Yesterday Bitcoin broke down and reached Our price Target and in this exact video I'm going to talk about what is Happening next for Bitcoin I will be Talking about this important support the Most important signals that right now Are flashing on the price chart of Bitcoin I will also go over an insane Pattern and more importantly I will be Scaling up my Bitcoin long position and In this exact video I will be talking About the levels where I'll be doing so And about the reveal exactly how much Quantity I will be adding towards my Trade so don't forget to watch this Video till the end it's going to be an Extremely important one and can we once Again Smash Up the likes back about 400 That would be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Really if you're going to look at Bitcoin on the 30 minute time frame or In the one hour time frame you can Currently see we're consolidating Between the support slash resistance Range you can see clearly the 21.5 K the Level where we've been talking about Many many times before is currently Providing resistance and the 20.7 to 6K Is currently the level that is providing Support so these are the most important Levels to look out for right now here as Long as Bitcoin is trading in this range

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I think we're just going to be bouncing Between the up and down side and yeah as Soon as we do break above the top range Or as soon as we do break below the Lower range that is really the point Where we could start to see of course a More significant move towards the Downside or vice versa if we break Bullish we could see a more bigger move Towards the upside for Bitcoin then Looking at the rising wedge Bitcoin of Course created this Rising wedge and I've been talking about this Rising Witch for quite a while here yesterday I Discussed the price Target and the price Target was somewhere around 20.4k and Like you can see if we're going to be Measuring the price Target from the Point of the breakdown we already Reached our price Target I mean not Exactly but we can definitely argue okay Right now we were so close by reaching Our price Target that I will say the Price target has been reached and the Question really remains right now what Is going to be next for Bitcoin we have Been talking about many of these berries Divergence that Bitcoin was grading so It was actually quite likely that we Were going to see some more downward Sloping pressure for Bitcoin so this Didn't absolutely came unexpected However right now what we want to know Is what is happening next for Bitcoin

And yes the 21.5 K most important level Resistance got us rejected and if I will Be looking at the very important Trend We're currently trading and you can see That that 21.5 K here provided Resistance and if we're looking at which Level provided support in the past it Was this twenty thousand dollar barrier Towards approximately 19.8k so once Bitcoin hits 19.8k I'm going to add more Margin towards my trade I will add an Approximately 30 more margin towards my Trade what will skill up my trade Towards an approximately 150 000 position and still my entry price is Going to be significantly below 18 000 Since my entry price right now is even Below seventeen thousand dollars so that Is the reason why I'm currently scaling On my trade I think if Bitcoin comes Down to 20K that is really the point Where I'm willing to add more margin Towards my trade and looking them at What the 4 hourly time frame for Bitcoin Is currently doing it is absolutely Crazy because if you look at the four Early time frame you can clearly see This slowdown happening right now in the Price section of Bitcoin right and if I'm looking at the RSI we can see the RSI is forming a lower low well the Price action from of that low is forming A significant higher low what means that We're currently creating a hidden

Bullish Divergence on the price chart of Bitcoin and it actually already got Confirmed since we have seen two four Hourly green candle closes on the four Early time frame so after one four Hourly cannot close in the green you are Confirming the bullish Divergence and Like you can see it happened and right Now we are creating and hidden bullies Of virgins and this could lead towards Some more bullish price action for Bitcoin or more cyber Supply section for Bitcoin a bull is Divergence could mean Two things here so sideways Prime Section or some slightly abortion relief For Bitcoin so let's see what is going To be happening right now here but in Case we're going to see more sideways Action let's say for another one week Maybe two weeks and we are going to Creep on printing this potential flag Right here we could be creating a very Beautiful bullies flag on the four Hourly time frame so looking then up to Four early time frame you can see that The 21.5 K is the important level of Resistance we came down very quickly After the FDX collapse we created a Rendering bottom and then we moved up Also in a similar Place towards the Upside and if we right now create a flag What kind of a pattern is it it's a cup And handle pattern and a cup and handle Pattern got an extremely extremely

Significant price Target and let me Quickly show you this so from the lowest Point to the point of the break above The key level of resistance on the top Side is the price price Target and the Price Target from this cup and handle Pattern is all the way up on 30 000 US Dollars for Bitcoin so that's a crazy Price uh price target of course right Now we're not creating just perfectly That copper handle scenario but if Bitcoin is going to be still keep on Trading Sideways from here here on right Now we could be creating this cup and Handle pattern and if we do so it could Definitely generate a crazy price target For Bitcoin right now here also it just Could create of course that bull flag And if you're going to be trading a Booth like you're knowing that if you're Going to be measuring the impulse of Move from the beginning of the flag from The point of the breakout it's also a Significant Target right so that could Be somewhere around 25 000 however Bitcoin is getting ready for another big Move and the longer we're going to Consolidate here on the 480 time frame The better it's going to be in my Opinion so I truly hope we're going to Stay sideways for a while now right now For Bitcoin so I can load up my position So I can load up my trades and Bitcoin Can prepare itself for the next big run

