THIS IS THE NEXT BITCOIN MOVE!!! [exact strategy]

Right now the Bitcoin price action is Getting ready for another insane insane Move and in this exact video I will be Discussing all the important price Charts all the important data what Currently is playing out right now here And I will be exactly discussed what Currently is going on in the market so Make sure to watch this video till the End because there are many things Happening that we need to discuss on This video so don't forget to slap up That like button can we once again smash You back about 400 it will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content and first of all I want to be Looking at the aim in a short term of Bitcoin and actually if we are looking At the image short term I think I do Exactly know how I will be trading this Range for Bitcoin next so basically you Can see that we're creating and stare Every single time a little bit higher as Soon as we do break below the most Recent level that was holding up the Bitcoin support I will will be going in With his shorting position why is Because that will be the confirmation That we're losing the trend and that the Reversal of the trend is really coming So once we do break below the 21.7 K That is the point where I will be going In with a shorting position and that is

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Also the point where I'll be will be Flipping bearish of course as long as This level is not flipping around I Think there is no need to worry at all And currently you can see that we once Again saw a very strong Bounce from of This level and actually if you're Zooming in yesterday I talked about it As well we were creating of course a Potential double bottom on the one hour Time frame a neckline right here and as Soon as we did broke above the neckline We did saw a massive increasement Towards the upside and I also exactly Traded that one yesterday on my telegram Channel so make sure to check it out Over there as well as well we have been Discussing the CME gap on the price Action of Bitcoin you can clearly see After we created the same media have Around 23.6 K to 23.1 K you can right Now clearly see we have clearly filled Up the CME Gap and right now after it's Filled up we can of course potentially Once again move down from this point or Maybe continue to try and towards the Upside but like expected the CME Gap is Filled up and right now if I'm going to Be looking at where the next closest CME Gap is it's of course on the lower side Somewhere around the uh yeah 19.9 K to 20.4k so they're still see me get below Us and potentially the steaming Gap Could still be filled up here and just

Like we've been expecting usually if you Dump over the course of the weekend what Happened right here you tend to be Pumping on the Monday or Tuesday right And that is also exactly what happened Yet again here then quickly analyzing The trend here we can currently see that Bitcoin is creating a downtrend on that One hour time frame right so we can see This was the first rejection the second One and this has been the third Rejection so we can clearly see we got Three rejections from one clear trend Line what is indicating that it is a Level of big significance in Market as Soon as we do break above it then I am Expecting we're going to see a Continuation on the trend towards the Upside for Bitcoin but also looking at The Lower Side we can see that we found Support only once not only twice not Only three times but like multiple times Even four to five times in a row we Found support on this level you can even See that we had six touch points on this Airport sloping support line for Bitcoin And that makes it very interesting in my Opinion to look at so we can clearly see That this has been an important level of Support so far and basically the Question is where are we going to be Breaking below the support or where They're going to be breaking above the Resistance if we do not break out today

I'm expecting the breakout is going to Be happening in somewhat of two days and 12 hours so I'm expecting a breakout Before the end of this week here and That will really confirm whether we're Going to be continuing the bullish Momentum or whatever we're going to be Seeing more bearish momentum the Basically on the imminent short term how I will be trading this is that of course Yesterday I opened a small loan already Took profits on that long hair on the Way up here right now I'm waiting to Open of course a new trade but basically As soon as we break below this 22.7 K I'm going to go in with a shorting Position and if you want to be staying Up to date about that one don't forget To subscribe to the channel because once I'm going to be opening up a trade I'm Going to make an emergency video here on My YouTube channel furthermore basically If I'm looking at the trend on like how I'm trading Bitcoin is that you can see It on the four early time frame as well If we break below The Orange Box I'm Expecting a move down to 21.2 K right Now ever since we broke the four hour Downtrend while we of course in fact Have not broken down the one hour Downtrend yet but on the four early time Frame we have been breaking the Downtrend we are right now seeing a Small bullish continuation towards the

Upside and actually I've been saying That I was going to go long yesterday I Longed the breakout right here and I'm Already closed my long position but Right now what I want to be seeing is Also an uh yeah of course in Continuation Above This level right here Because on the one hour time frame you Can see that this level right now right Here is providing resistance this Previous support on the four early time Frame is currently providing resistance So if we manage to break above this one And the one hour down and then I'm Really expecting that continuation Towards the upside on the four early Time frame we had the rising wedge Breakdown but I always said as long as We're not breaking below the key box of Support we're not going to see that Continuation down to 21.2k so like you Can see we have not broken below it and That's why we're still bouncing towards The upside right now in terms of my Trade of course I'm still my swing trade Looking to add more margin on 21.1 K if We do manage to be breaking Above This Damage downwards so we resist line I'm Going to scale up my trade also a little Bit and I will be opening yet again Another sculpt trade like I also did Yesterday what I showed on my Twitter And telegram page and right now if I'm Going to be opening up my next scalp

Trade I'm either going to do a live Stream on YouTube or make a quick Emergency video so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel right now and If you're actually interested in trading You could do so and if you sign up at Account using the link in the Description right now you can claim a 30 000 US Dollars the postal bonus only if You sign up a new account using the Links description if you do not use the Link at all you only get like a 450 user Dollars to post a bonus so it's Definitely a win-win situation to get Your account from there and if you're Living in the US you can check out bid Get what is offering a 20K deposit bonus So make sure to check that out right now Of course on The Daily time frame we are Currently seeing that we confirmed the Daily golden Croshere means that the 50 And 200 daily moving average has crossed Historically speaking is a very lacking Indicator but it does tend to indicate That we are going to be seeing some more Bullish momentum not necessarily on the Imminent short term but on the longer Trend for Bitcoin so that is definitely A good thing to see uh confirmed right Now here we're still on the weekly time Frame a weekly death cross is looming And if you don't know already this is Going to be the first time ever in History of Bitcoin we are going to get a

Weekly death roll so that's the 200 Weekly moving average Crossing with the 50 weekly moving average historically Speaking never ever happened before but Of course for everything it's going to Be the first time and this is about to Happen on the price section of Bitcoin On the weekly time frame do I really Think it's going to be having all too Big of an effect on the price section of Bitcoin no I don't really think so like You can see so far nothing's happening And it will get confirmed on the next Weekly candle close for Bitcoin so That's going to be very interesting to See here and if I'm actually still Comparing these previous Bear markers Towards each other you can really see That the 2018-19 bear Market recovery Phase looks very similar on how we're Recovering right now of course you can See the same exponential recovery here Same explanation recovery and after the Exponential recovery we're creating this Broad ring wedge just like right here as Well brawling which getting created and If you're looking at the impulse of Moves here you saw one two three bottom And then we had the next move here and If I'm looking right now here we see one Two three bottom and then the Exponential move if it's going to be Happening as well so if I have to Compare these moves here we can are

Currently in this stage right now here And let's see if it's going to be Playing out here hopefully it will if it Doesn't it's going to be all right Anyways because we're going to be Trading the markers both directions and Of course I already revealed you exactly On how I will be trading this market Right now here so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel but anyways This was it for me on today's update Video it was a short update video but Yeah I'm trying to keep it as short as Possible and give you as much Information as needed on the price Section of Bitcoin right now here so Anyways this is it for me on today's Update video if you did enjoy it don't Forget to subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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