This is a massive Bitcoin bull trap and On today's video I will explain why this Is a bull trap why Bitcoin potentially Could still go a little bit higher Before having another massive crash Towards the downside my next trait the Liquidation heat map and many more Important chart so without any further Ado I will be explaining this on today's Update video so don't forget to once Again slap up the like button back above 1,000 likes it will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away into our the Content so like you have been knowing I Have been exactly turning barriers on The top side and opened my long position Here on the lower side and just took out My profits around at $42,000 like you Can see making an approximately $14,000 In profit but right now I think I know What the next move is going to be for Bitcoin I mean I don't know exactly if It's going to be straightway happening Towards the downside right here or if we First see a push towards the upside and Then the move down but one thing is for Sure in my opinion and that is that We're going to see another move down so Let me quick quickly explain what I'm Currently seeing so here on that iMed Short term I don't really see a lot Unless this very important red level Here you can clearly see that in the P

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This level provided significant Resistance and support and right now we Are trading on this level so if we Potentially break below this level again It could potentially provide some Trouble for Bitcoin and potentially move The price action a little bit lower but More what I want to be pointing out is On these higher time frames so this is a Little bit my forecast I shared it Yesterday on Twitter it's either that We're going to get another push towards The upside before moving down or already That Bitcoin is going to be moving down Not necessarily in such a straight line But that we're going to see another Downturn for Bitcoin basically so either We're going to get another push up here To 43.4k approximately and then move Down or we're already getting to see the Downturn in Bitcoin right now here and The reason why I am currently expecting This is basically because I think that The trend is still bearish and and Personally I do know that indeed we are Currently creating a v-shaped recovery But of course the reason why I'm Currently mainly expecting Bitcoin could Be going lower and not necessarily Straight away but potentially will be Going back towards these lower levels is That because on the bottom right here I Saw everyone shorting Bitcoin and due to That I was expecting Bitcoin was going

To go up again and now I am seeing that Everyone is longing Bitcoin again at Resistance and there are billions of Dollars of Bitcoin long liquidations Building up below that $40,000 level you Can see that there are massive amounts Of liquidations building up over there And even if I stand it towards the Monthly time frame you can clearly see That there is not a lot of liquidity Above us currently but the majority of The liquidity in terms of liquidations More than a billion US dollars is buing Up between 39,000 and $40,000 so I think that if I'm looking At this and I know that Bitcoin always Follows the liquidity in the market it Is likely to expect the Bitcoin is Actually going to come down again here And take out this liquidity in the Market before potentially moving up Again here and honestly if Bitcoin were To be coming down again people will most Likely Panic well uh potentially think The Bitcoin is going to go even lower And then you have the opportunity to be Opening up these long positions so I am Not necessarily thinking that this is The right time to be opening up a long Position I mean I opened my long Position right here I closed it right Here and now I just will give the chart Some time to brief and for me to clearly See what the next direction is going to

Be and as time continues I can start to See that most likely the next move is Going to be down and I'm not talking About s such a small move here because I Mean first of all we could get a small Move towards the upside potentially Towards this 43.4k level what is Major Resistance in my opinion and after that We could see that move towards the Downside but usually once liquidity is Building up we tend to be following the Liquidity and sometimes it does take a While before the liquidity is really Getting grabed but eventually it will be Grabed so for that we just need to be a Little bit more patient and I mean if we Were looking at the downward sloping Trend here I mean I spotted the trend Reversal perfectly here on the lower Side because if you are going more and More exponential you know that the Exponential drop or exponential rally is Going to be ending at some point so Potentially there's still some steam in This rally right here and if we clearly Break Above This level that is going to Be definitely very good for Bitcoin and To be very clear I'm also not going to Be opening up a big position right now Here what I will be doing is be very Patient because I want to be opening up New Bitcoin long positions if we are Going to come down here and I mean guys If you've been following me on the

