rejected by the 85 cents but 63 cents is The level below is that it's probably Going to be providing support so yeah I Mean if xrp were to be retesting 64 Cents there I will be definitely be a Buyer since I personally think xrp is Going to be one of the strongest Performing all coins in the upcoming Bull Run so that was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did enjoy it and that you're right and Know what happened and why Bitcoin broke Down and personally I think it's an Overreaction and we're probably going to See events very quickly again here so Thank you so much for watching and I'll

See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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