This is my SECRET Bitcoin Trading Strategy [Make Millions Trading Bitcoin]

In this video I will show you my Bitcoin Strategy where I literally made Thousands and thousands of dollars with And I will be exactly explain it from Top to bottom so if you want to be Learning on how to trade Bitcoin or any Other crypto assets make sure to watch This video till the end so without any Further Ado let me jump straight away in Towards the tutorial so with any further Ado let's get straight away into towards The content and the first thing that you Want to be doing here is actually Signing up account on bit and if you're Right now using this link in description Right now you can claim either a deposit Bonus up to $30,000 or either a free $1,000 air drill position for only Deposit of $100 so make sure to sign up Your account on buyit using that link Below if you are going to be using this Training strategy further on the first Thing you want to be doing after you Signed up your buyit account to be able To be taking these trades on the market Is deposit on funds you hover over on The top right of the screen to assets Then you press on deposit and there you Will be seeing a full guide on how you Can either deposit assets or deposit Some fiat currency and after you Deposited any funds on the exchange make Sure to go to the Bitcoin pair I mean I Am at least trading a lot on bitcoin but

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You could also trade on many of these Other coins using the same strategy but In my opinion Bitcoin has got the lowest Risk but also the lowest reward but if You're going to be looking at some other Lower cap altcoins you potentially could Be getting an higher rewards but Potentially also for higher risk before Going in towards the strategy let me Give you a quick run through on the Exchange buybit is basically a super Simple exchange you can see over here After you deposit any funds you can open A trade with limit Market or a Conditional order you can select your Order quantity and that is basically it It's super simple to open up trades and Buy it is a super userfriendly exchange So the strategy that I'm going to be Talking about is not a simple strategy To be understanding I mean this chart is Basically part of the strategy and I'm Going to help you guys what this Strategy is all about it's not a magd or An RSI strategy of course I am using These indicators as well to confirm my Moves in the market it's about Identifying important levels in the Market what are support or either Potentially resistance so let me quickly Run you guys through what I'm exactly Seeing on this chart so over here you Can clearly see that the Range High for Bitcoin is sitting around the previous

High in the market you can clearly see That this level previously around acted As many times resistance and you can see Right here the range low that I already Identified was the low of this region in The market right here of this Consolidation phase right here exactly Acted resistance right here so that Could have meant a massive shorting Opportunity towards the lower range what Was an approximately what is it 5% move But if you are using leverage could be Some M massive movees so how do you Identify these levels and also this Level on the Lower Side previous Resistance turned into resistance right Here and acted as support if you long This level you could have at least made Another 4% move towards the upside so Let me quickly talk about how you Identify these levels so I am going to Go way back towards the chart toward in Completely different territorium what Are we going to be taking we're going to Be taking this region right here because This was the previous bare market and I Think you could be using this level Right here and this range right here as Well as a very good example so if we're Looking at this chart and let's say I am Going to be uh taking a replay to this Point and I want to be trading Bitcoin I Literally forgot what what I was looking At and what are we currently seeing here

Straight away so the first thing I want To be doing here is identifying the Trend lows here so in this complete Region right here what we have been Trading in we just saw a massive Breakdown right we broke support and Basically Bitcoin has been moving Downwards and the lowest point in this Market was around $9,000 73 so I am Identifying this level actually as Massive previous support and here Actually it acted as resistance so this Will be the first level that I actually Want to be shorting if Bitcoin were to Be retesting this exact level then at The same time we're looking at some Resistance here on the top side actually This level right here is the level to Break if we were to be going up here This will be my level resistance to be Looking at and you can see some more Important levels right here as well this Actually uh here previously previously Around acted the support here exess Resistance you can see this level has Got a lot of volet through I will be Extending these levels I in my opinion These are the most important resistance Levels that I can identify so what I Want to be looking at next here is Actually uh let me make this a little Bit more clear here is actually this Range low on the market right here right So we are we've got some couple levels

To be looking at and I think that these Are the two levels to be looking at These green lines here as big support so What you could be doing is either to Look at these levels as major resistance And also honestly I see a small little Resistance box here on the top side so Right now we've been writing down the Range here and you can clearly see this Is basically the liquidity range on the Lower side and I think this level as Well here acted as quite a bit of an Important liquidity level so these are The most important resistance levels to Be looking at and actually I think if I Will be looking at this range here right Now is that this level right here also Acted as an interesting level since this This was the point the pivotal point in The market uh where Bitcoin got Massively rejected from right so here we Can clearly see boom we saw a big Support from it then it acted as Resistance here as well and this was the Point we retested where Bitcoin went Massively down so I think this is a Super important level as well here we Have been drawing our lines where we Should be looking at and what is the Strategy we want to be looking at next Right so you want to be opening up a big Trade here on the market and what I will Be looking at oh sorry I want to be Looking at the long position B since

Bitcoin is right now in a retracement And I think we're quite oversold right Here and we're looking at the next level Of support so what I can be doing is Opening up and setting up two trades Here so I prefer since I want to be not Risking at all is have a maximum draw Down of an approximately three to 4% Here and aim for the next level of Resistance what is in this case going to Be a 20% move towards the upside so a Risk to reward of 5.5 then also I want To be having another setup here on the Lower side in case Bitcoin is going to Come down here and then I'm going to Target that same level so maybe I'm not Going to get entered straight away on The first one but maybe I'm going to Enter on the second one and these are Some very big trading opportunity so I'm Right now going to close the replay mode And let's see how it is going to be Playing out so after I close the replay Mode we can actually see something very Interesting okay the lines were not Exactly perfect um but yeah you can Clearly see we did had one very great Trade right here since yes we could have Catched a 21% trade towards the upside And actually I am right now looking here We could have also to toen another Massive trade right here on this level On 6,700 so these were two very good Trades here this second trade not

Necessarily went all the way towards the Top side but indeed we would have set Our stop loss to profit what would mean That we could have catched a 21% trade Towards the upside and also another 16% Trade towards the upside purely by Identifying the most critical levels of Resistance and then if I will even Extend these levels here that I have Identified here we could have even taken Again a potential short position right Here would have crashed Bitcoin down Massively as well here so you can see How important these levels could be if You do understand what you're doing Correctly right here so I can give you Guys thousands and thousands of examples And I mean I can give you guys some Feedback about what I currently think on This market and of course whenever you See this video you can see that my Analysis is probably correct here is That yes if Bitcoin is really going to Be breaking below this level right here This range low is actually the level Where I want to be opening up a new Position at and actually yes here on the Top side I'm potentially going to catch A small little short position uh with of Course a stop loss and a tight take Profit because I don't think we could be Going much down here but so whenever I Enter these trades here so let's say I'm Going to catch a short position right

Here with an approximately stop loss of What is it 1 1.5 to 2% here I will be Having a take profit on the Range low Here but of course once Bitcoin gets Rejected I'm going to already move my Take profit sorry my stop loss into Profit as well so I will be maximizing My gains and that is basically how I Will be doing it so if you are going to Be taking any of these trades make sure To sign up an account using bit since if You're going to be training over there You will be first of all have 0% fees on Limit and also if you're going to be Trading on bybit you will be able to Claim that insane deposit bonus I just Talked about earli in the video so that Was it for me on this strategy video I Truly hope you did learn something from It I think it's super valuable and if You want to be using the strategy Yourself make sure to be my guess and of Course if you have any questions make Sure to drop it in the comment section Down below here because I will be trying To answer all of them and of course Don't forget to follow my daily analysis To learn more about trading on bitcoin But anyways thank you so much for Watching and see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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