Bitcoin is about to be breaking out and In this exact video I will talk about my Price targets I will talk about the Bitcoin bull flag I will talk about the Momentum Divergence and much more Important stuff I will give a big update On my trade so don't forget to watch the Video till the end it's going to be Super important because Bitcoin is right Now literally retesting the most Important resistance of this entire Trend on the entire market so far so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap up that like button can we smash it Back above 600 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that is being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term for Bitcoin once Looking at the image short term we can Currently see Bitcoin is creating a huge Consolidation phase and we are expecting This one is going to be breaking out Anytime soon and you can clearly see We're creating a clear downward sloping Resistance line every single time we Touch it we see a big rejection and We're also creating a big overselling Support line and every single time we Touch it we also see a gigantic Rejection and so basically right now We're expecting to see a major breakout Happening anytime soon and if I were to Be looking at the price taggers of this Breakout we're expecting a 30.8k Bitcoin

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If we're going to be breaking bullish And we're going to be expecting a 29.2k Bitcoin if we are going to be breaking Bearish so these are the price targets And we're expecting this breakout is Going to be happening anytime soon Furthermore we can currently see that Bitcoin is still creating this very Important bull flag scenario and this One will be also potentially breaking Out anytime soon here you can see Bitcoin creates a big spike towards the Upside then creates this downswing Consolidation phase and if we do break The downtrend we are probably going to See a way bigger continuation towards The upside so it will be super bullish If Bitcoin manages to be breaking the Downtrend at the same time we can Currently sport that the momentum on the RSI is actually rapidly declining while Bitcoin has been going solid way so Bitcoin is currently trading sideways But if it were to create another move Towards the upside it will be inevitable That we're going to create a gigant Bearish Divergence so be aware we're Currently probably in the top stage of This current move towards the upside Also considering that this move was 15 In just a matter of 24 hours it would Make a lot of sense to see a little bit Of longer and a little bit of more Consolidation for Bitcoin before it

Really goes into what's this next move Here so yeah Bitcoin looks quite Dangerously but we can clearly see we Broke the four hourly downtrend and Currently actually we can see that this Level that previously Iran provided Support and here it significantly Provides resistance will right now act As support and you can see already it Acted as support for Bitcoin so right Now I'm waiting to see another gigantic Breakout for Bitcoin but if we were to Go lower and I've set this as well in Yesterday's video the 29.5 to 29.7 K Will be the big support for Bitcoin Where we will keep our eyes wide open on And I will be expecting there's going to Be a big bounce happening from of that Level easily updating much right here I'm not going to take any profits right Now here as especially since we are Seeing a breakout that could be Occurring anytime soon here M said it Many times before my target of this move Towards the upside is forty thousand Dollars and I think we can reach it and So far I'm making about 1.3 Bitcoin in Profit I started this again with fifty Thousand dollars and writing the account Is trading around 105k so I literally Made more than 55 000 US dollars in a Matter of a few days here so if you're Interested in trading yourself as well Because yeah you could make tons of

Money by trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies especially in these Photos of Marcus don't forget to check Out the links in the description where You can write an assignment account and Claim an additional deposit bonus after Using the link in description and don't Forget to check it out also consider Subscribing to the channel since I show My trades step by step exactly on how I Execute them here on this channel Furthermore we can see that the daily Bullflex still broke out here and Currently we're seeing the first minor Rejection and the rejection is actually Coming exactly at the level we've been Expecting right so I've talked about This resistance range the 31 to 32k is The level to break and actually the 31.7 K is the exact level to break but Currently we're just waiting to see when That next level is going to get broken And as soon as it does break we will Probably see a bigger continuation and a Bigger Spike towards the upside at the Same time we're creating this cup and Handle scenario we're creating this cop And handle pattern and I mean this one Already broke bullish and right now I'm Expecting to see the breakout occur and Right now we're seeing the breakout Happening but at the same time the most Important range should be looking at is This red box right here because still

Yes the carpet handle broke bullish but There is a gigantic level of bigger Resistance training above us and as soon As Bitcoin breaks above that level that Is going to be the confirmation for the Breakout of the carpet handle I've been Saying this for quite a while already You could also approach and carpet Handle completely differently because if You will approach the carpet handle like This you can see that we first need to Be braking above the 31 000 US Dollars Before the cup and handle pattern is Even breaking out initially so yeah the Cup and handle pattern does decide to be Breaking bullish but still there's got a Big big level of resistance trading Above us right now you can see that this Levels that I've been talking about the 31 to 32 000 US dollars if Bitcoin Manages to be closing its daily candle Above 32k I think we will easily fly up The truth I think easily 40 to 44 000 US Dollars will be reached for Bitcoin and Even 47 to 48 000 that previous high on The market right here will be definitely Still in the play here so Bitcoin looks Quite bullish but we need to still break Above this very important level of Resistance you can clearly see it on the Weekly time frame that this level I'm Currently talking about is definitely The main level to be looking at I mean I've talked about it while we were

Retesting it the first time around 31 000 and we'll keep talking about it Right now and I expect still that this Is the level that could be providing Massive rejections I'm not saying that We necessarily have to go down all the Way again but this is a level that could Reject us significantly since yeah if You look at history this was a gigantic Big Love of support and currently we're Trading against it and it really will be Super important to be watching if we Could be breaking Above This level at The same time on the monthly macd here For Bitcoin we are about to be Crossing Bullish on the macd that is super Bullish to see here and at the same time As well the Bitcoin dominance is Dropping down a little bit here after Reaching our price Target currently I Could be expecting that all coins could Maybe see some more movements and I Expect actually we're going to create a New consolidation phase just like we did Right here in the bigger perspective if I'm zooming out here you can currently See that we are retesting this previous Low on the market right here but there Are still possibilities that the Bitcoin Dominance is going to even increase to 57 to 60 percent so be aware for that Bitcoin Domino's could still definitely Go higher but uh right now we are at Least hitting our short-term Target of

The breakout and also of the previous High in the market I do expect altcoins Could be bouncing a little bit from of This point here the Bitcoin is still Going to be the main asset to be Watching and if you're looking at Previous bear markets last time you Rented the previous bear mark once we Broke above that previous eye on the Market we actually saw a bigger Continuation towards the upside and the Altcoin season only started in February 2021 January 2021 and you know what if I'm going to be approaching and Overlaying the Bitcoin price action on Top of that you can see that altcoins Are only really a good buy and let me Quickly show you this it was November 2020 and that was the point that Bitcoin Broke its Autumn high that was actually The point where you should start to be Buying all coins it wasn't actually the Perfect time to be buying all coins Because the best time to be buying all Coins was just two months after Bitcoin Hit its new album High here so if There's one thing you have learned from That when to be buying all coins it is Basically once Bitcoin breaks above its Previous autumni that is the time to be Buying all coins so right now it is not Necessarily the best time to be buying All coins you could do of course buy Some all coins that are probably going

To do very well because they're always Altcoins out there that are going to Outperform bitcoin they're always Altcoins out there mainly the best time To be buying all coins to really Diverticize your risk and to get a Better risk to where your art ratio is Once Bitcoin actually breaks that Ultimately here so that was it for me in Today's updates video I truly hope you Didn't enjoy it if you did like it don't Forget to slap up the like button drive To the channel and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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