Bitcoin is creating a new pattern right Now here that's going to be breaking out Anytime soon so I will be exactly Talking about these surprise targets I Will also talk about the heat map of the Most important support and resistance of This entire Trend I will talk about some F that just hit the market yesterday and Many more important charts that we need To discuss today so don't forget to stop Up that like button on today's update Video can we smash you back above 500 That will be absolutely incredible with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the imminent short term For Bitcoin because right now in the IM The short term Bitcoin is definitely Creating a symmetrical triangle right Here and this pattern right now is said To be breaking out in the coming days so Let's see where it is going to be Breaking out towards but currently we're Creating a small little upper sloping Support line a small little downward Sloping resist line and basically the Bitcoin price section is getting Squeezed in towards an apex of course Whenever we do break outside of this Better you will be the first one to know Here on my Channel or either on my Twitter page depending on how big or how Important the move is going to be here But yes Bitcoin has been absolutely Going exponential towards the upside

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I've seen many people on Twitter and act Starting to say oh I'm going to short Bitcoin I'm going to do this or that but Honestly shorting Bitcoin right now is Pretty dangerously whatever I should be Doing is not short right now here Because we do know the short position is Much more dangerous than the long Position I mean I will be opening up Some short position on bitcoin but not On this level right here here if you Want want to be doing so you're going to Be doing that on important levels I will Be talking about these levels in a Second from now on so make sure to stick In the Stream but if you really want to Be opening up initiating a good trade Here honestly I think you're better off With waiting for a potential retest to Open up a long position since we're Right now in search an exponential Movement towards the upside so that is What I am going to be doing I'm not Going to be opening up a short right Here because I personally think it's too Dangerous because the chance of Liquidation on the short position is Just massive and also the chance of Opening up a long right here to make Profit is also super low unless you're Using a very tight stop loss so what am I going to be doing I am going to be Looking at this massive previous Resistance level that I want to be

Opening up a long at so so as soon as Bitcoin is going to come in that region Between $32,000 and $31,000 us I'm going To be opening up a massive trade I'm Going to straight away enter Approximately two or three Bitcoin over There and then I'm going to dollar cost Average as Bitcoin comes lower that is My strategy that is how I'm going to be Minimizing my risk and maximizing my Profit and also yesterday guys there was Some f that the Bitcoin ice shares Bitcoin spot ETF was D listed from dtcc Currently it's still up and running so That was definitely no reason to be Really panicking about Bitcoin and Honestly due to that yesterday Bitcoin Went a little bit lower but then Straightway pushed back towards the Upside so still everything is looking Quite fine for Bitcoin I mean you can Clearly see broke outside of the higher Range and really the best opportunity to Trade Bitcoin is once it's going to be Retest because what do you want to be Doing in a bullish trend for Bitcoin you Want to be looking at these retracements And actually long them at least that is What I will be doing so you can see also Right here Bitcoin broke the 533 resistance line and if we are going To be having a retest of this level that Previously R massively got us rejected I Am going to be the one that's going to

Be jumping in towards positions around That level because I do really think That is going to be a super interesting Level to be looking at and honestly if You were to be shorting Bitcoin I will Be very careful with doing so and Honestly these are all the targets that I'm going to be looking at to either Short Bitcoin or either to Long Bitcoin So you can clearly see the big Resistance ahead of us is 36.5k that could be potentially be a Target where I'm going to be opening up A small short position I never would do A lot and also I would use a tight stop Loss if I'm going to be shorting Bitcoin But 36.5k does really look like a very Interesting level where Bitcoin Potentially could see some massive Rejections from we can see that there Are laying a lot of liquidations around 34.5km middle of a gigantic resistance Range and basically right now either way We go towards we're going to see a lot Of liquidations hitting the market for Bitcoin but anyways make a screenshot of These levels because I honestly really Think these are the most important Resistance levels and the most important Support level you can just see the Weekly support the weekly resistance the Weekly support right here holding up and Once we broke above broke below it Bitcoin really went in a massive dump

Towards the downside right also for this Level right here boom provided support Many times before once we broke above it And yes the point we really broke below It we got rejected and also that was the Point we saw a massive move towards the Downside so these are very important Levels for Bitcoin and that is why I Think you should be paying attention Towards these levels I also ridden them Down on the right side of the screen so You can make a screenshot exactly about Where these levels are laying so if you Were to be trading any of these levels Guys make sure to go to the link Description of today's video because Right now if you are willing to trade Bitcoin or crypto honestly this is the Best time to do it because there is more Volatility you could also trade altcoins You could trade more than 200 pairs on Buy base and if you right now sign up at Account using that link below deposit $100 within the coming seven days do kyc You can literally claim a free $1,000 Air position for only depositing $100 so Make sure to check it out in the link Description of today's video but this Deposit bonus is only valid for another 6 days guys this is an insane deposit Bonus make sure to grab it make sure to Grab it with both hands running out in Six days so absolutely incredible I mean Bitcoin is super volatile and honestly

