Yo guys and welcome back to this new Video here on the channel and on today's Video I will quickly talk about the big Problem that's currently emerging in the Market because more and more Cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming Kyc mandatory and that is a very bad Thing in my opinion I will talk about Why I think it's a bad thing in today's Video I will talk a little bit about my Trading strategy on how I got rich so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap up the like button on today's Update video don't forget to share this Video with your friends and family with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content so first of All approximately a month ago bit Decided to leave the UK since the Regulation over there is extremely hard To comply with and due to that all the People that were using bit in the UK Can't use it anymore right now and They're basically stuck without an Exchange but I've been saying this for Quite a while here because and I've been Saying this for quite a while right now Here I got rich on trading crypto using A good trading strategy here and of Course if you cannot use any of the Exchanges it is definitely very hard to Make money in crypto so I decided to Partner up with zumex zumex is a Cryptocurrency trading exchange that is

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Not required to use kyc what is of Course an absolutely big thing here so You could use this exchange without Doing kyc without doing any of these Stuff that the regulatory attor exactly Know what you are doing so this is of Course one of the more favorable Exchanges that I'm currently looking at And the reason why I stepped in Collaboration with this exchange is Purely due to the fact that I really Believe in the core principles of crypto And that is of course your self- custody And that no one exactly knows what you Are doing with your money and and that You can decide what you do with your Money and with kyc the government will Know more and more about you and that is Just a thing that I personally don't Like so first of all talking about my Trading strategy I mean Bitcoin trading Is of course extremely nice here and in The last Bull Run I made a ton and ton Of money with trading Bitcoin you can Literally search it all back on my live Streams I made significant profits in This bull run towards the upside I made Some losses on the move down here but in General I've been a very profitable Trader and also I've opened up some Crazy crazy swing trade positions on the Bare Market low and that is how I make The majority of my money so swing Trading is one of the best stratey

Strategy to do so so if you want to be Trading Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies make Sure to go to Zoomix I'm also going to Give you guys a small little go through On this exchange so the first thing you Want to be doing actually if you're Going to get an account on zoomx is go To the link description and press here On join why is because if you join right Here through of this buttom right here You will basically get eligible to some Very interesting benefits first of all You will get a 20% Trading discount Second of all you will get an additional Deposit bonus on top of your first Deposit so you deposit $200 you get fre $15 you deposit $1,000 you get a free $25 so basically an insane deposit bonus And also if you achieve some trading Volume you get even extra bonuses on top Of it and I mean honestly a 100K trading Volume is super easy to accomplish and You will get already a free $20 Us in Bonus so so before I'm going to talk More about the exchange itself why do You want to actually sign up on this Exchange and not on the other one so First of all you don't need to do any Kyc you can trade any asset at any time The liquidity on this exchange and I did My research as well guys is extremely High due to good market makers and due To that you could place also large Orders on this exchange the stability is

Very smoothly on this exchange and also They are really safe I've met the team I've met the owners and I honestly think That this is an upcoming exchange and Due to the fact that they don't have kyc I think it's a very good one I I trust Them with 100% of my heart and also They've got 24/7 English support for any Issues whatsoever also and the founder Of this exchange actually worked at Bibit and it's pretty interesting Because he saw that bit was doing kyc And he thought okay wait I want to start An exchange as well and I want to be no Kyc and that is why they started this Exchange and that is why I think it's Also a super interesting exchange so all You need to do here is to sign up an Account is basically press here on this Join button after that you just have to Fill in your email your password and Boom you set up your account it is that Simple and by the way if you don't like To use browsers you could also download Their app where you can trade Bitcoin And cryptocurrencies on as well so that Is super nice after you set up your Account you have to deposit some funds Uh all you need to do here is to select Either you want to deposit Cryptocurrency or you don't in this case I will be depositing some cryptocurrency Myself so I press on I have Cryptocurrency then you're going to come

To this page right here you just select The cryptocurrency you want to be Depositing in this case I'm going to Deposit some ethereum here you select The network I will use also the erc20 Network I will deposit it in my contract Account because I want to be using it to Trade Bitcoin then here you can see the Address so I will get my phone and Deposit some funds on it right now so I Just made my first deposit and if you Want to be checking your deposit just go To assets where you can see basically an Overview of your complete assets it's Super simple to exchange it's super us To Friendly it's not that difficult Right now I'm still waiting before my uh Deposit is going to come through I mean I literally just send it and usually it Takes around maybe two or 3 minutes Maybe 5 minutes but it will be there in No time so I'm just going to wait a Little bit here before it's here okay so It's just 2 minutes later and right now I can see my deposit is already coming Through I just deposited to ethereum and It's currently processing so uh it's Within 30 seconds that it already came Through but it takes approximately 12 Confirmations so it will be around 2 Minutes before it's confirmed and I can Actually use the assets to trade with so Right now my deposit is completed and I Deposit two ethereum into this account

