Bitcoin has been consolidating in a Range of 600 for the past 14 days right Now and we are still waiting to see Which direction Bitcoin is breaking Towards because once we break outside of This range the volatility is going to Hit and that is exactly what we're Waiting for so on today's video we will Be exactly talking about this we will be Talking about our consolidation range How it is currently looking how my trade Is doing and much more important thing So don't forget to slap up that like Button right now here because I also Will go over Solana that is absolutely Nose diving right now here so don't Forget to slap up the like button and Can we once again smash it back above 300 lines that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content currently there's just not a lot Of new developments happening so I will Keep this video very short of course Currently we're still trading in our Consolidation phase and so far nothing Is really happening and this is also not Allowing us to open up any trades on Bitcoin whatsoever from the four early Time frame you can clearly see it we're Having this very boring re-accumulation Bitcoin is trading between a very small Range for the past 14 days here and Really if we're going to be looking at

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If we're really going to be having more Volatility today or tomorrow I don't Really think so because tomorrow is the 31st of December the last day of the Year it's also a Saturday so probably Bitcoin is going to be staying stagnant Around this price so I am not really Expecting any more big moves after Today's Scandal close so today yeah is a Day that we could see some more Volatility potentially happening but Really most likely Bitcoin is going to Stay boring for at least another two to Three days right now here so also if We're looking at the Polish events we Can currently clearly see okay there's Probably not going to be a big move yet So far however we can clearly see that The bullish events is trading very tight We are in a Time consolidation so yeah Really we're still waiting for the Volatile swing but it is very hard to Say when it is going to be happening the One thing is very likely is that is Probably not going to happen in today Tomorrow or the day after so yeah I'm Expecting another three to four days of Pretty much silence in the market but Let's see how it's going to be playing Out of course my long I'm still long on Bitcoin if we fall down I will add more Margin I'm currently in a small loss of Four thousand dollars but I am prepared To add more margin if we do go lower

Because I am willing to catch the exact Bear Market bottom if you're interested In trading you can check out the links In the description currently we can see That the Bitcoin daily time frame is Forming a beautiful support line maybe We should be looking at this one we're Creating a workshopings of board line And also from the top side a downward Sloping resistance line so potentially We're seeing somewhat of a squeeze Information getting created right now Here so this is also where I will be Looking at if we do break however below The upward solving support line we are In break big problem because Historically speaking like you can see Every single time we break these Uptrends here also right here right so We create an uptrend we break it and we Move significantly towards the downside Here's what so we created uptrend we Break it we move down we break it we Move down we break it we move down fast So yet again we're creating another Airport solving support line and this is Also exactly where I will be looking at Right now so keep your eyes wide open on This level and to be exact if we really Close the daily candle below 16.1 below 16.2 we are in big problems for Bitcoin On the monthly time frame if we're going To look at this chart we can see that We're currently 31 months in here and so

Far a Bitcoin bottom has not occurred After the whole thing historically Speaking it happens somewhere around This time here this is the longest time That it took for Bitcoin to ever perform A bottom after in whole thing so let's See when it is going to be happening Will history yet again repeat itself we Will see in the future furthermore we Can see that on the price action of Bitcoin we're creating a beautiful open Solving support line on the weekly time Frame so far it's still holding on and It will closely Monitor and monitor this Level because it is trading somewhere Around 16.1 so if you're really close to Weekly know below this level it's going To be bring a lot of problems or Bitcoin You can also see the monthly time frame Really on bitcoin the previous high on The monthly time frame could be Providing of course a lot of support so If Bitcoin really breaks the upper Solving support and if Bitcoin breaks This trend line right here my targets Are going to be somewhere around 13.8k So that is also exactly where I will be Looking at so if we have that Significant Crush for Bitcoin 13.8k is Definitely going to be my target to be Aiming at currently we can also see that If I'm looking at Solana or taking an Absolutely nosedive many people are Asking me all about it and my opinion

About Solana is that it is not a good Project to invest in and most likely It's going to bleed more yes you could Make a lot of money from it if you catch That bottom and potentially it bounces Because once the bands it could of Course create a significant bands However the project the fundamentals are Just not strong also all the projects Are moving off and migrating off the Solana chain here so I personally don't Really think it is a good time to be Investing in Solana of course you could Potentially she makes some gains here However I think the risk is most Certainly too high at the moment to be Investing in Solana so this was it for Me on today's update video it was very Short but yeah there are a lot of things Happening here so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel slap up that Like button and I'll see you guys Tomorrow and hopefully something happens Be sad

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