The best time to be trading Bitcoin is Once it is really volatile because then You can make the most amount of Trades So Bitcoin of course broke outside of The price Horizon and ever since it did So I mean Bitcoin not necessarily has Has been moving a lot today yet so far But ever since it did so it is right now Entering a new price Horizon and what is The new price Horizon we're going to be Entering that is what we need to be Knowing right now right so in the Previous Market we have seen clearly That Bitcoin has been consolidating also Between several ranges right so this was Also an interesting range where Bitcoin Consolidated around you could even maybe Say it was from of this higher point Right here but honestly this was the Point we got rejected so I will be Looking at like this so if I'm going to Be extending this level you can clearly See that right now we're in basically in No man's land and because why am I Saying so is because once Bitcoin dumped Towards the downside it moved through This level very quickly once it pumped Back towards the upside it moved through This level very quickly and also right Here so there is not a lot of uh volume Tra in this level so that is why I'm Expecting Bitcoin is going to be moving Very quickly between these levels and Yes if Bitcoin really breaks of 36.5k

The resistance I've been talking about Also right here on this chart right here 36.5k once Bitcoin breaks above that Level H ly we're entering the higher Side of this range right here and then I Will be expecting Bitcoin to trade Between $50,000 and 36.5k so it really Depends how much higher can Bitcoin go And if it doesn't go higher it will Probably range between 36.5k and $32,000 But honestly every consolidation we're Going to see right now around these Levels is going to be super good for Bitcoin so yeah still super excited About it also guys I bought this Porsche 911 GT3 RS for eight Bitcoins Approximately around 28 ,000 Approximately 7 days ago Here and Now Bitcoin is on $34,000 used making me Lose already $48,000 on this not Investment bit on this buy so guys what Do you think about it did I make a Mistake buying this car or not honestly I'm still super happy with the car Itself but of course I do know it's not A smart investment because probably in The future it's going to be the most Expensive car I've ever bought anyways Looking at Bitcoin further on we can Currently see that Bitcoin is right now Creating this massive down resist line We broke above it and we do know the Price Target is sitting around $48,000 But of course along the way up we're

Going to be looking at these resistance Targets right here above that resistance High right that resistance high of $32,000 honestly I've been talking about That level so many times before and once We can confirm the break above it and Potentially even have a retest of this Level it would really mean a super Gigantic opportunity for us all in the Market also it would confirm the W Better if we were to be seeing retest of It so that $32,000 level it will be a Very good opportunity to actually long Bitcoin and of course the price target Of this w p sitting around $38,000 Honestly I don't think it's a super Important price Target and honestly I Don't think it's going to take us very Long to reach that price Target ever Since right now the Bitcoin sport ETF is Closer than ever before why is because An SEC commissioner has publicly said That it has made a mistake for not Getting this Bitcoin ETF sooner black Ro Is of course allocating funds towards Its seed ETF because what basically Means that black rock is going to be Buying a Bitcoin from the market and Also the ibtc has been registered on the Ddcc so super important things here and Also guys you have to understand that Yesterday while Bitcoin was pumping so Massively towards the upside we saw a 43 Million us inflow in just 24 hours and

This is of course on the Futures ETF of Bitcoin but just imagine what kind of an Effect the spot ETF is going to be Having I mean the ex director from Black Rock is predicting is going to give us An inflow of about two to 300 billion US Dollars in the first year and that would Could literally drive up the market for Bitcoin maybe 4X from now on so it could Maybe go to$ 120 to $200,000 us if that Is where to be happening so massive Things are lying ahead here billions and Billions of dollars are going to be Flowing in here and I'm super excited Because yes this is going to literally Mark the start of the bull R once the Spot ETF gets accepted imagine the Pension funds running in towards Bitcoin I mean this was a thing I was dreaming About s to eight years ago once I Started with investing into Bitcoin and It saw the possibilities and now it Looks to be that it is actually going to Be happening so make sure to pay Attention this is honestly just the Beginning for Bitcoin just see how much Money is going to be flowing in here Honestly if you're paying attention and Watching this video right now I think You're guaranteed to make profit in this Market but thank you so much for Watching guys I'm going to keep everyone Up to date about what is currently Playing out what is the news I'm going

To give you guys more updates on my Trade as well so uh yeah thanks so much For watching and see you guys on the Next one peace out out

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