Bitcoin is getting ready for another Move here since it is right now creating This ascending triangle and the Bitcoin SPO ETF is just days out I don't think It's going to take much much longer Before Bitcoin is going to create the Next exponential movement so in this Exact video I will be talking about this The CME Gap that Bitcoin is currently Creating the most important news most Important things and data points to be Looking at and many more important Charts we need to be discussing right Now so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap that like button back up About 400 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term and of course Looking at the imminent short term for Bitcoin we are going to be looking at The semi Futures Gap that we just Currently have created around the $ 38,000 us level for Bitcoin I mean we Create a c Gap and usually what happens In 24 to 72 hours these tend to get Filled up they not necessarily always Get filled up but they tend to get Filled up and uh yeah so far we're still Trading below it and so far Bitcoin has Not made a potential reach towards the Upside to fill up that Gap and currently Bitcoin just remains to be trading Somewhere around that 39.3k level so the

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Bigger trend for Bitcoin remains to be Towards the upside but only here on the Imminent short term Bitcoin is going Down a little bit here and while a lot Of people are once again panicking right Now here you have to understand that Basically Bitcoin has been forming Higher lows of the higher lows you can See it Formed an higher low right here Higher low right here higher low right Here so as long as the strength is not Shifting and as long as we're not seeing A change of character why would this Change and in this case again we could Potentially still fall all the way down To $36,000 and this trend will still remain Intact and Bitcoin could still B from of That low back towards new highs towards The upside and actually if I'm going to Be looking about where the liquidity Currently lays in the market it is Actually quite interesting to be seeing That the majority of the liquidations Are once again laying above us and yes They have been piling up right now here First we didn't sell a lot of positions Around those levels so on the lower side There still remains to be a little bit Of liquidity but the majority of the Liquidity is currently laying on the top Side and looking at that I won't be real Surprised that Bitcoin potentially could Once again see another squeeze towards

The upside one very important thing that Is actually important to knowe right now Here is that yesterday the judge rules That the xcoo CZ must remain in the US Until sentencing so probably also with Christmas CZ will remain to be stuck in The US going further towards Bitcoin we Can still see that Bitcoin of course is Creating a beautiful Earth sloping Support line on that 4 early time frame And potentially if we're going to be Retesting this level this could be a Very good level to be opening up a new Long position currently the biggest Support Below Us is around 36.3k so let's see if Bitcoin could be Bouncing from off that level and Honestly looking at the 12-hour time Frame Bitcoin is right now creating an Asending triangle and as soon as an Asending triangle gets created you know What is going to be happening next Because an ascending triangle is a Typical continuation pattern and since The initial move here was a move towards The upside and then we created the Ascending triangle we are right now Expecting it's going to be continuing Towards the upside but if it's a move Towards the downside and you create an Ascending triangle You're Expecting Bitcoin is going to go even lower Because that is what it is a Continuation pattern is a pattern that

Gets created after a big move and after That continues the trend it's already Been trading in so I won't be surprised To actually see this next move also once Again be towards the upside and really The point where I will be expecting that Next move is really going to be Happening for Bitcoin is once we then Break above that very important Horizontal level resistance so Bitcoin Is creating an asending triangle and Honestly I think it is looking super Good here and if you want to be trading This you can definitely do so because Here on buyit you could claim a depos Bonus up to $40,000 if you sign up an Account using that link below and Without this link it's only 400 so make Sure to check it out right now it's Definitely super valuable and on top of That you could claim right now this free Air position on bybit worth $1,000 us And all you need to do here is sign up At a new account using that link below Here complete kyc and you only have to Deposit $100 within the first seven days After registering so this is a super Valuable deposit bonus that we're Currently running and if you want to be Claiming it make sure to go to the link Description of today's video where you Will be finding the link on where to Claim this insane air drop position for Bitcoin then of course we're going to be