Up and I honestly do think it is likely To expect that we're going to see Another push towards that upside here Right now looking then at my trade I Mean that's also the reason why I want To add more margin towards my trade Because I think the Bitcoin is looking Extremely excited it's looking very good Right now it's consolidating here Potentially going to create somewhat of A bullfight like right now and that is Why I'm trying to get ready if you are Interested in trading yourself you could Do so if you're writing a sign up an Account on body weight you can claim at Thirty thousand dollars deposit bonus if You're using the link in the description So make sure to check it out if you're Somewhere else in the world bitget is Also a very good exchange because bitkit Allows you to trade without VPN without Kyc in the US so if you're a U.S Resident bitcat is definitely the Exchange to use and basically it's Completely similar to work by bit the Big difference is only really the colors Uh between buy bit and bit get so make Sure to check it out also at twenty Thousand dollars deposit bonus for Bitcat for everyone who's signing up a New account over there furthermore if I'm looking at the daily timeframe for Bitcoin still want to be pointing out 21.5 K is a daily level to break if we

Do break it the next Target is going to Be twenty three thousand dollars and if I'm looking at the two day time frame And the email ribbon it looks to be that We're currently coming closer and closer Towards that first crossover on the Two-day email ribbon and it's going to Be happening for the first time ever in 396 days here and like you can see it is Extremely close by potentially crossing Right here and that is making myself Extremely excited because once it Crosses it crosses for the first time in 400 Days and historically speaking once That cross really tends to create of Course big rallies towards the opposite Right and also if you're looking at the Previous bear Market you can see in the Bear Market the 2D email ribbon was red And one said cross bullish it was the End of the bear market and how long did It took it took us an approximately 400 Days and how long is it taking right now An approximately 400 days so make sure To get ready if this does cross it could Definitely signal a potential end of the Bear market for Bitcoin there are many Other indicators as well flashing here And also looking at a three-day email Ribbon we're also coming closer and Closer towards that crossover and also In the previous bear Market ones that Three-day email ribbon flips here like You can see right here it was also

Signaling the end of the exact bear Market of Bitcoin and looking at the Daily time frame at the RSI because this Is the point where it is starting to get Very interesting so like you can see the Bitcoin daily RSI despite significantly High right recently right because we had This significant rally it happened only A few times in Bitcoin history of course It happened here in the 2017 bull market It happened also right here a few days Ago here we touched that 90 on the RSI Index it also happened right here in the Previous bull market boom this stop Right here but let me know look also at The previous three times where it Happened it didn't happen in the bull Market no it happened at the end of the Bear market and looking at the stop Right here this was the first touch then Right here we had another significant Rally that was the second touch and this Was the first start the significant Movement towards the opposite at the end Of the bear Market I think right now we Are the we are that first stage we could See more than two or three spikes Towards the opposite even happening for Bitcoin we're just getting ready for That next big run up for Bitcoin so make Sure to pay attention once the daily RSI Is overbought it doesn't mean that we Have to go lower it is only signaling That the buy pressure is extremely

Extremely high and so was it in the bear Market of 2019-18 so make sure to get ready for This signal it is absolutely a Mind-blowing opportunity that we're Currently having I'm not saying that Bitcoin can't go lower from of this Point however all the Unchained metrics Are indicating that the bottom has been Formed and that the bottom was in Somewhere around this region right here So for me it's not worth the wait the Bitcoin is going to go potentially lower So my strategy right now is just the Dollar cost average in and also with my Trades I'm willing to catch that exact Bear Market low swing trade because Because if you are able to swing trade Bitcoin from the bear Market low you can Do it with low risk with low leverage But you could make a significant amount Of money and that is exactly what I am Currently doing here I open my trade With only 1.7 x leverage and currently I Am in a 25 000 profit so make sure to Use a low risk trading strategy with Potential High returns and uh yeah this Was it for me in today's update video I Will keep you guys updated exactly what I'm going to do with my trade currently I'm adding more margin on 19.9 K and Approximately thirty thousand dollars Will be added towards this trade so make Sure to get ready it was an extremely

Exciting video and it will catch Everyone in the next one peace out Goodbye

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