THIS IS THE NEXT BITCOIN MOVE!!! [get ready now]

Bitcoin is right now on the verge of an Insane breakout and in this exact video I will be talking about the price Targets I will talk about this is very Important level of support of Bitcoin Right now and of course I will talk About my next 160 000 US dollar Bitcoin trade here so make Sure to watch this video till the end I'll give a brief update on the current Ongoing Shore position and much more Important stuff that we need to discuss On the market right now so don't forget To slap up that like on today's video And get away once again smash it back About 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards game in The short term for Bitcoin and once Looking at the even at your term we can See yesterday there was clearly some Volatility in the market Bitcoin first Saw an initial pump towards the upside Before dumping significantly towards the Lower Side all the way down below 27 000 US Dollars before recovering back up Again here we can see that this initial Pump happened for Bitcoin due to fact That the CPI and core inflation data Came out if we're looking at the Inflation it is actually coming in Exactly like we were predicting Yesterday at consensus and due to that There wasn't really a lot of volatility

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Because yeah the data didn't came in Unexpectedly so we can see that the Inflation in the U.S is currently 4.9 Percent it remains to decline but it Remains to also be a little bit more Sticky food inflation is significantly Dropping right now down to 7.7 percent What is of course still clearly way too High but it is already way better than An approximately year ago where it was Sitting around 10 and if we're looking At the core inflation it came back in at 5.5 percent exactly the same as two Months ago here but still declining from Last month so the core inflation remains To be sticky what is the reason why dude Around Paul you'd be still very hawkish And could maybe still plummet the market So be aware for that but if I purely Will be looking at the one hour time Frame for Bitcoin there is very hard to Really say what is going to be happening Next on the one hour and that is why I Will be looking at the four hourly time Frame on the four hourly time frame of Course we broke down of the symmetrical Triangle and on the four early time Frame we can currently see that this big Level of the 27 000 US dollars of Support is currently still holding us up So the 27 000 US dollars is the most Important level of support that I will Be looking at and as long as we're Trading above 27 000 or holding above it

I do not think we're going to see the Move to twenty four thousand dollars if We do confirm the break below this exact Range right here I'm expecting Bitcoin Is going to fall down to 24 000 US Dollars so that is exactly what I will Be keeping my eyes wide open on and of Course if I'm looking at Bitcoin on the 12 hour time frame we can currently Still see we are creating bearish hand And shoulders pattern and we're so far Still holding up towards the upper Sloping support line and as soon as we Do break below this very important level Of support that is the point where I Would really expect Bitcoin is going to See a significant decreasement in price Action and like like I said in every Single video so far once Bitcoin breaks Below this level the price target for me Is twenty four thousand dollars and if Bitcoin comes below the twenty five Thousand dollars I'm going to start Deploying more than two hundred thousand US Dollars on my next Bitcoin trade Because currently I am planning to Deploy more than one billion US dollars In contracts to open up a Bitcoin long Position once Bitcoin is going to come Below twenty five thousand dollars so if You're interested in this next gigantic Trade I will be taking don't forget to Subscribe to the channel I've got my Account set up here I will be depositing

Even more funds in the coming days here To get my account ready to open up this Gigantic tray and it will be completely Transparent I will show you step by step How we will be doing so and currently I'm still in a short position but the Next right is going to be a long Position because for the longer time Horizon I am bullish on bitcoin and that Is why I want to be opening up a loan Position it's probably going to be quite Low leverage but it could be making me a Fortune since it will be investing more Than 200 000 dollars in towards this big Big Bitcoin trade and if you're Interested in trading Bitcoin and all Coins yourself you can write in a trade On buy bit or big cat buy but you need To do kyc on bitcoin you do not need to Do kyc but don't buy but you can get a 30 000 US dollars to deposit bonus if You sign up with using the link in Description so make sure if you're Interested in trading to check out the Links in the description but let's Continue with the video because yes once Up we'll be opening up this trade you Will be the first one to know here on The channel of course I'm currently Still in a short position and that is Due to the fact that I expect Bitcoin is Going to go a little bit lower we can Currently see that we're still holding Up towards the daily support here on the

Symmetrical triangle as soon as we do Break below it that is the point and and The opportunity to be opening up a Bigger shorting position for Bitcoin but Of course as soon as Bitcoin does decide To be breaking below this level the Price Target towards the downside is Going to be quite significant all the Way down to twenty four thousand dollars What is also exactly the price target of The Head and Shoulders pattern what is Actually quite interesting to see of Course twenty four thousand dollars is Also exactly the level of this gigantic Big support for Bitcoin you can see Previously around we got rejected by This level and you can see that there's A lot of volume support around this Region right here well in fact between 27 and 25 000 there's almost no volume resource Support so that means that as soon as Bitcoin does Falls below this level we Could see a very sharp move towards the Downside so make sure to be prepared Bitcoin if it does decide to be breaking Below 27 000 could fall very quickly Towards the downside also looking at the Daily email ribbon it looks to be that And bearish crossover could be happening Unless we're going to see some more Bullish price action happening for Bitcoin and we're actually right now Trading below the daily email ribbon

What is definitely quite a bearish Signal that we can currently see the Last time we traded below the eBay Ribbon we had a significant crash all The way down to ninety thousand dollars And before that of course was this Movement all the way down here to Fifteen thousand dollars So currently We're training below the daily email Ribbon what is definitely a bearish like Not in my opinion on the three-day time Frame we're still holding up towards it And so far we're seeing the three-day EBay ribbon providing some support that If Bitcoin comes down to 25 000 the Email Revenue would still Provide Support so that is definitely still a Good thing in my opinion furthermore we Can see that on the five-day time frame The Bitcoin macd officially crossed Bearish for the first time ever in an Approximate 285 days here what is definitely a very Interesting signal that currently is Flashing air so the Bitcoin momentum Looks to be drawing up a little bit here On the top side let's also see where the Weekly macd is going to go towards Because on the weekly time frame we can Also see there's some more bearish Momentum entering the market right now And there could be a bearish cross Happening in the coming five weeks so We'll keep my eyes wide open on that one

And we'll keep you guys exactly up to Date and of course on the weekly time Frame if looking at Bitcoin there are Two important levels of resistance and That is just that 31.7 K that's that Previous weekly low on the market that Currently is providing resistance and There is one big level of support below Us and that is this weekly previous Resistance that right now if we're going To retest it will flip into support so I Think Bitcoin is currently ranging Between these two levels and if we do Get the opportunity to Long Bitcoin Around this region right here I am Definitely and most certainly going to Take it and that is why I'm waiting for Here so thank you so much for watching Towards this amazing new update video Here I will be opening up a gigantic Bitcoin trade here if we do come down Here and of course right now it is just Come before the storm there's no big Volatility yet here but it looks to be On all indicators that there's going to Be a lot of volatility anytime soon here So thank you so much for watching Towards amazing new update video I truly Hope you did enjoy it if you did enjoy Don't forget to slap up the like button And see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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