Bitcoin is still consolidating sideways And on today's update video I will talk About the potential breakdown we're Currently seeing a new consolidation Phase here on the 1 hour time frame the Massive Bitcoin sport ETF flows and it Will give a big update on what currently Is happening right here and many more Important charts including the Bitcoin Liquidation heat map and many other more So without any further Ado guys don't Forget to St that like button back above 1,000 likes on today's update video that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content and yes I do Know over the last four days in the Market Bitcoin has actually been Extremely boring it has only been going Sideways and nothing is really happening I mean right now we're just looking at The consolidation phase what I already Discussed here on the 4ly time frame as Well we're just clearly creating right Now at this moment of time lower highs To get it with higher lows and the point We're going to be breaking this Structure so the point where Bitcoin is Clearly going to be confirming a lower Low than the previous low or a clear Higher high than the previous high in The market that is going to be the point Where I will be expecting a massive Massive move is going to get created in

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This market and the next swing is going To get initiated so if we're going to be Looking at that higher high in the Market I'm going to be looking at this Level right here the 43.2k once Bitcoin Confirms the break above 43.2k that Would be giving me the confirmation okay Right now most likely we are going to be Going higher because we're confirming That higher high on the Bitcoin price Action right now and if we clearly see That confirmed break below $2,000 that is going to give me the Opinion and the confirmation that Bitcoin is most likely going to be going Lower so in order for me to uh basically Show okay what is currently happening in The market what is the exact next move Is going to be we just have to be a Little bit more patient and right now Indeed it is weekend and us see over the Course of the weekend Bitcoin doesn't Really create a lot of moves here so Just be a little bit more patient before The weekend is over and then we can Start to see that next move getting Generated but of course already clearly We can see that we're creating somewhat Of a consolidation phase on bitcoin Right now so so I will quickly remove my Camera but this chart right here is Revealing the flows that Bitcoin and the Spot ETFs have here and like you can see Here this is the flows in terms of

Bitcoin in the last seven days where Flows were enabled we saw a consistent Inflow of new Bitcoin in towards the Spot Bitcoin ETFs and of course as long As we're seeing fresh inflows coming in Towards the Bitcoin SP ETF it means that Of course we are still seeing more money Flowing in and that is of course the Thing we want to be seeing of course Only time will tell but currently we can Clearly see that the gray skill Bitcoin Out flows are significantly decreasing And due to this we could start to Potentially get a little bit more Exciting but you have to understand that There is still 470,000 Bitcoins left in The great skill Bitcoin sport ETF and That could still cause a lot of sell Pressure in the market but already They've already been selling more than 140,000 Bitcoin since the spot ETF Launched what is of course quite massive In my opinion so important to understand What currently is going on here but Currently for the last seven days we Have seen consistent positive flows in The market and that is a very bullish Signal in my opinion so we can currently See that Bitcoin indeed is created that Left shoulder that head and the right Shoulder and currently we're still Consolidating in this region waiting for The next big move to be happening but Currently clearly we're creating a hand

And shoulders pattern and the moment we Break Above This 43 to 44,000 level this Is the confirmed breakout and from of This point onwards we're going to be Seeing another push towards the upside But as long as that is not happening I Won't be calling for that next big move On B coin of course right so looking at The 4 early time frame you can clearly See we're still training against this Major resistance of 43.4k and looking at The liquidation heat map we do know that There is a lot of liquidity actually Piling up above us sitting around 43.8k and yes once we potentially going To be grabbing that there's not going to Be a lot of liquidity once again be um Above us but the majority of the Liquidity is actually laying below us so I've been pointing out this many times Before I currently have not opened up And trade yet but if Bitcoin were to be Let's say taking out that liquidity here Move towards the upside take out the Liquidity and after that move towards The downside towards uh that lower Region to take out that lower liquidity In the market I think that would be Actually a very feasible situation but More importantly I would take that Opportunity but more importantly if that Were to be happening I would take this As an opportunity to accumulate bigger And new positions and if you want to be

Joining me with my next trade guys I'm Going to be opening up my next trade on Decoin and if you WR a sign up account Using that link below you will be able To be joining my copy trading Journey Because yes I will be opening up a copy Trading account where you can literally Copy my trades and like you know if You've been following the channel Literally our last six trades we took on The channel we're all extremely Profitable and for me to be opening up This next trade guys I am going to be Very patient I am going to be waiting For the best opportunity So currently I Am not going to be opening up a long Position or short position I still think There's a very highly chance that Bitcoin is indeed going to be moving Down here and if that move down were to Be happening that is the point where I Will be starting to be opening up that New Bitcoin long position so that is Going to be my strategy for now so if You want to be joining me go to the link Description of today's video also if you Deposit $100 on this exchange you will Be getting a free $100 in return and you Can trade here without kyc and without Any restrictions and it's extremely Similar to bybit so if you do like bybit You're going to love deep coin because You can do everything on it like you can On bit we can currently see that Bitcoin

Of course is still trading above the Daily eBay ribbon here and as long as Bitcoin is trading above the daily eBay Ribbon I don't really see a big reason To be panicking but once we confirm that Break below it that is potentially a Scenario where we could be starting to See Bitcoin drop a little bit more and Once we see of course a bearish Crossover that is also the point where We should start to get a little bit more Wor but currently we're still holding up That support and a quick thing I want to Be pointing out here I approach this Region where we're currently sitting in Like similar to this region right here In the beginning of 2022 where we were Just also re accumulating for 160 days Before we took that next lag down here Right now I think we're going to see Something similar we're going to see Bitcoin consolidate for a longer period Of time in this region before breaking Outside of this region So currently We're 62 days in of this consolidation Phase guys we are just getting started And honestly I think there's a very big Chance where that Bitcoin is going to be Consolidating for a little bit longer in This region and I mean the longer we're Going to consolidate right here it's not Necessarily going to be bad it's going To be a good thing for Bitcoin because We're going to get used towards the

Price action the moving averages are Going to reset and from of that point we Could start to create that next big move On the market on bitcoin so yeah the Whole thing is right now 70 days out for Bitcoin and yeah it could of course come A little bit closer or take a little bit Longer but it's going to be happening Approximately around 15 of April of Course like we do know every single time Once the Bitcoin Hing has happened we Tend to see a massive bll ring getting Initiated off so you don't have a lot of Time left here actually before the next Bull Run is going to get started so make Sure to plan accordingly for yourself I Mean I think that Bitcoin is going to be Doing well but ethereum as well and only Even shortterm on ethereum we're about To be creating also another Breakout Here like you can see on the 4ly time Frame we're creating a massive Symmetrical triangle this is also going To give you a massive new trading Opportunity in my opinion so make sure To keep your eyes wide open on ethereum As well because yes also on deep coin You could trade ethereum and any of your Other favorite altcoins in the market so This was it for me today's update video I hope you did enjoy it if you did so Don't forget to slap the like button and I see you back tomorrow and hopefully There's going to be some more action so

I can potentially start to open up that New trade on bitcoin right so thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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