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On yesterday's video I talked exactly About Bitcoin that it was going to dump From off this point onwards and right Now we are trading at Key support and in This exact video I will talk about what Could happen to bitcoin X if we fail to Old support or if we balance one of the Support so don't forget to watch this Video till the end because right now the Bitcoin See Me Gap got filled up we're Seeing interesting things playing out on Several time frames because there are Many things happening right now where You need to pay attention towards so Don't forget to slap up that like button On today's update video can we once Again smash it back above 1000 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and First of all I want to be looking at That imminent short Target for Bitcoin So after we dump towards the downside Yesterday we can see that we found yet Again some support on this Orange Box Right here and you can clearly see it Also happening on the 4la time frame This Orange Box right here is basically The previous zone of support and Basically as long as you're holding up Towards this level we will be still Trading in this range and what will Happen if we do break below this level Is that the next realistic Target for

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Bitcoin is going to be 21.2k so as long As we're holding up towards this level It's going to be actually look quite Okay if we do confirm a four hourly Candle close below 22.5 K to 22.4k it Will be confirming a breakdown for Bitcoin and if we have a breakdown then I will be shorting Bitcoin to 21.2k and That is also the point where I will be Adding more margin towards my trade on That 21.2k level however there is still A scenario that we will not even touch The 21.2k because currently if I quickly Look at this structure right so Yesterday I talked about Bitcoin that we Are basically creating this weakening Structure on the top side we're Basically creating someone different Wrangling top or rendering bottom if you Invert the chart of course and you can See that we were creating these Batteries Divergence however right now If I look at the chart you can see that The price action of Bitcoin is forming a Lower low on the RSI well in fact the Price action is forming still on higher Low so Bitcoin is currently creating and Hidden bullies are virgins because if You don't know already and hidden Bully's Divergence is getting created Once the price action forms of course a Higher low and the RSI forms a lower low And the most interesting part is that This signal is not only flashing on the

Four hourly time frame right now but if I'm looking at the 12 hour time frame I Can see that this signal is currently Flashing on the price action of Bitcoin And also on the daily time frame the Bitcoin daily time frame is also Creating a higher low on The Daily Candles and the RSI is forming a lower Low so we are right and creating and Hidden Bully's Divergence on the 12 hour 4 hour and the daily time frame and this Could be a signal that this is maybe Already the drop-off we've been waiting For because right now Bitcoin has been Retracing back towards this important Level of support I ranked at 22.5 K this Horizontal level right here and you can See that previously around this Horizontal level around 22.5 K that is This green books right here has been Providing significant resistance in the Past significant support as well Resistance right here more resistance And more resistance right here so Basically this green box right here is An important level to look at and as Long as we're basically trading above it We will be still looking bullish if we Confirm the break below it then I'm Really targeting the 21.2k but as long As that is not happening I won't be Anticipating these targets right so that Is still a thing I want to be pointing Out the 12 hour and daily time frame are

Definitely looking very bullish but at The same time I still have the same Strategy for my trade I am not going to Scale up my trade right now because I Still think it is too risky to add more Margin towards my trade right now so What I will be doing is still wait if Bitcoin is going to be having a Retracement back towards that 21.2k Target I've been talking about quite a While right now I will add 30 to 33 more Margin towards this trade and if we do Not touch that level I'm just going to Keep rolling on with this trade like it Is already doing because it's already in A 39 000 US dollar profit and for me It's definitely going to be okay if I Just hold this position size open like This but if we do have that retracement It won't allow me to just add more Margin toward my trade right so if you Are interested in trading yourself as Well maybe only hidden bullish Divergence or maybe on the drop to 21.2k Or the break of below support there are Many trading opportunities coming up Right now here and if you want to be Trading this Market don't forget to sign Up a buy with account right now because If you sign up an account using the link In description you can claim deposit Bonus up to thirty thousand dollars and If you're living in the US and you can't Use Bible you can check out bitgap

Because bitcat is also allowing you to Trade without kyc and without VPN from Of the US and they're giving it twenty Thousand US dollars to post a bonus at The same time all these interesting Signals are flashing I am also seeing a Warning shot getting fired to bitcoin Right now here because once looking at The daily time frame the macd on The Daily time frame we can see that Bitcoin Is currently experiencing a bearish Crossover on The Daily macd what is an Historical batteries by signal and what Is also in historical cell signal so Let's see how this is going to be Playing out I want to be pointing this Out to everyone out there because yeah There is of course some signals that I Discussed yesterday there are some Weakening signals we are seeing lower And less exponential tops less Exponential bottoms getting created and That is a sign of weakening however we Are creating these bullish Divergence Right now so the question really is here For Bitcoin what it's going to be next Here is that as soon as we break below This support right here we could go in With a short position and we can add More margin on the 21.2k but if we Balance one of this level we could be Shorting the 25.5 K or even a long Bitcoin to 25.5 K so there are multiple Training opportunities right now here

The Bitcoin is definitely looking very Interesting right now here be aware Tomorrow it's also going to be the Federal Reserve interest rate hike Decision and that is going to be very Volatile for Bitcoin and if you Subscribe to the channel right now here You will be staying up today because Tomorrow I will be doing a live stream On the exact interest rate hike decision So I will be trading that live stream as Well here because I like to anticipate These news events so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and turn on the Bell notifications because then you're Also going to stay up to date about that One currently we can see as well in the Three-day time frame is that we're about To cross bullish on the three-day EMA Ribbon and basically once we cross Bullish on this signal it is going to be Game on with Bitcoin because Historically speaking once we cross Bullish on the three-day EMA ribbon you Can see uh that Bitcoin tends to at Least climb up very significantly on the Previous bear Market once it's confirmed Bitcoin moved up from off that point Onwards another 170 percent here also Right here we moved up even more and Yeah this was also the point the bull Market got confirmed and this was the Point where we were basically getting Towards a new Ultimate so many many

Interesting signals flashing right now Here the 3D email ribbon probably going To cross in like six to nine days here So I will keep you guys up to date once It does cross right here that it is Looking definitely very interesting for Bitcoin right now and if I'm also going To be looking at the average bounces From the legendary support line Currently we're only 50 in towards this Bump and yeah you can see that clearly Last time around week at least got a 300 Bounce from up this level so let's see How it is going to be this time around Anyways this was it for me on today's Update video make sure to watch this Support line very closely we are Creating and hidden bullish diverges Right now here and you need to pay Attention towards this one so don't Forget to share this video with your Friends because yesterday we exactly Predicted that we were going to jump From of this point and we exactly Predicted that this was going to be an Important support level to look so let's See how it is going to be playing out Right now here thank you so much for Watching subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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