Yesterday Bitcoin had a massive Breakdown and right now I am seeing the Next Bitcoin pattern that could be Telling us about where Bitcoin is Heading towards next so make sure to Watch this video till the end I will be Discussing this pattern the most Important support the bearish Divergence That currently is playing out and as Well yes there are some risks by holding Your crypto on binance I'm going to talk Exactly about it what the risks Currently are so make sure to watch this Video I will give an update on my trade And many more important updates so Without any further Ado can we once Again slap up the like button back above 400 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Lebanon jumps straight away in towards The content looking then at the imminent Short term for Bitcoin yesterday we Talked about the symmetrical triangle That we saw getting created and I said That yeah if we do break bearish we're Going to probably hit the bearish target And also otherwise if we're going to be Breaking bullish we're going to hit the Bullish Target we will clearly broke Bearish and ever since we broke bearish We move towards the downside and we were Literally ten dollars off from one of my Price targets so it was very close but Still Bitcoin moved down here and right

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Now we should be looking at the next Buying opportunity or the next trading Opportunity so now Bitcoin moved down it Got all the way back down to 26.3 K and Right now we should be looking towards The next opportunity and looking at Bitcoin first of all we spotted the Downward solving resistance line but Here as well right now in the 15 minute Time frame we are creating a clear Downward solving resist line a clear Personal hoping support line and that is Why I will be looking for the next move Of Bitcoin on this exact pattern right Here so Bitcoin is getting ready for the Next move here and it's expected to be Having a breakout somewhere around in The coming two to four hours ahead of Ourselves from out this pattern and that Is why you should be looking towards This pattern very closely right now in The image short term but yes if we do Decide to be breaking bullish the price Target in this case is going to be Somewhere around 26.9 K and if we're Going to be breaking bearish then we Could be setting new lows somewhere Around 26.3k so yeah be on high alert if Bitcoin really breaks bearish here we Could be seeing Bitcoin go even lower I Mean if I'm looking at the four early Time frame the range is actually still Intact I mean you can clearly see that We're right now finding somewhat of the

Support Above This previous resistance That right here also flipped into Resistance and currently still holding Us up as support but I mean the big Resistance is still 27.8k and a big Support Below Us is around 25.6 K so yes If Bitcoin really breaks below it I Won't be surprised to actually see Bitcoin come down to 25.5 K of course if We break that level it's going to be 24.8k what is going to be the next big Resistance so I mean if we really break Below this pattern right here and we Also break below the green box right Here my next Target is realistically Speaking 25.6 km and yeah that will be Definitely very unfortunate but that is Just a realistic price Target if Bitcoin Is really going to be moving down here I Mean at the same time we can actually See that Bitcoin create a bearish Divergence on The Daily time frame what Is definitely a very bearish signal that Current only slashing I am bursting not Necessarily super bearish on bitcoin Right now here but this is definitely an Important indicator to be paying Attention towards remember I've also Said in my previous videos if I were to Be turning bullish on bitcoin on the Bigger perspective I need to see the Previous Range High getting taken out of The mark So if Bitcoin manages to be Breaking above that previous Range High

We would confirm at higher high in the Daily time frame that is the point where I would start to flip bullish and also Looking at the super Trend indicator we Are clearly trading in a bearish trend Here so it's important that we shift This around before my macro is going to Shift bullish yes sometimes I could be Looking oh the one hour time frame is Looking strong and I will be expecting Bitcoin is going to go higher but in the End of the day the bigger trend is going To get directed by the daily time frame And right now for now the daily time Frame remains to be trading in a Downtrend so we need to be trading and Breaking above the previous high in the Market and if we do so then I think We're going to see a larger your uptrend Getting created for Bitcoin potentially Even up to 32 000 US Dollars again here So looking at Bitcoin as well and this Is still getting myself actually quite Bullish the funding rates remain to be Negative what means that the majority of The Traders are currently trading short On this market and willing to pay a Premium to have their short positions Open either they're very comfortable or Either we could be getting a massive Short squeeze then I quickly want to be Pointing out a gigantic risk in the Market and that is of course with Binance I mean lately there have been a

