This is the biggest Bitcoin Price Compression I’ve seen in Years…

Bitcoin is creating an ascending Triangle and while this is happening the Historical Bitcoin weekly volatility is At a low only scene five times before in The history of Bitcoin and every single Time the volatility has been so long the Weekly time frame there has always been A massive move either towards the upside Or towards the downside so in this exact Video I will be of course talking about This about the huge compression we're Currently generating here on the price Section of Bitcoin I will talk about my Gigantic trades I've currently got open The historical Bitcoin volatility on The Daily time frame that currently also is At Lowe's not seen since the beginning Of 2023 so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap up the line going on Today's update video can we smash it Back up 500 that will be absolutely Incredible with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term yes I do know the Last period we've been talking about Bitcoin has just been extremely boring Since there's just nothing happening but In these periods in the market you Should be Ben benefiting the most Because yes right now Bitcoin is Sideways consolidating and these periods In the market we can start to accumulate Of course very well in towards our Positions we saw once again a downward

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Sloping move here on the one hour time Frame and basically if we're just going To be looking at the horizontal Trend There we're just still hovering around At 29.5 K level and as long as we're Trading around dead level just nothing New is really happening I mean if we're Looking at the four layer time frame We're consolidating between the 30.3k And the 28.8k and whenever we're going To be either breaking below support We're probably going to be expecting Bitcoin is going to have a massive dump Towards lower levels and if Bitcoin Breaks above resistance we're just going To be expecting there's going to be Probably a more bigger photo towards the Upside since yes always once Bitcoin Breaks above liquidity ranges it tends To be breaking very quickly because the Stop loss orders are always set up Around these liquidity ranges on the top Side and also on the lower side so if Bitcoin breaks below them we're probably Going to see a very exponential move Just like last time around we saw here This was the liquidity range for Bitcoin We broke above it and straight away we Had a massive volatility towards the Upside due to the fact that a lot of These stop losses that were getting hit That of course causes the price to Absolutely Skyrocket further on we can See that Bitcoin is still creating and

Rounding bottom structure what is Definitely a very bullish bias reversal Structure that we're currently creating On the market on bitcoin you can clearly See first of all we were creating lower Lows on the market and right now we First of all created a double bottom and Now we're starting to create higher lows As well on the market and that is of Course a definitely a very bullish Structure that we can currently see also We're creating higher highs so yes I do Really think we are potentially riding At the beginning of a trend reversal for Bitcoin on that four hourly time frame But still on the bigger perspective if You really want to call something about Bitcoin we just need to be breaking Above the 29.7 K level if we manage to Be breaking above 29.7 K on The Daily Time frame and break this daily Resistance right here then I will be Expecting really that working to see More upside and as long as that isn't Already happening we will probably just Remain to be consolidating in this Boring range where we are currently Trading at the do be aware the longer We're going to stay boring in this Market the longer Bitcoin is going to Consolidate the bigger and more Explosive the move is actually going to Be so you can see on the line here below It's the bullish events Wayfair you can

Currently see that the bullish bands Width is lower than the beginning point Of 2023 where Bitcoin of course Generated a massive move towards the Upside from so yes we can currently see That Bitcoin is getting ready for a big Move because yes usually once the volume Tends to be dropping once the price Action and the movements tends to be Dropping a very explosive move awaits And what is very interesting right now Is that actually the volume Still Remains to be dropping as well here so At some point we're going to see the Decisive move really happen but we just Have to be really waiting for that Decisive move to be happening so I Remain to be believing that we're going To be seeing another lag towards the Upside since if you're looking at the Structure on bitcoin right now here you Can currently clearly see here Bitcoin Is still trading an airport sloping Trend there and every single time we Consolidate 8 create an explanation Movement up consolidate create an Exponential movement up and now once Again we're consolidating and I will be Expecting nothing else there and of Course if the trend shifts around here My buys will shift as well here for the Coming months here because probably then We're going to see a little bit more of A bearish period in the market but

Currently with my trades I remain to be Long on big cats making an approximately 1.1 Bitcoin in profit right now here and On my Bible trades I'm also in a small Little profit on my ethereum trade but All my Bitcoin trades I am in a small Little loss here but for this trade to Really make me money from I just have to Be a little bit more patient so let's See how it is going to be playing out Here but if you want to be trying to be Trading Bitcoin or accumulate Bitcoin or Buy it on spot you can do so in the link Description because if you sign up Account on buy with you can actually Claim it deposit bonus up to fifty Thousand dollars so go to the link in Description of today's video where you Can claim this insane deposit bonus by Just signing up an account further on we Can currently see that Bitcoin remains To be holding the daily support line I Think this is the most important support Line to be looking at because yes we do Know now the horizontal resistance on The top side and the upper solving Support line going to be meeting each Other anytime soon here and that is Probably going to be causing a massive Price breakout of course what we can Currently see here is that the Bitcoin Price section is just getting compressed In towards this region right here and We're expecting that at next two to

Three weeks here we're going to start to See this massive breakage really take Place here so I'm going to keep my eyes Wide open on weather and what is going To be happening from off this breakout But if we of course break below the Support right here we're most certainly Going to be seeing lower lows for Bitcoin getting generated and if we Break above the resistance High here We're probably going to see much more Upside as well in the daily time frame We're still creating the bull flag Scenario and so far we're holding Support from the previous resistance and If you're looking at the weekly time Frame and if you lay it out here and you Zoom out completely and you put down the Bullet events and the bullet events with Here you can currently see that the Bullish bands width has only been so low For a few times here and to be very Clear the low that we currently are Reaching has never seen before in History of Bitcoin and that makes it is Very interesting but but if we will be Comparing these lows in General on the Bullish events with here towards each Other you can see some very interesting Similarities usually they tend to last For 7 to 8 weeks of very boring price Action and then they tend to see a very Big move in the market four out of the Six times it tend to be moving towards

The upside and two out of the six times After the low volatility it tends to be Having a big drop here the last time we Had a very big drop on the low Volatility at the time before then as Well we had also a massive drop on low Volatility so yeah let's see what is Going to happen this time around here But in 2016 and 2015 every single time Once we hit low volatility on the price Section of Bitcoin it only went more Exponential towards the upside so it's Just indicating and sending us there's a Big move coming and that is also why We're looking at this compression here On the weekly time frame it's an Ascending triangle is a bullish bias Continuation pattern and I will be Expecting of course the continuation From the trend is just going to be Happening if we do manage to be braking Above the Third 31 000 so I'm going to Keep my eyes wide open on that level uh Of course if we break below support We're probably going to see Trend Reversal so I'm going to keep my eyes Wide open on it of course you can see Also on the weekly time frame we're Generating and creating this massive Downtrend right here and you can see Also on the weekly time frame for Bitcoin and that we're actually still Creating a bearish Divergence where you Should definitely also be paying

Attention towards right now here because Yes but as soon as we do break this Upper sloping support line the trend Could shift around very quickly and Bitcoin can start to go into minor down Training so be on high alert right now Here I personally think there's still Probably going to be another move Towards the upside before eventually Entering a downtrend again here because It's inevitable that it's going to be Happening again here but yeah that was It for me in today's update video I Truly hope you did like it if you did Enjoy it don't forget to slap on the Like button and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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