I just opened up a new trade on bitcoin And while this is happening there is so Much stuff currently going on bitcoin Has seen a massive dump towards the Downside hitting back support and at the Same time CZ officially resigns as CEO Of binance and we got Rishad Tang as new CEO of binance so a lot of stuff is Happening B&B had seen a significant Correction over 15% towards the downside I will be discussing the Bitcoin price Action the most important charts my new Trade that I opened on bitcoin the new Trade that I've set up on a different Altcoin as well and many more new Important charts we need to discuss Right now so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap up that like button Back up 400 likes on today's update Video and with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Content and once looking at Bitcoin Actually right now we can see on the Imminent short term that Bitcoin is Still been creating lower highs every Single time and at the same time we're Creating an over par sloping support Line what means that we're forming Higher lows so Bitcoin basically is Right now forming higher lows together With lower highs and right now I have Been opening up a new trade here exactly On support and Bitcoin is already Bouncing back towards the upside again

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So later in this video I will be exactly Talk about how I opened up this tra and Why I'm opening up this tra and where I Will be holding it towards towards my Price targets so make sure to stick till The end of the video So currently the Trend for Bitcoin is pretty interesting We're creating this upper sloping Support line right now for Bitcoin and Once again we actually bounc from off The air loping support line and the most Important resistance I've talked about Many times before on the channel this Red box right here once again provided Resistance for us and once again got us Significantly rejected but of course This time around it also happened due to The fact that of course cette officially Resigns as CEO of binance and he pleds Guilty for money laundering at binance So there's a lot of stuff that actually Happened and that could be also a reason Why Bitcoin came down a little bit here And at the same time we've got a new CEO At binance named Richard T So at the Same time will all this happen B&B saw Significant correction towards the Downside I mean in the bigger things of It all it is still trading in a massive Downward sloping Trends he that also Perfectly tweeted about his journey and Why he why he decided to do I'm not Quite sure on how binance is exactly Going to be performing but honestly I've

Not really been B but honestly I have Not really been using binance a lot Recently so I don't really care a lot About it but only I think that cette was A pretty good actor in the space and he Did a lot of stuff for us so going back Into Bitcoin if we're going to be Looking about where the liquidity Currently lays in the market we can Clearly see that Bitcoin actually Managed to grab that short liquidity I Talked about in yesterday's video Sitting around the 35.5k level what I Exactly talked about yesterday and where I also exactly opened up my trade from Where I'm currently more than $3,000 Us In profit from so Bitcoin of course Exactly bounce towards the upside if we Were to be looking about where the Liquidity currently lays in the market It's clearly on the upside and it's Currently laying somewhere around that 38,00 us level where more than $300 Million Us in liquidity lays for Bitcoin So I won't be surprised if Bitcoin is Actually going to go up to $38,000 potentially wipe out these short Positions and then potentially comes Down again here so I'm going to be Looking very closely towards that level And Bitcoin once again found some Support on the upper sloping support Line and yes for the reason period every Single time Bitcoin has been retesting

This level we have been bouncing from Off this level and yet again we bounc From off this level and potentially Right now for the 12-hour time frame Bitcoin is creating that symetrical Triangle that is about to be breaking Out anytime soon so honestly with Cad And Bin right now removed of the picture Will the SEC finally Greenlight the Bitcoin spot ETF allowing black rock Fality investigo and all these other Major issuers to Take Over Control of The Bitcoin Market I mean honestly if This really were to be happening this is Usually how it goes here this is usually How it goes they wipe out the dominant Player and then take over the Monopoly Themselves because yes we do know that Binance is so big that they almost Control the entire market so this could Be something from the higher end playing Out right now here and honestly we do Know that in 48 days from now on we're Probably going to get the Bitcoin SPF Getting accepted and with right now Cette and binance removed out of the Picture I won't be really surprised that This is actually going to be happening So Bitcoin at the same time is creating Some bearish momentum but I'm not quite Sure about how this is going to be Playing out here and of course I am long On bitcoin I opened this long position I Talked about it yesterday on my Twitter

Page so I tweeted about this is my new Trade I'm going to be opening with my Exact ORD you can see it these are the Exact orders right here as well I had Open up a trade with $110,000 and Currently already more than $3,000 Us in Profit in just a matter of time and Honestly I was asleep so I literally Made some money while I was sleeping so This is a new trade my stop loss is Already in profit and honestly honestly The price Target the where I will be Aiming for is going to be $38,000 this top side right here and Honestly if I were to be taking any Profits on this level and honestly I Won't be surprised that we're actually Going to be reaching it so I'm going to Be taking out approximately 50% of my Entire trade around $38,000 the previous big resistance Level here on the top side so this is What I'm going to be doing right now Here and guys if you want to be trading Yourself it's super simple it's super Easy to set up and if you're write your Assment account using the link below you Can claim a deposit bonus up to $40,000 Be on high alert if you just go directly Towards the website it's only a $400 Deposit bonus and on top of that guys I've got an insane extra $1,000 air Position you can claim right now here All you need to do here is go to the

Link description of today's video sign Up an account using that link below Complete kyc deposit $100 in your first Seven days and you can claim that free $1,000 a position on bitcoin ethereum or Either on Pepe and talking about Pepe Guys I also set up a new trade on Pepe I Didn't share this one here but this one Was so damn close here this one was so Close you can see that I was only a few Few cents off before getting entered on My pepe trade here and you can see that If I were to be got entered I would have Made a profit of an about 20% towards The upside as well 25% here what have Would have made me as well an Approximately $4,000 us so pretty Unfortunate that I did not get entered On Pepe as well but yeah maybe in the Future I will be get entered the reason Why it was opening up this trade on Pepe Let me quickly go to a chart here is Because Pepe is currently actually at a Very interesting level it's sitting Right this this horizontal level right Here and I was trying to be longing this One on the retest on this chart we Actually touched it but on other charts We didn't so I am interested in longing This level right here because coins like Dogecoin and all these other coins have Been actually exploding and at the same Time Pepe has not been really performing That well and honestly usually at these

End of the cycle periods these meme Coins tends to be performing very well And since liquidity is quite low and Pepe has in my opinion got a lot of Potential upside I was looking to get Some entries on some trades on it so Yeah looking to open up a few trades Here on Pepe and if I can get some Entries maybe I could make a ton of Money in the next run up towards the Upside and yeah these are basically the Classic charts I've discussed for quite A while here but Bitcoin is creating an Inverse and of shoulders and is probably Going to go much much higher and in Terms of onchain data guys honestly I Don't really think that this is the time To be panicking right now once we're Once again going to become in these uh Green faces entering the denial stages Honestly those are the times you should Be starting to think okay potentially This could be the top in the market and Especially if we're going to be in the Euphoria greed stages that is really the Point where we should start to think Okay this is really the time to get out Of the market because every single time We are entering Euphoria stages it is The time to get out onever this is going To be flushing again here you will be The first one to know here on the Channel and basically this is based on The unrealized profit and loss if there

Are too many people and too big of an Unrealized profit probably the market is Going to go down and also vice versa if A lot of people are in a significant Unrealized loss that is probably once The market is going to be bottoming and Every single time this onchain indicator Has been right and once it is once again Flashing you will be the first one to Know here on the channel so make sure to Subscribe right now but anyways this was It for me in today's update video thank You so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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