Still looking at this very important Level here this pivotal point this Pivotal decision for Bitcoin 37.7k is That level that previously R provided Massive support so you can see also here On the 3day time frame actually is that This was a very important level for Previous support here it acted as Resistance and right now also this is The level to be breaking and in case Let's say in case Bitcoin is going to Really be breaking bearish it's going to Be breaking downwards we going to be Coming down or there's some bad news I Really remain to be expecting that the $32,000 level is going to be the biggest Support we're going to be looking at and If I were to be getting the opportunity To be trading the $32,000 I will be definitely embrace it With both hands because yes I do really Think that's going to be a very good Level to be opening up new long Positions on the price section of Bitcoin so of course we can currently Also see that the gray scale BTC premium Has been running down massively here What is of course a very good thing for Bitcoin why is because basically this is Right now suggesting and indicating that The large parties and these large Institutions are actually interested in Be buying Bitcoin and right now it's Around 15% here what is already super

Low here so that is definitely a very Good thing to be seeing the same time if We're looking at the mvrv Z score we can Currently see here is that of course the Bare Market has already being behind This and I showed this chart also in the Previous bare Market you can see it on My channel you can see it on my Twitter I literally showed this chart in the Bare Market bottom and said that history Was once again repeating and we can see Right now in hindsight that indeed History has once again repeated and the Bitcoin bare Market is already behind us And right now the question really Remains are we already in the bull run Or does the Bull Run still needs to Start one thing is for sure and that is That I think that currently we're in Such kind of a phase right here we're in Such kind of a phase the pre-boom market Phase where things could start to go Exponential any moment right now here so What I'm currently still doing is I'm Still accumulating more Bitcoin I'm Still accumulating uh more ethereum I'm Still buying some altcoins up here as Well in the market because I already Believe that once again we're going to See another Bitcoin Bull Run and that Will make me a ton a ton of money in This market so once again history is Repeating the bare Market bottom looks To be already behind this maybe we're

Going to get a black swor and get a Better opportunity but that is not quite Sure just like in 2020 the thing that Happened over there was not really a Realistic thing to be happening every Single year and you see some people Still saying oh but after the bottom is In we're going to get a black swor event But I don't really think that Necessarily such a black swor event Should be considered uh normal so that Was a pretty special occasion so I won't Be expecting that is going to be Happening again here so further on we Can see the Bitcoin created the scop Handle better also won't be surprised to See this target getting reached anytime Soon here and of course on ethereum also Just like Bitcoin we're creating this Asing triangle only this time around is A towards the downside move so the Continuation is towards another move Lower so let's see how that is going to Be playing out here but honestly what I Will be looking at right now for Ethereum is either if we break the top Side or if we break the over support Line but since Bitcoin is looking so Strong I won't be surprised that Ethereum is just going to be following The strengths of Bitcoin and the Footsteps of Bitcoin but for Bitcoin of Course we're looking at this Asic Triangle in the immin short term here

This could still take a little bit Longer here but looking at the Liquidation heat map we could be Expecting that the majority of the Liquidations are laying somewhere $38,000 that we could see somewhat of a Squeeze towards the upside before Potentially either move lower or before Potentially anything happens in this Market while everything is happening the Mining difficulty for Bitcoin also set a New ultim high and we're only 130 days Out before the next Bitcoin Hing is Going to come so it's not going to take A long time anymore here before the next Hing is here it's only going to take Another 44 days before the Bitcoin spot ETF is here so you do the math spot ETF Is going to increase uh demand and the Whole thing is going to be decreasing The supply so this is a super bullish Formula and I am super excited the Bitcoin is once again going to go in Another bull run all I'm doing right now Here is preparing myself here I trading Myself to make more money I'm trying to Get some positions in here to make even More money the bull run because that's Literally what I'm doing guys I'm right Now trading to accumulate more Bitcoin For the next Bull Run so Everything I'm selling I'm buying up More Bitcoin and some small coins as Well so make sure to have your own

Strategy but this is my strategy but Anyways guys thank you so much for Watching towards amazing new update Video and I'll see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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