Worth an approximately 0.1 Bitcoin I Deposited in my contract account and Actually right now you can see I've got Ethereum in my trading balance but let's Say I want to be trading with Bitcoin or With usdt you could also decide to Actually transfer this to Deer or to Bitcoin so if you want to be doing so You just press on Exchange you go to This new page you select that you want To be changing it from ethereum to Bitcoin then you select the amount you Want to actually exchange you ask for The quote and in this case I'm going to Be exchanging it real quickly to bitcoin Wise because I actually think that Bitcoin is going to be performing a Little bit better in the coming period Than ethereum so I prefer to be trading Bitcoin so whenever you have done this It's very simple you can either decide To go to copy trading what is actually a Super good feature where you can make a Lot of money from because there are a Lot of good Traders on this platform Where you can literally copy and then You can make a ton of money from them But in this case what I want to be doing Is I want to be training the inverse Perpetual the difference between usdt Perpetual and inverse Perpetual is not That big usdt Perpetual is basically Coins that are measured against tedar And the inverse Perpetual are coins

Measured against Bitcoin or ethereum or Salana depends on uh what you want to be Trading so you can hear see here on the Left side they've got four inverse Perpetuals Bitcoin ethereum xrp and EOS So in this case I'm going to trade Bitcoin where also the majority of Volume is traded at so it's very simple On how this work basically very similar To other exchanges so here on the right Side you can see you've got a limit a Market and a conditional order we all Know already what it is a limit order is Basically that you're going to set a Certain level where you want to be Entering a market order is in place and Order that you're going to be placing Where you're going to get entered Immediately not necessarily for the best Price but you will get the entry and of Course here is the bar with the Percentage of how much of your trade you Want to be entering right so in this Case I'm going to be selecting market And if I set set 100% I'm literally Going to be opening a long position with 10x leverage with 100% of my portfolio You can of course select Cross or Isolated I think that cross is very good To use if you're going to be shorting Bitcoin and personally for me if I'm Longing Bitcoin I am usually using an Isol isolated margin but personally I Think cross is also a very good way to

Do it then next to cross you can see the Leverage you press on it and you can Select the leverage you want to be using Uh 1X 2x 3x maybe 50x or 100x of course Personally I always trade between the 20x max Lev leverage and usually I trade With three to 5x leverage but sometimes I even do 25 or 50 depends on my size Position and depends on how confident I Am the market is straight away going to Be moving so this case I'm going to be Sending it on 25% and I'm going to show You guys how I open up a position so in This case let's say I want to be opening Up a short position I press on sell Short and then you can see this is the Order overview it's just very similar to Other exchanges and boom I am right now Opening up a market short order here you Can see that I'm currently cross short On bitcoin you can see that the quantity Of the trade you can see the value of The trade the entry price liquidation Price and the position margin and of Course due to fact it's cross it will of Course get more and more margin if the Price goes higher that is basically how Cross works but this exchange is very Similar to other exchanges it's very User friendly it's very simple to set up It's very easy to be using so just like I said earlier in this video if you want To be starting to trade without kyc go Go to the link description of today's

Video and you can write a sign up an Account without kyc without anything and You could claim that insane deposit Bonus so this is the overview of the Exchange it is not that difficult it's Super simple they even got a feature Where you can use a DEX instead of a Centralized exchange I using the Centralized exchange because it's even Because yeah it is already no kyc and Then it's just very easy for me to Manage my funds on a centralized Exchange so yeah that was it for me in Today's update video of course guys if You want to be trading Bitcoin check it Out in the link description I think the Best way to trade Bitcoin right now here Is Swing trading that is at least how I Made my ton and ton of money swing Trading is basically you're trying to Catch the bigger moves in the market and If you're right now following my daily Analysis you can clearly learn on where Bitcoin is really heading towards in my Opinion because yes I think I'm covering The news and covering the important Stuff very well lately so thanks so much For watching guys and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye why

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