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Bitcoin hit $45,000 after breaking out of this Continuation pattern but right now the Bitcoin recovery process is sitting on 69% so in today's video I will talk About what this means for Bitcoin Historically speaking and I will be Exactly talking about the biggest Support below us the biggest resistance Ahead of ourselves what do we want to be Seeing next for Bitcoin and many more Important charts we need to discuss Right now so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap that like button Back up at 500 likes and with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and of course Yesterday in the morning of course I Discussed the symmetrical triangle on my YouTube channel and then of course it Developed I talked about it on Twitter And it broke out I took a small breakout Trade on it but it had a massive Breakout up to $45,000 what is of course absolutely Insane Bitcoin is going absolutely Parabolic and the question really Remains when is this parabolic as going To be ending and I've said this several Times before yesterday as well I think It is very very risky to necessarily Short this or say now Bitcoin is going To come down so please be very careful With that but also do long it because

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Yes if Bitcoin goes so parabolic at some Point it's going to be having a reversal And that reversal could be quite tough As well so so this is an extremely Exciting period to be trading Bitcoin But also an extremely dangerous period So what I want to be waiting for before Opening up my next trade here is to see Once again search a consolidation phase And I took a small little long position On this breakout right here I already Closed it around 42.5kg support for Bitcoin we have so Far not touched it yet so far the 43.3k Level so far we've been finding some Support on this level right here but Basically Bitcoin is right now uh yeah Once again re accumulating and if we're Looking about how it went yesterday Basically what we saw okay so this is a Fake week this is not really what Happens so basically what we saw is that Bitcoin went up it had a small little Correction went up even higher then came Down again so if that were to be playing Out again we are probably going to see Something like this here and then Potentially continue further on towards The upside so let's see how it is going To be playing out here we are then Currently sitting at that important Support if history were to be repeating But right now Bitcoin is sitting on $44,000 what is of course absolutely

Insane but there is a big big game Changer because here on this chart from The Roots he shows us that we're Currently exactly 69% recovered from the Previous bare Market we are 69% Recovered right now and usually around That 69% level you can see it right here You can see it right here we got Rejected and after that the Hing came Here's well we got rejected and then the Hing came and then the buom market Started and and right now once again We're sitting on that 69% level it could Be different this time around because of The Bitcoin spot ETF don't get me wrong But I do want to be pointing out is that Usually in these pre-ban Cycles where we Are currently sitting in in my opinion People get usually to euphoric and they Get fooled out because if Bitcoin rer Gets a rejection moves down to $330,000 You will lose literally 25% of your Wealth so it is important to understand These things here honestly I personally Think that if Bitcoin is really going to Be breaking above $50,000 we are in a Super cycle and potentially Bitcoin Could set a new ultim high before the Whole thing but as long as that is not Happening uh I will be really remain to Be expecting that potentially it could Be just the same as the previous Cycles Because why would I assume differently Right now I just want to be pointing

This out because this is literally what Happened in the previous cases and it's Not that I'm a bear and of course I've Said this several times before I'm still 100% Spot Long on bitcoin only for a Trade I want to be opening up a massive Long position I don't feel like this is The time to be doing it get so far Yesterday as well we took out a lot of Liquidity in the market while we were Pushing back towards the upside right Now once again we're seeing some Liquidity piling up on the top side the Funding rates are a little bit positive Not super positive so that is actually Quite a good thing here so people are Longing the market but not so Aggressively like I was expecting then Quickly looking at this will I've been Talking about for the past two days on The channel he remains to be buying more And more Bitcoin and even today he built More than 700 Bitcoin worth an Approximately 28 million us so this guy Or this will is massively buying even Though Bitcoin is hitting levels around $40,000 us and this will almost holds 40,000 Bitcoin in his portfolio he only Needs eight more Bitcoin so that's Pretty insane then yesterday on my live Stream I set up a resistance box and That is the ex exact box that is Currently providing us resistance so let Me quickly show you guys what I'm

Currently looking at so I think that in Order to predict where Bitcoin is going To go towards and where Bitcoin is going To be finding the biggest resistance we Should be looking at this previous Consolidation phase right here this is Of course two very important levels and I think if we are going to come down for Bitcoin something happens we see a small Little correction towards the downside I Think that these are the two levels that I want to be opening long positions side But this is the range where Bitcoin Previously R got rejected from the top Side and this was also a Massive Resistance level we got rejected more Than three times in a row so right now We're seeing that level exactly provide Resistance as well so going to be Looking closely towards these levels I Think these are levels that potentially We could find some resistance at because This is the top side from the previous Range I'm going to keep my wide open on It and honestly Bitcoin also created a c Gap here on the lower side and it's Quite interesting because the last time We did that basically this was the price Action and honestly I won't be surprised That the price action is going to be Much different this time around right so Last time around we had this price Action we filled up the C Gap and we Went up here so here right now I think

