Yesterday we saw another fake approval Of the Bitcoin spot ETF and on today's Video I will be exactly explain what Does this mean for today because today Is the day where we're really expecting The real Bitcoin sport ETF is going to Get approved so without any further Ado I will be discussing this on today's Update video I will talk about where I Think Bitcoin is heading towards I will Talk about what are the potential Scenarios that are going to be playing Out on today's update video I will talk About the most important charts I will Talk about what happened to the S what Is of course absolutely massive and many More important stuff so without any Further Ado don't forget to S the like Button back up above 600 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away Towards the content and yes if we're Looking at that lower time frame on Bitcoin we saw that yesterday we had This massive bump towards the upside and Just moments after that we saw a big Crash towards the downside and what is Actually very important to be knowing is That of course we got the fake news of The S approving the bit coin spot ETF But Gary Gensler tweeted about that it Was fake just 15 minutes later after it Got approved so we saw basically that The Bitcoin spot ETF approval is sell

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The news event because Bitcoin literally Went lower after it got accepted so what Does this mean for the Bitcoin price Action today because today is the day Where the real Bitcoin spot ETF could be Coming and yes that could potentially Mean that we already know what's going To happening so let me really quickly Clarify what I think is going to be Happening so I think first of all this Pump was not the full potential because The majority of the trading Bots that Are looking to be trading this news Event and looking to be longing of Course Bitcoin on this news event once It comes out here are of course all Looking towards the S Government website And since the fils were not uploaded Over there I think that the potential of This pump wasn't necessarily here as Well so I've been also saying this for Quite a while on the channel I have said Always that I think that on the moment It gets approved we're of course going To be getting getting a massive move Towards the upside the moments after That we probably going to come down here And I think and I said this every single Time for the last week here guys that Once the Bitcoin SPO ETF goes live that Is the point where we're going to get The massive pump towards the upside and A massive continuation higher and yes Like we know yesterday multiple issuers

Said that they are expecting approval Today and that they're going to go live Tomorrow so that is of course going to Be massive for the market that's going To be massive for Bitcoin and it's of Course going to generate a lot of price Action so what I'm expecting on the Price action right now here since we Already had another fake approval today We're going to be having a real approval I think that Bitcoin is once again going To be pushing towards the upside on that Approval we're going to see another big Pump towards the upside maybe even to 48 To $50,000 I think that is my target That's realistic to go towards and maybe At Max $52,000 after that we see a Slight or significant correction towards The downside maybe all the way back Towards this region we're currently Trading on but maybe even lower but Honestly if we would be going lower it Would be a gift and it would necessarily Not be something to worry about because You have to understand the moment that These ETFs go live on the market that is The point where these large players from Wall Street can start to be buying Bitcoin and that is going to be adding By pressure and that is going to Guarantee that the market is not going To necessarily go down but it is going Going to be going up higher so that is My expectation and honestly if it really

Uh was like a sell the news event and we Found out like what is it 15 minutes Later we only went down $1,000 it wasn't Necessarily a big move towards the Downside so I do believe that this was Some inside their trading of course some People that hacked the account benefited From the market longed Bitcoin shorted Bitcoin after so I don't really think That this was the full potential for the Bitcoin SP ETF approval and I still Think it's going to be way more massive Once it gets accepted today so like we Know Gary gansley tweeted about it that The SEC got hacked and what is quite Ironic is that literally they didn't Even have two steps authenticator I mean That's literally what safety from X Literally said they didn't have 2fa well Like um a couple months ago Gary gansley Tweeted out guys make sure to have a Strong password make sure to use tofa And that is pretty pretty ironic if you Would ask me here so the S got hacked And that's definitely a very bad thing Here so let me look a little bit further In towards the chart so what is also an Important level that would potentially Provide massive support it's going to be That 44.5k level guys I still have my Major orders set up around $39,000 I Don't really think I'm going to get Entered but if Bitcoin were to be having A massive move towards the downside if

