THIS IS THE NEXT BITCOIN MOVE!!! [get ready now]

Bitcoin is about to have another huge Move today and in this exact video I Will be talking about what this move is Going to be for Bitcoin more importantly Right now the four hourly time frame is Telling and indicating us that Bitcoin Is squeezing the price action in that Actually in the coming five to six days Bitcoin is going to be experiencing an Extremely huge breakout whether it's Going to be up or down I will be trading This and make sure to watch this video Right now till the end because I will be Exactly discussed my price target of the Point of the breakdown and of the point Of the breakout furthermore I will be Talking about more important stuff that Currently is going on my trade and my Next trade and much more important Details in the market right now so don't Forget to slap up that like button can We once again smash it back above 500 That will be absolutely incredible and With that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking actually at the imminent Short term of Bitcoin we can currently See that Bitcoin is squeezing the price Action in here and you can clearly see It we're creating a very clear part Sloping support line and while this is Happening in fact we're seeing also a Downward sloping resist line getting Created so what does this though is

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About the current price section is that Actually the price action is getting Squeezed in towards an apex and always Once this happens Bitcoin tends to Generate a breakout the breakout is Getting confirmed once we confirm either On higher height or a lower high and That is basically a breakout of this Pattern currently it's not going to be Really a huge move on this breakout Right here because if I'm going to be Looking at the potential breakout we Could be targeting levels for either 23 000 US dollars if we're going to be Having a bullish breakout or we could be Targeting 21.8k if we're going to be Having a bearish breakdown the breakdown Or breakout will be getting confirmed Once we see a one hour candle close Above it and on the re-test that is the Place where I will be looking to trade This so I'm going to keep my eyes wide Open on my next trade because actually I'm coming fairly close to be opening up A new trade again I've been waiting I've Been sitting on the sidelines ever since Of course I sure the Bitcoin towards the Downside right here I've been sitting on Sidelines waiting for the next move I Have been overly bearish in the last Period in the market because yeah the Market yeah has been an embarrassed Trend here currently it will be actually Likely to still see a bearish

Continuation and to point it out before I go further in towards the market Update if I am actually looking at the Three-day time frame so if I zoom out on Bitcoin I can actually see also quite Bearish momentum getting generated Because on the 3-day time frame Bitcoin Is actually creating the bearish Crossover on the macd like you can see It's currently happened and every single Time historically speaking that this has Happened I boot up some vertical lines You can see that Bitcoin actually sees Bearish momentum following afterwards You see it every single time doesn't Necessarily mean just like we had right Here in September 2021 that the bearish Momentum is going to stay for long but At least we usually tend to see bearish Momentum getting generated here in the Beginning of November we saw big big Damage pressure and also in April we saw Big big damage pressure and actually the November crossover wasn't that bad Actually to be very honest so maybe it's Going to to be not bad at all but on the 3D mxd we are definitely seeing the Momentum is drying up and that is of Course a bad thing for the image short Term and that could maybe lead towards The direction continuation of the bigger Time frames because looking at the four Early time frame we can currently Clearly see we're still creating higher

Lows that is of course beautiful to see So far and we're still creating higher Highs on the bigger picture however Currently we can see that this airport Sloping support line is meeting almost The downward sloping resist line and at That point we're seeing the price Consolidation reaching an apex and on Such kind of a point we either have to Decide to continue with the downtrend Because this is only even a short term a Downtrend or we are going to be breaking Above resistance and we're going to Continue with the uptrend and forming Higher highs again so what I also do Expect actually is that the coming five To six days they're probably going to be Boring and at the point we're breaking Out we're going to see a lot of Volatility so I'm going to keep my eyes Wide open if we break below support I am Actually expecting that Bitcoin could Come down towards levels of twenty Thousand dollars why twenty thousand Dollars because if I'm actually looking At this target right here of the Ascending broadening wedge we can Actually see that the price target of The asset embroidering wedge if we break Down below the airport slowbox Borderline is coming in around 20.6k so I wouldn't be surprised if we do break Down that we are going to come down Towards levels of around 20.6 to 20 000