Channel I showed it also in yesterday's Video I've got nothing to hide here of Course if you're looking at my let me See my last three months of trading you Can clearly see I made an approximately $52,000 in profit but I don't trade Every single day I just wait for the Good opportunity to come to me so once Again I need to be waiting a little bit Longer before I get that good Opportunity for a new Bitcoin trade I Mean I can clearly see where the market Is heading towards but I will be a Little bit more patient before opening Up that big trade here on the market so If you want to be trading yourself make Sure to go to the link description of Today's video because literally in a few Days in three days from now on this Deposit bonus will be ending where you Can currently claim still bu a free $1,000 trade for only depositing $100 in Your first s days so make sure to be Quick and all you need to do for here to Claim this free 1,000 is sign up an Account using that link below complete KC and deposit $100 in your first seven Days and then you will be getting a free $1,000 trade so make sure to go to the Link description of today's video to be Able to be claiming this deposit bonus That yeah it will be ending anytime soon So make sure to be quick so let me go a Little bit more in depth about these

Higher time frames so Bitcoin exactly Bounced from the 39.7k level and Currently we can see the B basically Bitcoin is retesting this box here that Previously ran provided big support Right we're still trading in this box Here and in general we're just still Trading in this reaccumulation phase Sitting between 50 and $40,000 right so That is of course a thing that I'm can Currently clearly see as well and a Thing that is actually very bullish is That Bitcoin just printed a weekly Hammer candle so I am saying that I Think that Bitcoin could go lower here And that will be once again a good Opportunity in my opinion but you have To understand that I'm not going to be Opening up a short position right here I Will be only waiting to be opening up Better long positions on the lower side So that way I'm going to be minimizing My risk and maximizing my opportunity so I am not taking a trade on every move I'm forecasting but once I see that good Opportunity on the lower side I will be Opening up that next trade for me on Bitcoin right so I mean honestly on the Weekly time frame Bitcoin is looking Very strong only if I'm just looking at That liquidation heat map I'm getting Mixed feelings and thinking Bitcoin is Going to go lower so there are usually Mixed feelings different things on

Different time frames saying different Things and that is what currently is Happening because the weekly time frame Is indeed printing a very bullish candle And here on the bigger perspective of Course the only reason for me to be Flipping Ultra bullish on bitcoin is of Course the moment we break about $48,000 But for that we're not even close right Now here and of course like we know We're just a few weeks out before the Bitcoin Hing to be exact 72 days and This is the time to prepare because Usually coming towards that Bitcoin Hing We tend to see a pump because in the Last three Bitcoin Hing I mean in every Bitcoin Hing so far we have seen a pump In towards the Bitcoin Hing and then Reaccumulation or a small correction so Yeah make sure to get ready for that Usually in the last three weeks before The Bitcoin Hing so that is going to be Somewhere at the beginning midpoint of March we are probably going to see that Next move towards the upside for Bitcoin Getting created so get ready for that It's not going to be taking that much Longer from now also a quick word about Ethereum because I think that ethereum Also deserves some time in the video Ethereum is currently seeing a clear Retest of that Weekly structure and just Like we saw in the summer of 2020 just Moments before ethereum with absolutely

Exponential so yeah this is indeed a Very interesting structure and I think That ethereum has got a lot of Opportunities to of course grow still Exponentially but still I think that Bitcoin of course is the main focus I Currently having because Bitcoin is just The main thing that is moving the market So that is why I'm focusing on bitcoin But yeah ethereum is definitely getting Ready for another move as well and you Should be paying attention towards this Because there are also a lot of trading Opportunities over there but just me Personally I just only trade on bitcoin Because my win ratio is just higher on Bitcoin then on ethereum and I am saying This due to my seven years of experience In trading crypto and so far I geted all My data about what I have been seeing in The market and for me it's just easier To trade Bitcoin than ethereum unless There's a clear Trend towards the upside For ethereum or a clear Trend towards The downside but usually trading Uptrends is easier in crypto than Downtrends so this was it for me today's Update video I truly hope you did learn Anything from it if you did so don't Forget to subscribe to the Channel smash Up that like button I mean guys we've Been absolutely spot on this entire Region right here from top to bottom From trade to close so make sure to

Subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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