It gets rejected or whatsoever I would Definitely take it with both hands to Get an entry around that level right There so this is literally the day that The Bitcoin SP ETF is finally going to Get approved and yes once it gets Approved we can go to next step and that Is of course life trading and that do The thing that I'm going to be cering After the Bitcoin sport ETF will be Getting accepted so make sure to follow Me here on the channel make sure to Follow me on Twitter because I will keep You guys posted over there so quickly Looking about the liquidity in the Market right now here honestly we Yesterday saw a massive liquidity grap Here on that ETF news so uh yeah there's Not a lot of liquidity above or below us To quickly point it out yesterday we Also saw not a significant amount of Liquidations but an approximately $26 Million us worth of liquidation in the Past 24 hours honestly it wasn't that Big here but I still think it could get Even bigger today so let's see how it's Going to be playing out here of course On The Daily time frame we can clearly See Bitcoin is still holding the upper Sing support line and we're even Creating this uh upper sing resist line Here on the top side like you can Clearly see and then Bitcoin currently Is trading in my R box of resistance

I've talked about this rep box of Resistance for quite a while this is Actually the point where I would see an Approach Bitcoin as a little bit more High risk why is because here on the Weekly time frame you can clearly see That Bitcoin is currently sitting at a Very important level of resistance and What is quite interesting and I said This several times before 70 47.7k is my main target of resistance And Bitcoin got exactly rejected from of That point well it went up on that ETF News so that is very interesting I think We could get a fake out above it today Here or potentially even a breakout Above it but yeah if you want to be Trading Bitcoin guys you could trade it On these kinds of levels because these Are super important levels on the macro Perspective Ive and yeah that looks just Super good in my opinion so if you want To be trading Bitcoin you can currently Claim a $40,000 deposit bonus and Without the link description if you're Going to be signing up it's only 400 so It's a win-win situation and on top of That guys if you ready and sign up again Using that link below you could claim a Free $1,000 for only depositing $100 Because these are the things you have to Do here is are literally the conditions What you need to do it is that you have To sign up an account using that link

Below on today's video complete kyc Level one deposit $100 in your first Seven days and you could claim a free $1,000 trade so this is definitely one Of the best deposal bonuses bit has ever Run and you could be right now claiming It um for the time being to be very Exective for the coming 22 days you Could be claiming this air drop position It's absolutely massive make sure to go Below of today's video and of course if You can't do kyc make sure to go to FX Because FX allows you to trade without Kyc and without the VPN so if you want To be trading over there make sure to Check it out as well so going further Towards the content weend currently Actually see that teder market cap is Massively increasing and what is Happening right here I mean basically What happens if the teder market cap Increases it means that there is more Liquidity flowing into towards the Crypto ecosystem so that is literally What is happening there's more money Flowing in towards the ecosystem and Yeah who is doing this and I found out The wallet yesterday guys because this Wallet all alone got 2.8 billion US Dollars in usdt from the T Treasury and He deposited its funds in towards Exchanges yesterday so honestly there is Some massive amounts of money getting Injected in the ecosystem right now here

And I am approaching and seeing this as A massive opportunity because as money Flows back towards the industry it also Means that the price action of Bitcoin Could only go higher so this is of Course massive for the market 2.8 Billion US dollars that is getting Deposited in towards exchanges I think We're going to get a massive move Towards upside for the market in the Upcoming period so this is not the time To be panicking we are actually also Seeing a massive breakout here on the 3-day time frame and of course if we're Zooming out here on that Weekly Perspective on that bigger time frame Guys we are seeing a massive breakout And maybe we're getting a small Rejection today here but look at the Bigger perspective guys we are just Getting started the whole thing is only 100 days out here and yeah before we Know it we are sitting in the next Bull Run so make sure to prepare accordingly But this was it for me today's update Video guys today is the day where the Bitcoin SP ETF is going to get approved I will be sitting here reporting Everything to you guys out there on the Channel so make sure to subscribe right Now and smash up the Bell notification Share this video with your friends Because I will be notifying everyone out There if there is something important to

Be knowing in this market so with that Being said guys thanks so much for Watching I'll see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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