Yesterday evening Bitcoin pumped towards The upside and hit my exact takeprofit Target and after that it has seen a Significant correction towards the Downside and on today's update video I Will talking about what is going to be My next trade here where will I be Opening up my next trade and more Importantly what is the current Resistance we should be looking at what Is the current biggest support below us And many more important stuff because I Will be once again of course talk about The liquidity in the market because the Liquidity is what moves Bitcoin and I'm Going to go in depth about it so right Now I will go in depth about all the Things that are currently playing out so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slop that like button on today's update Video Let's smash it back up 400 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content on That imminent short term Bitcoin of Course has been pumping towards the Upside over the course of a Saturday so We are in fact creating a small little C Gap however if we're looking at this Bitcoin move here it really got started Once Bitcoin started to be breaking Above This Very very important level Resistance right so we got rejected by This level for three times in a row and

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The point we broke above it I tweeted About this as well this is going to be The level that's going to be the next Big support for Bitcoin it touched that Level and after that it bounced back Towards the upside and right now is Sitting around 39.4k and honestly if you're looking at The 4ly time frame Bitcoin is literally Going exponential right now here I Already discussed this in yesterday's Video but you can see that the lows are Getting more and more exponential Together with the highs also getting More and more exponential and the reason Why this is happening is due to the fact That of course the majority liquidity Was laying above us and also due to the Fact that the sentiment is that the Bitcoin Black Brook sport ETF is going To get accepted in the coming 30 to 35 Days so why would you sell your Bitcoin Right now days before the acceptance of The Bitcoin sport ETF and that is also The reason why Bitcoin just keeps on Printing higher lows because if no one Is selling Bitcoin will just keep going Higher but right now I've got a very Important take here on the liquidity Heat map we took out all the liquidity On the upside just like I've been Predicting and just like I've been Saying that we were going to be doing But right now the majority of the

Liquidity is not laying above us anymore No it's laying below us so you can see Also currently that the funding rate is Turning positive what means that people Are actually all longing this move on Bitcoin right now here together with the Fact that the majority of the liquidity Is laying below us I do see some risks On buying Bitcoin long run right now so This is going to be very important for My next trade and this is also the Reason why I took full take profit on That Target 39.7k first of all 39.7k is a massive Level of resistance but also there is Some risks on holding long positions Open right now so what I do want to be Doing right here is of course look at my Next entry I mean Bitcoin broke out of The symmetrical triangle and exactly hit Our Target that is beautiful what we Should be looking about what is going to Be happening next the are some signs That the momentum is drying up in the Daily time frame honestly I will be Keeping my eyes wide open of course on The parabolic trend that we're currently In and honestly the sentiment is so Strong that I do really think that this Bitcoin parabolic move could still Continue so what I will be doing is of Course look for long positions but on a Move towards the downside so the big Levels that I'm currently looking for is

Actually this level right here the 38,000 level it is definitely a little Bit lower than we're currently trading At but this is going to be a level where I will be definitely interested to open Up a new long position but guys honestly I think we need to be a little bit more Relaxed so what I want to be doing here Of course with my next trade I'm going To be opening I want to be having an Winning trade so I need to take some Time to get the best opportunity in the Market so make sure to subscribe to the Channel right now with the Bell Notification enabled because yes I do See new opportunities coming but I just Have to let the market come to us and I Don't want to chase the market itself so If you're interested in TR trading Yourself make sure to go to the link Description of today's video because if You sign up an account using that link Below here on bybit you could claim a Deposit bonus up to $40,000 where you Can trade with and without this link if You go directly towards the website it's Only 400 so it's a win-win situation and On top of that we're giving away a free $1,000 trade and all you need to do here Is sign up account using that link below Bad kyc deposit $100 in your first seven Days of registering and you could be Claiming that insane air position Currently only 95% is available you

Could claim it Bitcoin ethereum or Pepe Whatever you prefer I mean honestly you Could claim it on ethereum because Ethereum has been also going nuts Recently but if you can't use bit make Sure to check out fex in the link Description no kyc no restrictions and Basically fix is the kyc bit version so Definitely my second option I will be Looking at as well further on we can see That Bitcoin exactly hit my resistance Target and I talked about this level for Quite a while right so 39.7k was that Previous drop off point so I think like There are two important levels is of Course the drop off point on the lower Side and the drop off point on the top Side and honestly Bitcoin is currently Exactly first of all getting rejected by The level on the lower side but now so Also on the top side and I said this Several times before the big resistance Is not going to be $40,000 no it's going To be 39.7 so still going to be looking At this level this is probably going to Be quite a tough level so actually I Have been opening up a small little Short position on 39.7k on one of my Other trading accounts my stop loss is a Little bit above 39850 and honestly I think there is some Profits to be making right here since Yeah the liquidity is not really laying Anymore on the top side and the funding

Rate is becoming positive I don't want To be bearish or whatsoever but this is Just what I'm doing for trading honestly This is just what the charts and all the Data is telling me so yeah going further In towards it I am still super bullish About Bitcoin because Bitcoin is right Now creating seven weekly green candles In a row and the last time it did it it Was in the beginning of the previous Bull market was is of course absolutely Insane going further in towards that Honestly if this gets confirmed it could Literally confirm the bull market but Just like I said several times before Make sure to keep your focus on where we Are currently in this cycle because Honestly if we're looking at the data I Don't think that we're in the bull Market yet because we still have to have The whole thing and usually Bitcoin Tends to see a big correction around That Hing period in the market so I'm Going to be looking forward towards it Because that will be one of the biggest Opportunities we're probably going to Have to open up massive swing trade Positions here on the market then I just Want to be talking about ethereum as Well a little bit here because ethereum Is currently trying to be breaking about This very critical level of resistance And honestly if ethereum can confirm the Break up of this level right here it

Could be getting followed by Massive Short liquidations and that could really Send ethereum up to new highs here Honestly the next resistance is probably Going to be the drop of point right here Sitting around 20 $500 US what is going To be like a what is it like 20% Increasement towards the upside yeah It's like an 18% move towards the upside What is already massive so yeah that's Going to be the target I'm going to be Looking for on ethereum but honestly the Pattern is looking quite strong here Consolidation has been very nice and I Won't be surprised that we are indeed Going to get that move towards the Upside guys it's weekend so be careful With trading Bitcoin I'm super excited About Bitcoin I really think it's going To go to 100 to $200,000 in the coming 12 to 16 months here but honestly right Now only the exact am at Short Term I Should be a little bit careful my Take-profit target is hit and like you Can see here on the sell order I exactly Sold the high I exactly sold it on this Level right here the 39700 this level Right here is where I sold my uh sold my Trade here and that was exactly on the Wick towards the upside you can see Literally my profits I made here more Than $20,000 us and the next rate is Going to be there soon but we need to be A little bit calm right now so thanks so

Much for watching towards this amazing New update video and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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