This historical big no signal just Flashed and in this exact video I will Be telling you what the next big move For Bitcoin is going to be because I Think I just find out what the next big Bitcoin move is going to be and I also Exactly find out what happened the last Two times this thing happened so make Sure to watch this video till the end It's going to be extremely important I Will talk about my Bitcoin trades my Setups my good ongoing trades and much More important stuff to discuss right Now here so don't forget to slap up the Like button can we once again slap it Back above 600 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content because once I am looking at the Image short term I can start to see that The brawling wedge has been starting to Break out and right now we are seeing Some minor upside gonna create for Bitcoin of course yesterday I talked About that I shouldn't fall for the Trap Here that people were expecting Bitcoin Is going to go much lower than this Point onwards and today I've got some Additional information that even Confirms my thoughts here why it is Going to be extremely likely that this Is of course going to be a short and Bottom and that we could see a small Relay towards the upside in the coming

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Two days ahead of yourself so make sure To stay watching currently Bitcoin is Breaking out of this pattern the price Target isn't really significant the Price Target is on the top side of this Uh bordering watch what is almost Getting reached already and really what I'm waiting for is the four hour to turn Around right so the four hour you can Clearly see it's starting to turn around Here it's starting to find some support It's starting to maybe uh create a Bottoming structure I still am waiting For a potential entry on my trade right Here like you can see I was extremely Close by entering my trade but Unfortunately I have still not been Entered on my trade here and like you Can see this is the previous resistance And I want to be longing the previous Resistance because I think this level is Going to flip into support so if Bitcoin Were to come down remove this point Onwards towards levels of 21.3 K to 21.1 K I'm going to be entering up my next Trade here on bitcoin that is how I'm Going to be doing so so currently I'm Still waiting for my next Bitcoin Position entry there is still CME gap on Twenty thousand dollars so be aware Bitcoin can still move down to 20K If It Moves down to 20K I will be of course Have a new trading strategy and if you Want to be seeing what it will be doing

At that point don't forget to subscribe To the channel because if we have a Flash Crush I will be live streaming and If it does happen I will be making a Video about my next trading Opportunities so make sure to subscribe To the channel right now here but the Reason why I think that I know what the Next big Bitcoin move is going to be Here is due to the inflation reports if You have been sleeping on it on the 14th Someone exactly two days from now on we Will be having the US inflation reports And it will be live streaming this event As well so that is also another reason To subscribe to the channel right now Here if I am going to be looking at the Last two times the reports came out they Doesn't necessarily came out lower than Expected they came at somewhere about Consensus but look what happened the Last two times here so you can see that Every single time the inflation reports Came out for the last two times here we Have been seeing a significant Market Rally on the left side you can see the Reports of December the 14th in 2022 you Saw an approximately ready open it back 8.8 percent in the following two days Before the event and you can see here in The middle that was the inflation Reports of January you can see on the 11th of January towards the 13th of January we had an rally often about 10

In just a matter of one day and four Hours and right now we are about let me Say this correctly one day and 18 hours Out and if I'm looking at this previous Relish you can see that really the Significant exponential movement then to Start somewhat about one day and 10 Hours before here we saw this ball one Day and what was it and this was 21 Hours before here and really perform Here on started like one day and four Hours before so basically the last day The day before the inflation reports we Tend to see really Bitcoin moving off Significantly so I think it could be Happening again because in the most Recent fed meeting we heard Jerome Paul Say if the inflation comes down very Quickly we are going to be turning Around our policies and we're going to Be looking at meeting by meeting and by Report by report so if the inflation Comes in lower than expected it will Most certainly give a signal to the FED That they could potentially start to Pivot so the inflation reports are more Important than ever before and since Many people are expecting inflation is Coming down very quickly and since it's Calculated year on year it's likely that We could drop very quickly this time Around here the prediction is that we're Only going to drop by 0.3 percent but I Wouldn't be surprised is if it actually

Is going to be more than 0.3 percent Here so Deb that is the reason why I Think I can predict the next move here I I'm actually expecting a similar move Like that another big run up in towards The event of course here in December we Still saw a drop off afterwards here in January we saw continuation towards the Upside of the defense so let's see What's going to be playing this time Around in January the volatility was Extremely low why is because the Inflation reports came exactly in as was Predicted and due to that we tend to see A low volatility we could see the same But like you can see the movement Towards the obstacles already priced him Before the event happened and since Right now once again the inflation looks To drop by at least 0.2 to 0.3 percent It could be well mean that we are going To be pricing in the next inflation Reports in the coming days ahead of us Also make sure to get ready for that one If I will be looking at my big big Support chart and real quickly flip it On towards the daily time frame you can Really see that right now Bitcoin on The Daily timeframe it had a minor pullback And right now it's entering important Stages of support I truly think that This level is going to be likely to hold It up here if we do see a very big Balance from over here on and move back

Up towards the 24 000 US dollar barrier You can see that we are potentially Creating an inverse on his shoulders and And this could be very well be very Bullish pattern for Bitcoin that could Be playing out so keeping my eyes open On that one as well of course for my Trade like I told you I'm looking to Scale in towards this trade so as Bitcoin goes down I'm looking to enter In towards my next Bitcoin long position Because I think the next big move for Bitcoin is going to be up and not down Here so if we do see a minor retracement That is still the stranger what I will Be using I'm still looking to enter my Trade so yeah if you're interested in That one don't forget to subscribe to The channel because I will keep you guys Up to date exactly about my trade right Now here and my swing trade is still in 30 000 US Dollars profit and I'm looking To scale up my trade if Bitcoin falls Down to 21.2 K and it will be scaling on My trade winner approximately twenty Thousand dollars so that's going to be a Massive skill in towards my Bitcoin Legendary trade here and if you want to Be trading yourself you can do so as Well because if you sign up again using The link description right now you can Claim a 30 000 US dollars to post a Bonus for anyone who signs up and if You're living in the US you can check

Out bitcat what is also giving you 20K Was a bonus furthermore the daily Timeframe we talked about is bouncing From his important support but on the Three-day time frame right now we can Also start to see that Bitcoin is Creating that bullish email ribbon cross On the three-day EMA ribbon and this is A signal that has not flashed for in About 400 Days and historically speaking Once the three-day email ribbon flashes Bullish you tend to see that the market Tends to also rally in the following Days not necessarily straight away but It is a signal in the bigger picture That Bitcoin is entering bullish Momentum right and we are currently Seeing this signal flash again I want to Be pointing this out to everyone here The three-day Emi ribbon is a serious Indicators to look at of course it very Well will be performing support if we Come down towards that 20K barrier Because the email ribbon is currently Trading on twenty thousand dollars so Make sure to pay attention towards that But this is definitely a very good Development in the markets 3-day email Ribbon flip bullish if you want to be Staying up to date about all the charts And all the latest information don't Forget to subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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