Lot of stuff going on with binance first Of all the CEO of binance us departed Then we saw that binance us laid off More than 100 employees in the same day And also she said his only response to This news was fought I mean that is what Czet is doing regarding all the news to Binance I mean if we're talking about The reserve audit report what is that Responding he just says four he is not Really explaining what is going on and That really makes me feel very scared I Mean mean over the last year more over The last year many top employees and Executives have left binance also two Days ago here we saw that bondage U.S Auditor found it very difficult to Ensure the company was fully Collateralized at a Pacific point in Time so literally a binance U.S auditor Is saying that potentially they weren't Completely solvent in the past I mean There are so many signs there are so Many signs to be worrying about its Finance and literally if you ask Something from CZ or literally if you Say something about this his only Response is four it's really like Luna Deploying more Capital like there is no Real context towards it of course he Says it's fat but that's the only thing He's saying so yes I am currently not Using binance anymore I do use buy bits I completely trust by bits I think

Buybuid is honestly one of the more Better exchanges it's still growing They've got the reserve out it's from a Third party and not from Self-rarification so yeah if you're Interested in trading make sure to check Out buy bits of course you can also use The buy bit card to spend your cryptos If you sign up at the Gallatin Bible Right now here and be on high alert I'm Not saving my crypto here on buybit this Is only my trading assets that I Hold On By bit because yes I'm not going to save My money on private because that's not How I do it with exchanges I only use Exchanges to trade with and then send it To Cold Storage so if you want to be Trading here don't forget to go to the Link description of today's video Because if you deposit 100 within seven Days after signing up an account using The link in description you can Literally claim a free 1000 US dollar so Super valuable but check it out right Now in the link description of today's Video then also I could you can trade on Blz and ever since we took the trade Here and 21 cents here we are right now Up already more than 15 percent here What is absolutely massive so yeah this Trade is actually doing quite good here I personally think there's going to be More downstate to be coming and I think Bill said is about to be having a

Massive blow off top here so looking Forward towards this as well here I mean Looking at Bitcoin on the three-day time Frame where had to be having that Bullish crossover on the macd what would Cause be considered a gigantically Bullish for Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame we are right now having that 200-week moving average right and a 200-week moving average has been pretty Important for Bitcoin right so in the Previous bear markets we traded below it We got rejected by it but once we broke Above it we had a massive upside in the Pandemic crash we also found some Support on it and yeah ever since we Broke below right here as well we've Been trying to get above and right now We're still trading above it so I Personally think there's no real big Reason to be panicking about Bitcoin as Long as you're holding this level and Honestly usually the best buying Opportunity is around that 200-week Moving average and that is exactly where We're currently trading on so I'm quite Excited about Bitcoin I do really think This is a place or period where you Should really panic I mean look at all The stuff that is going on in the market With BlackRock with Um with BlackRock with Vitality all These other big asset managers that are Filing for Bitcoin sport ETFs I mean

Right now in these cases I would Definitely say follow the smart money And of course they see the potential for The next Bull Run and they are applying For an ETF exactly in the bear Market Not in the bull run because they want to Be buying low they want to be buying Cheap this is a very big game and they Are trying to steal your Bitcoin and get The best price of it so you are going to Lose and you're only going to lose if You do not pay enough attention so Looking at the market right now as well Uh Bitcoin of course still holding US Weekly support and also the weekly Downloading support line I mean I've Said that several times before guys if We're really going to be having a crash Worst case scenario is this over solving Support line I don't think Bitcoin is Ever going to go lower than this reward Line right here so that's currently Sitting somewhere in 22 to 23 000 US Dollars and I mean looking at the Bitcoin dominance we can currently see We're bouncing from of that Weekly Support level what is definitely very Excited in my opinion and of course Looking at the dollar and yes I would Really start to be buying all coins once The Bitcoin dominance is sitting at Least at 58 to 56 percent here right now I do think that if you're buying all Coins you're definitely going to be

Losing and looking at the dollar index For approaching very big distance Hopefully we're going to get rejected by It and ethereum is hanging on this Weekly support level that is super Important to be watching right now here On the imminent short door for ethereum It is once again moving downwards a Little bit here it doesn't really look All too strong here in my opinion but if We can create events from here it would Be absolutely lovely but ethereum is Looking very weak in my opinion of Course compared to bitcoin it has been Losing a significant amount of value Here in the recent period of time I Personally think we are currently Sitting at very important support here We're creating sort of a falling witch Pattern and in the end of the day I Think the next Bull Run ethereum will be Performing very well here but it is a Bear market so bear markets it's all About surviving so this was it for me in Today's of the video I truly hope you Did enjoy it if you did so don't forget To slap out the like button and see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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