The Bitcoin zi Futures close price is Sitting around 38.5k and at the same Time Bitcoin has confirmed an higher High here on the 1 hour time frame and This is a huge thing for Bitcoin so I Will be exactly talk about the exact Bitcoin structure on today's update Video I will talk about my price targets I will talk about the importance of this Heat net because this is how we exactly Predicted the most recent move on Bitcoin I will talk about how I took Some profits on my trade and many more Important stuff we need to discuss so Without any further ado don't forget to Stap up the like button back up 400 Likes on today's update video and with That have said Ley jump straight away in Towards the content so finally after Bitcoin has been printing lower highs After lower highs it has right now been Finally starting to be putting in higher Highs and that is a change of characters So this is a super bullish development Bitcoin also just hit a new yearly high And currently is holding still the price Above this very important horizontal Level where if we were trading below it We were getting rejected by it and now We're getting supported by it so this is Is definitely an important level to be Paying attention towards and it's a very Good level that we're currently holding Up for Bitcoin this is all looking quite

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Fine for Bitcoin honestly and if we're Looking actually at the semi Futures Price currently the semi Futures price For Bitcoin is sitting around 38.5k what Is approximately $800 above the market Value so that is quite significant if You would ask me and that also means That right now we have got a big c Gap Right now towards the upside and that Potentially could spoil some very Bullish movements over the course of This weekend so at the same time Bitcoin Has been trading against this resistance Box for quite a while right now here We've been getting rejected by this Level for more than four times in a row Right now here and finally we're Starting to knock on it and potentially Even break out of it so Bitcoin is right Now doing an amazing job here we're Holding the upper sling support line and Potentially we're breaking this Resistance right here and honestly what I can see in the Bitcoin price section Right now here is that just people are Very resilient they are not willing to Actually sld their bit sell their Bitcoin because they believe that if the Bitcoin sport ETF comes out the market Is going to go even higher and that is Why we're so strong that is why we Create these patterns towards the upside Because people buy and they just don't Sell and that is why Bitcoin keeps going

Up and setting up new yearly highs and Honestly I remain to be expecting that This is the behavior we're going to be Seeing until the Bitcoin SP ETF is going To get accepted or either rejected so That could be for another one and a half Month we could see very reduced sell Pressure on bitcoin so that is generally A very good thing for Bitcoin and Considering that I've got a price target For this breakout here on Bitcoin the Price target of this breakout right here Is sitting around $40,000 but I honestly Think there's going to be a big Resistance level and a big sell wall Because I've looked towards the orders And I looked where the liquidity is Laying in the market around 39.8k so I Started to be looking why 39.8k what Makes this level so special so I started To be looking at these levels guys and I Saw that 39.7k this white line here on The top side is exactly the previous Drop off point for Bitcoin so this is a Gigantic important level for Bitcoin and That is why I will be expecting that on The breakout my target is not going to Be $40,000 but 39.7k because that is Probably going to be a big sell wall and From this point currently onwards this Could be another 5% move towards the Upside and my mean with the trade I'm Currently in here I already took out 20% Profit I exactly managed to be cashing

Out on the top here how you may ask is Because in yesterday's video I talked About this in yesterday's video I said Bitcoin is probably going to go up Because the majority of the liquidity The majority of the money available in The market was laying on the top side All the short liquidations were laying There so what did Bitcoin it went up Liquidate all these short positions and Boom went down again so in the first Boom push towards the upside I hit my First takeprofit and then Bitcoin once Again went up again and I saw oh there Are a lot of orders spiling up right Here there was like a $500 million Us Sell ball so I decided to take some more Profits on my trade and now Bitcoin is Coming down again here so this is Actually quite interesting behavior and This is also quite interesting for the Trade I managed to cash has some profits I it's only like a 4K profit it's not Very big big trade here but soon I will Be starting to be probably trading with Bigger amounts again here honestly if I'm swing trading if I'm swing trading I'm usly trading with like5 $600,000 but With these smaller trades I only do 10 To 20K trades because it just makes more Sense for me because yeah you're already Making a significant amount of money From these small moves in the market and Honestly in the buom market once it

Really comes we will make so much money By trading because you can literally Long everything and make a ton of money So guys next time if I'm talking about The liquidation heat map talking about The liquidity in the market make sure to Be looking at this chart because it's so Important and exactly call the Directions where Bitcoin is heading Towards so if you want to be trading Bitcoin you can currently claim an Insane deposit bonus because if you go To the link description of today's video Click on one of these links here either Bitcoin ethereum or Pepe you could claim A free $1,000 aoll position and all you Need to do here is sign up an account Using the link below complete kyc Deposits $100 in the first seven days And you and it must be a new account of Course you could be claiming it right Now if you go to the link description of Today's video then another interesting Thing here binance saw a whopping 5,000 Bitcoins getting withdraw from The Exchange in the past 24 hours and more Than 35,000 in the past 30 days here so Binance is losing some market share that Is exactly what we're seeing they still Have 500,000 Bitcoin on the AR change so It's quite a lot here and potentially This is maybe a reason to be a little Bit worried about it so thir on we can See that tther remains to be injecting

More liquidity in the market and I've Been saying this for quite a while right Now here the Bitcoin price goes hand Inand with liquidity that tedar is Injecting in the market and yeah right Now tedar has been injecting quite a lot Of liquidity and that's is also why we Have probably seen Bitcoin to go up a Little bit here and it's not purely Because they're printing out of fin err No it is just also due to the fact that There's more interest so the teda market Cap is also a very good measurement how Is the interest in crypto and is it Really growing so further on we can see That the uh level that were currently Trading at is 37.7k here this level has been Previously that drop off point and if we Really confirm the break above that Level it will be actually also quite Bullish for Bitcoin so far we've had Some candles above it but not a clear Breakthrough and that is currently what I'm waiting for the structure on The Daily time frame for Bitcoin looks very Good here just like I said at the Beginning of the video people are Already willing to hold their Bitcoin Towards higher levels due to the fact That the SP ETF is coming and they're Expecting it's going to be pumping the Price but guys this was it for me in Today's update video if you like it

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