THIS IS THE NEXT BIG BITCOIN MOVE! [exact price targets]

Bitcoin is right now entering a low Volume range and in this exact video I Will talk about what this means for Bitcoin and what the two things that are Happening next right now here so don't Forget to watch this video till the end Because right now only a minute short Term Bitcoin is creating a potential Bullish Divergence while we are still Running towards this critical resistance So I will be exactly discussed this with An update on the upcoming trades and Much more important stuff so don't Forget to stop up the like button on Today's update video can we smash you Back about 700 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Price analysis for Bitcoin and once Looking at the image short term we can Of course see that yesterday we broke Below the airport sloping support line And ever since we did so we saw that the Personal opening support line right now Flipped into resistance after that we've Seen still the market coming down here And currently we're still consolidating Somewhere around 27.4 K and if we're Looking at this previous supports such Resistance we can see that Bitcoin has Clearly seen some fake outs and right Now it looks to be that we're trading Against a new trend line that is coming In from the top side that is currently

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Also providing some resistance here on The image short term but do you really Know where Bitcoin is heading towards Next I don't think we should really be Looking at the one hour but if we're Looking at the four hour we can clearly See Bitcoin is still trading in a Significant downtrend we created Somewhat of a Barb Simpson pattern and Right now like I've been expected the Move towards the downside is cooling off A bit here because if I am looking at Bitcoin right now here we can currently See that Bitcoin is trading on Horizontal support and what is very Important to know exactly like I've been Predicted on the move towards the upside If we move between the 27 and 25 000 We're going to move through that range Very quickly why question mark is due to The fact that that region right there is A low volume range because the last time We reached it as well we saw of course a Very stealth movement through it towards The downside and once we first initially Broke it in the first time was right Here at the end of 2021 and at that Point as well we just crushed through That level So currently we can see that We're once again approaching a low Volume range and what is important to Know about low volume ranges is that Bitcoin moved from them very quickly so There are two scenarios that currently

Can be playing out either Bitcoin is Going to see advance from this level and Potentially continuing the trend towards The opposite because yes on the daily Time frame we're still clearly trading In an uptrend of course or we're going To be breaking below this support what I Am currently expecting we break below This very important horizontal support Line and if we confirm the break without This level we are breaking back in Towards the low volume range and what Happens if you enter a low volume range You're going to move through it very Quickly so I'm expecting to see a very Stealth move towards the downside to the Next big love of support and like you Can see from of the vpvr the next big Lab of support is coming in from of 24.8 To 20 24 000 and I will be longing this retest Why I've been saying this for quite a While right now of course if you're Looking at the super Trend indicator we Can currently still see that we're Bullish and if the super Trend indicator Is bearish you want to be shorting Bitcoin along the way down and if the Super Trend indicator is bullish you Want to be longing Bitcoin along the way Up currently it is still bullish so I'm Looking at long positions and if you're Looking at the weekly support for Bitcoin it is also around twenty four

Thousand dollars what means that we Could be opening up a gigantic trade Over there because it's basically weekly Previous resistance that probably right Now will flip into support and it's also The neckline of that inverse hand and Shoulders for Bitcoin so if you do Retest that level I will be most Certainly open up a significant trade Here so if I'm going to take that in Account it will be likely actually that As soon as Bitcoin breaks below this Previous low on the market right here That is the four hourly time frame Support we could be seeing of course a More significant move towards the Downside and right right on basically we Can see the Bitcoin is consolidating Between two ranges and if I look at the Image short term for Bitcoin we can Currently see that we're creating a Bully's Divergence on the far away time Frame what means that we could Potentially see a short-term advance for Bitcoin happening and if I were to be Looking about where the next bounce is Going to be happening towards for Bitcoin it's probably once again going To be towards that 28 000 if we break Above 28 000 I am actually expecting Bitcoin can go all the way back up to 28.8k but if we do break above that Level then I'm expecting a further Continuation up but of course as long as

We're not breaking above 28.8k basically This level right here on the top side I Still think we should be bearish and That will be also be considered as a Good opportunity to be shorting Bitcoin So I am still bearish on the bigger Perspective why is because momentum Indicators are still drying up here we Can see actually as well that on the Three-day time frame we're having a Bearish macd Crosshair while the price Section of course keeps forming higher Highs and due to that fact I expect we Are going to see a small cooler face However on the bigger trend on the Bigger perspective we are still looking Bullish so that is why I want to be Opening up a long position on the next Correction so I'm not going to be Shorting Bitcoin all the way down to Zero because that's probably not going To be happening no I will short Bitcoin All the way down to twenty four thousand Dollars and then open up a gigantic Bitcoin long position to maximize my Profits on the next run up towards the Upside so if you are interested in Trading yourself don't forget to check Out the links in the description because You can currently claim and the possible Is up to thirty thousand dollars if you Sign up an account on buy within the Link description and Bible is basically The exchange that allows you to trade

Altcoins and Bitcoins with leverage so Make sure to check it out right now in The link in description furthermore I Want to say to everyone out there is Please keep your eyes wide open on this Daily support level as soon as Bitcoin Does clearly decide to be breaking below This daily support level that is really The point where I should start to worry Because that is the point we're going to Be breaking back in towards the low Volume range and like we know from History bit Bitcoin can move through low Volume ranges very very quickly but Anyways that was it for me in today's Update it was a very short update video Today I'm sorry for that but there's Just not a lot of new stuff I can Currently talk about we have to be a Little bit more patient to see what the Next move is going to be for Bitcoin but I am definitely prepared don't forget to Follow me on my social so if I will be Opening up my new legendary trade I will Be deploying more than one million US Dollars so it's going to be a gigantic Trade thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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