Bitcoin is creating a new consolidation Pattern and this pattern is said to be Breaking out in the coming 24 hours and On today's video I will talk about my Price targets the liquidation heat map Where I think Bitcoin is heading towards Next and many more important stuff so Without any further Ado I will try to Keep it as short as possible since it is Today and Saturday but can we once again Smash up that like button back above 1,000 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content so so I have been discussing This already for quite a while but Currently we're still sitting in this Accumulation phase between $44,000 and that $42,000 I think that This is the range where we're currently Trading in and once we're breaking Either above resistance on the top side Or either below support on the lower Side that is the point where a next big Move is going to get initiated so if we Break support we're expecting Bitcoin is Going to be going in a continuation of a Barish trend but if we do break bullish Over here see that continuation back Above $44,000 that will be giving me a Confirmation okay we are most likely Going to be heading higher from off this Point and not necessarily lower so I Will be personally moning this very

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Closely but of course currently we're Also creating an head and shoulder Pattern and this head and shoulder Pattern has got a price Target around $50,000 but of course it is only going To be playing out if we break Above This Resistance and honestly an opportunity That I'm currently seeing here is that If Bitcoin breaks above the resistance And will be then at that point retesting That resistance as support that would be In my opinion a very good opportunity to Be opening up a new trade but currently Still looking at this inverse handed Shoulder pattern and the moment we Confirm the breakout is once we break Above the neckline what is currently Sitting also around $44,000 that is the Exact same level that I just pointed out Here on the 1 hour time frame what is The top side of our region further on we Can currently see that Bitcoin is Creating a new consolidation phase that Is set to be breaking out in the coming 24 hours so this is breaking out anytime Soon here and honestly if we do see the Break breakout we're getting to see a Little bit more of a direction about Where Bitcoin is heading towards and That would really help me to determine What the next big move is going to be For Bitcoin So currently we can clearly See we're creating lower highs here on That 4ly time frame together with higher

Lows and at one point in the market we Are going to be seeing a breakout of This exact pattern and that is going to Be telling us a little bit more about What the direction is going to be for Bitcoin are we going to continue with This higher low structure or are we Going going to continue with a lower High structure for Bitcoin so this is Very important to be paying attention Towards and I will be close mostly Looking towards this myself personally As well so currently in the liquidation Heat map we can currently see that There's a lot of liquidity being built Up on the top side so I think that on The short term it is likely that Bitcoin Is going to be grabbing this liquidity It's currently sitting around 43.7k so I Won't be surprised that we're actually Going to be taking out the liquidity but You have to understand that still in the Bigger perspective we're looking at that 44 to 45,000 and there is a lot of liquidity But if we take out that liquidity There's only a lot of liquidity on the Lower side and if Bitcoin were to be Coming down what in my opinion if I'm Looking at the liquidation heat map is a Very likely thing to be happening but if It were to be happening I would be Definitely approach this as a gift Because if Bitcoin comes down again you

Could be opening up massive trades on Altcoins but also on bitcoin with a very Good entry and that is why we will be Looking at this and yes if Bitcoin were To be coming down I will be embraced it With both hands because it will give me A better opportunity to accumulate more Bitcoin in the market and I mean the Market in general has been going growing Quite significantly we are seeing that The T market cap is also significantly Increasing I mean to be exact here for The last what is it uh 95 days we saw an Approximately what is it uh6 billion US Doll inflow on uh on tetar and that is Actually quite massive because that Literally means that people are Converting their real dollars from the Bank to digital dollars the usdt of Course and yeah that is basically Growing the ecosystem further on we can See that Bitcoin of course clearly Bounced of my daily support and guys I Have opened up a copy trading account Here on decoin so if you want to be Joining me with my next trade here I Mean the last six trades have been Extremely profitable right now I'm just Waiting a little bit here before my next Trade and if you want to be joining it Make sure to sign up an account using That link below of today's video you Have to sign up a link below if you want To be joining my copy trading account

But yeah going to be start doing this Anytime soon if you sign up an account You just go to copy trading you go to Crypt Rover and you can start following Me I have not placed the trade yet so Far but looking to do so anytime soon And I will be doing this on decoin I Will also do my new leverage trade here Also on decoin so make sure to check it Out if you're depositing $100 you can Get a free $100 in cash back so make Sure to check it out in the link Description of today's video fur on we Can just clearly see that basically Bitcoin is still re accumulating in this Entire region and uh once we do see that Break above that $44,000 that is the point where I expect The next move towards the upside is Going to get initiated and if you were To be let's say seeing a breakout and Get the opportunity to be opening up a Trade on the on the retest that would be Actually also a very interesting Scenario in my opinion but for the rest There's not a lot of new stuff that Currently has changed in the market so Yeah that was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did enjoy It if you did so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's update video And I'll see you guys on tomorrow's Video peace out goodbye

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