Right that is previously also the low in This market right here that is also the Level that if we're going to go towards That I am definitely going to be opening Up a new long position for Bitcoin but Of course only if we're going to ever Touch the level so if we're not breaking Below the support right here I'm going To a long Bitcoin of course on the Potential breakout so I'm going to trade This both directions like I said this Could still take four to five days Before breaking out and maybe even we Really consolidate very well it could Even take six days so make sure to make Sure to be prepared for this next move For Bitcoin right now it could still Take a while but I'm currently getting Ready for that next move looking at more Horizontals really the level to be Breaking above is 22.7 K in order to Flip the image short-term resistance Above us on the Farley time frame with My trade I'm still long until we're Breaking the support I've been saying it Yesterday as well as soon as we do break Support I am going to completely exit my Trade because then it is time to take Profits and open up a new trade around The 20 000 US dollar barrier in my Opinion we can also still see that on The daily time frame actually we Officially have been confirming the Hidden bullish Divergence hidden bullies

Divergence get created once the price Section is forming on higher low and the Horizon is forming a lower low so make Sure to pay attention towards this one Important signal that's actually Currently getting flashed on The Daily Time frame because bullish divergences On The Daily time frame are very Important to be looking at right now so We are creating the bullish Divergence On The Daily time frame so this could Also have a positive effect on the price Section of Bitcoin and we can currently Also see that still if I'm looking at The bigger picture for me I've been Saying it for quite a while right now The level 2 break is 25.2k if we break Above that level I'm going to flip Extremely bullish wise because it's a Low volume range above it and also you Can just clearly see the 25k what's the Low of the lunar crash the 25k was the Range High of the recovery and currently Once again 25k is the level to break so I'm going to keep all my eyes wide open On twenty five thousand dollars it's the Level to break once we break above it Bitcoin is absolutely going parabolic But currently we're in that Consolidation phase and we have to Decide whether we're going to be Breaking down towards lower lows or Whether we're going to be finding Support and continuing the uptrend we're

Currently in on the daily time frame Because you can clearly see we're still Forming in fact higher lows and higher Highs so the trend is still bullish only The momentum is getting lost like I said Because on the macd on the RSI we can See this momentum indicators telling us That we're losing momentum you can see On the 3D macd that we actually had the Bearish crossover and if I'm actually Looking at just a pure price section and Let me put it on a two-day time frame You can see that we are creating Somewhat of a rounding top right and That is why I'm a little bit worried Because rendering tops we've been Creating them many times before we've Been creating them at the Autumn high at The previous Ultima as well and Basically right here as well so Rendering tops has been created many Times and it's usually a signal of Weakness in the market and I've been Telling everyone that actually I was not So bullish on bitcoin or twenty five Thousand dollars in fact I've been Shorting 25k many many times before but You can currently clearly see that we Did clearly saw some yeah momentum dry Up for Bitcoin but currently the Question is can we continue to momentum Right now on this upper solving support Line or are we going to break below it And fall lower and that's why I'm going

To be keeping mines wide open on this Four hour pattern right here because This is going to tell me more about the Bigger direction for Bitcoin right Because if we're really going to be Break Bears what's the worst case Scenario let's say Bitcoin is really Breaking below 20K what's the worst case Scenario in my opinion it is somewhere Around eighteen thousand dollars worst Case scenario I don't think it's a Likely scenario but if we really have a Big crash down here I'm going to be Actually looking at longstone way around 18 to 17 000 to open up even a bigger Legendary trade for Bitcoin so that is Actually my strategy right now that is Actually what I'm looking to do here Because yes overly to be very honest I Am bullish on bitcoin on the longer term And right now if I'm looking at the Cycle stage you can clearly see that We're at the end stage of the bear Market or the bear Market officially Already has ended because what do we Really call the end of the bear Market In 2017 sorry in 2018-19 right this was Of course obviously the end of the bear Market but at this this stage right here We didn't really officially call it the End of the bear mark because it could Have been just another lower high right So we called the end of the bear market Now because we all know what happened

Afterwards so is this the end of the Bear market right here or is this just Another lower high that's the question That we currently need to answer so I Think the bear Market is overly ended And if we're going to come down the form At higher low we are of course in fact Ending the bear market so yeah if we are Going to come down worst case scenario 17 to 18 000 that's levels where I Look To buy a lot of Bitcoin actually if it Ever happens I mean I'm still buying More Bitcoin every single day just like You've been saying for a while I just Buy more Bitcoin every single day Because I believe in the long term of it So this was it for me on today's update Video I mean I truly hope you did Enjoyed it and that you did learn Anything from it I am really looking for My next trade and I'm about to announce It very soon here so make sure to Subscribe to the channel right now here Stay posted turn on the Bell Notifications because once I'm opening Up a new trade you'll be knowing the First on this channel thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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