Bitcoin history looks to be repeating Right now here and while this is Happening the historical Bitcoin Volatility is at its lowest point ever In history so make sure to watch this Video till the end because I will be of Course discussed this historical event On bitcoin the most important charts the Volume that remains to be dropping on The price action of Bitcoin and many More important charts we need to discuss Right now so don't forget to slap of the Like button back up a 500 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That of being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content so looking At the imminent short term of Bitcoin we Can currently see that Bitcoin is still Creating that CME Gap and the CME Gap is Trading around 29.4 K so I will be Expecting that over the course of this Weekend Bitcoin is going to hover around This price here and I will be expecting It at the end of the weekend we're going To be trading somewhere around that CME Close price or either we're going to be Touching it on the Monday because yes For the last 20 weekends or so this Exactly played out so why why would this Weekend be different so I will be still Expecting a minor move towards the Upside of about 0.2 percent towards the Upside over the course of this weekends But yes that is not necessarily a very

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Big move for Bitcoin further on on the Four-league time frame we can currently Clearly still see Bitcoin is Consolidating once again not really Doing anything and just being boring you Can see that the Lower Side of support Is anywhere on 28.8 K if we break below That level I will be expecting we're Going to see more downside and if we can Manage to touch the 30.3k and break Above it of course I will be expecting That Bitcoin is going to go pretty much Exponential because I expect that Everyone who's shorting Bitcoin in this Region right here have got their stop Losses set up here on the top side what Means that if we do break towards the Upside Bitcoin could start to see a very Big move happening over there further on We can see that if you're just purely Looking at the trend here is that the First of all Bitcoin was trending Downwards however right now we're seeing A small little Trend reversal we can see That we're creating a rounding bottom Structure for Bitcoin and also that We've been integrating in a higher high And also that we're currently creating In higher lows so if you're looking or Currently to the trend right now we are Potentially at the beginning point of a Small little Trend reversal here on the 40 time frame so that could mean that Bitcoin is going to start to see some

More upside looking then at the charts On the 12 hour time frame you can Currently clearly still see it is Trending downwards of course in a bigger Perspective uptrend and we can currently Also see the work starting to create Higher lows on this market so this is of Course a pretty exciting thing to be Seeing here but in my opinion if you're Just clearly looking at the daily time Frame for Bitcoin the resistance to Break for Bitcoin is 29.8k approximately On The Daily candle close and if we can Confirm the break above that level I Will be expecting a further continuation Towards the upside and if we can break Above that level we're basically Entering the bullish stage in the market Once again and then things could change Around very quickly then quickly talking About the volatility on bitcoin we can Currently see that the bullet events is Once again squeezing up here and on this Chart below you can see the bullish Event is with you can currently see that The bolliger band's width is a lower Than the width it will head in the Beginning of 2023 what was of course the Starting point of a gigantic movement in The market and if you're zooming at even Further on here to the complete history Of Bitcoin we do know that currently We're sitting at the same laws of Volatility as 2018 November what was

Basically the point where Bitcoin was Consolidating before it had that massive Dump towards the downside and what we do Know from low volatility periods in the Market is that the longer the volatility Stays low in the market the bigger new Move is going to be here but also the Longer volatility stays low for Bitcoin The more likely it is the big move is Going to be coming so get ready for that There's a gigantic move on the horizon But yeah it could still take another Week or maybe even two weeks but once it Happens it's going to be a very big one So get ready for that further on I Remain to be long on bitcoin on my bid Gets rates and on my buy bits right here I mean my trades are still not really Moving that big here they are in a small Profit and small loss here but the real Gains will only come over time once the Market is really going to start to be Moving quite significantly here so if You are interested in trading yourself You're getting ready to go to the link Of today's video's description where you Can claim the deposit bonus up to thirty Thousand dollars if you sign up an Account using the link below and yes you Can of course accumulate Bitcoin buy Bitcoin and also leverage trade Bitcoin Just like I am doing and be aware I Would only recommend a leverage training Crypto or Bitcoin because yes if you do

Not have any experience you could also Lose your money further only if I'm Going to be talking about the longer Term charts here is that Bitcoin is Currently creating in very historical Pattern here because back in 2016 we had The bear Market here and in the bear Market we created the double bottom and After that we had a significant lag Towards the upside and a very long Period of consolidation somewhere around That 460 dollar region you can clearly See that 460 dollar region God has Rejected every single time and we moved Upwards and basically what we were Creating was an ascending triangle and An ascending triangles that a typical Bullish Vice pattern and you can see That at the point we did broke outside Of the pattern we had a massive rally And to be exact Israeli is of course way More than we're probably going to get Right now since the market cap was way Lower but it was a 76 rally towards the Upside what was of course absolutely Epic from of such kind of a better right Now we're creating a very similar Pattern we're once again had that bear Market building behind us and after that We Consolidated towards the upside and You can clearly see this time around It's 31 000 that is the clear big Resistance for Bitcoin and if we can Manage to be breaking Above This level I

Will be expecting we're going to see Something similar like this movement Right here so yeah get ready for Bitcoin It's about to be generating a big move Here just like it has done in the past As well of course we're still creating That bullflex scenario and so far we're Not really seeing a reaction from of This damage solving support line as well We're creating this legendary support Line towards the upside where we've been Retesting for more than three times in The past and if we break below this Level I personally think we're going to Be screwed so it's going to be important To be watching this level because yes Bitcoin is support on the upside and It's resistance on the top side this Horizontal resistance are going to be Meeting each other anytime soon and Bitcoin has got to make your decision Whether it's going to be Breaking Upwards or downwards so get ready for That because you need to be paying Attention towards this extremely big Pattern that we're currently creating Further on we can currently see that Bitcoin its volume remains to be Dropping here we can see that the Volatility index remains to be becoming Lower and lower in volatility but also The volume remains to be dropping on Bitcoin indicating a gigantic move is Going to be happening anytime soon here

And further on we can see from the Three-day time frame we're still Creating that copper handle pattern and We're about to be having a breakout of The next falling watch that we're Currently creating so I really think the Big move is going to be happening Anytime soon here of course it's likely That it's going to be happening within Two weeks from now on but yeah Bitcoin Has just been consolidating it right to 29 000 US dollar region what is actually Also quite a good thing here because Yeah Bitcoin has never traded so long Around this region and that makes it of Course quite bullish because there's a Lot of accumulation going around on this Region and also a lot of distribution From people that actually do not want to Be holding Bitcoin so in the end of the Day it's a good thing that we're seeing Such a big amount of accumulation around This region so that was it for me in Today's update video if you did enjoy Don't forget to snap all the like button And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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