We could see some similar price action Just like we had over there I do really Think we are about to be getting some Consolidation anytime soon here and I Mean Bitcoin has been going up so Quickly so rapidly and at some point You're just going to be get Consolidation again right so so the Question remains when are we going to be Entering that consolidation range I do Think we're B to be entering at anytime Soon and such kind of a consolidation Would be pretty likely because that is Usually what bit coin does because this Is literally what Bitcoin has done Previously around once it created such Price action further on guys if you want To be trading Bitcoin make sure to go to The link description of today's video You could claim a deposit bonus up to $40,000 and without the link in Description it's only 400 if you go to The website directly so it's a win-win Situation and on top of that you can Also claim a free $1,000 airw position And all you need to do here is sign up It account using that campaign in the Link of description complete kyc deposit $100 in your first seven days and you Could be C claiming that insane $1,000 air drop position on bitcoin what Is of course absolutely massive you Could also claim it on ethereum or Pepe Whatever you want but if you're going to

Claim such a trade and Bitcoin does go Up or down you could even make more Money from it so if you're a good Trader Or if you want to be trying out trading You could literally try it out for free Because this is literally a free deposit Bonus so go to the link description of Today's video to check it out and claim It and if you can't trade on buybit on Any reason make sure to check out Fem Because fmax is basically the same Interface as byet only you do not need To do kyc and that is of course also Super valuable check it out the link Description if you want to be trading Over there but going further towards the Content the Bitcoin dominance has been Increasing once again just like we've Been expecting I think 58% to 57% is Going to be my target where I actually Want to be starting to go massively in Towards all coins so I'm going to be Keeping my eyes wide open on that and of Course Bitcoin is currently creating Eight weekly candles in a row in the Green the last time we did did it was in 2017 the beginning of the Boren Waters Of course a very long time ago if we Were to be confirming this this would be Of course a very very bullish Confirmation for the Bitcoin price Action you can see here on my historical Bitcoin resistance heat map uh that We're currently retesting the 43.2k

These are basically the most important Levels before we're getting to hit Tim Highs and um 43.2k is a kind of an Important level but 46.8k is going to be a very difficult Level to be Tak very seriously so keep Your eyes wide open on that one like you Can see currently we're at the stop side Of the be bare Market recovery phase Just like we were here in the 2019 bare Market recovery phase so why why did I Draw my top right here it's because it's The 69% region and that is usually where Bitcoin tends to be finding its Resistance at so let's see how is going To be playing out I want to be pointing This out because I don't want people get Fooled here because For the First Time In approximately two or three years my Friends are starting to text me again Should I be buying Bitcoin and honestly I got PTSD from this because every Single time my friends text me should I Be buying Bitcoin is usually a top Signal so I don't want my audience to Get wrecked I said it several times Before I'm 100% spot long because I Believe that Bitcoin is going to go up To$ 100 $200,000 in the coming one to Two years but I am also okay if Bitcoin Drops down to 10K right now I am Mentally okay with it but I know that Some people aren't so you have to be Prepared for Bitcoin to potentially

Still drop down to 20 or $30,000 and Then go up towards the next big bull run Because that is usually what happens you Get fooled you get absolutely hammered And honestly you have to be mentally Prepared for that if you are in this Game then also the last thing I really Want to be saying here is that a two we RSI is going in overbought conditions And historically speaking this only Happens maybe we are in a bull market But this is very interesting to be Seeing but I do want to be taking all The signals very seriously but also this Signal right don't want to be a bear but They want to take it very serious fear And greed IND index sitting right now Let me quickly refresh it ear in 72 so We are definitely in a greedy Territorium and then of course another Bullish Catalyst if Qatar Sovereign weal Is really going to be stepping into Bitcoin honestly I think we're going to Be pushing up to $200,000 within no time So yeah it really depends on who's going To be stepping in I'm very convinced That Bitcoin is going to hit new Tim High anytime soon um if it's really Going to be happening before the whole Thing we are entering a super cycle and If that were to be happening spec Targets around like maybe three or $400,000 us for Bitcoin it really Depends on how it's going to be playing

Out here the Bitcoin Hing is only 130 Days away from now on get ready for that Here looking forward towards it but guys Thank you so much for watching towards Amazing new update video here on the Channel I hope I educated you guys a Little bit here a little bit more but With that being said thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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