This could be one of the biggest bull Traps Bitcoin has ever created and on Today's video I will be exactly explain Why I am calling this so make sure to Watch this video till the end because I Will be talking about Bitcoin on the Imminent short term I will talk about The liquidity where Bitcoin is most Likely going to be moving towards in the Imminent short term and many more Important charts we need to discuss on Today's video so without any further Ado Don't forget to stap up that like button Back up 700 likes on today's update Video that will be AB absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term and make sure to Watch the entire video because I will be Talking about why I think that we're Right now having a gigantic Bitcoin bull Trap in creation but for that you just Have to stick around because that is a Topic I will be discussing a little bit Later after I discuss the imminent Short-term for Bitcoin so looking at the Imminent short-term for Bitcoin we can Currently see that Bitcoin is moving Down a little bit here and if we're Looking at the 4H hourly support line For Bitcoin we can currently see that We're still finding support on this very Critical upward sloping support line but At the point Bitcoin is going to be

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Breaking below this level that could be The confirmation that Bitcoin is Potentially going to be breaking a Little bit lower and I will be Definitely warning you guys once we do Break below this very important level of Support but so far Bitcoin is still Holding the trend line and we are yet to Be having this massive breakout for the Bitcoin price action so yeah I discussed The targets on yesterday's video already The bullish buyers breakout Target is Sitting around 40 5.5k and the bearish Target on the lower side is sitting Somewhere around 39 to $40,000 so this is the level I'm going To be aiming for honestly I think the Biggest support for Bitcoin below us is Going to be sitting around this region Right here 39.7k so this is the level That I will be approaching if Bitcoin Really breaks below support but honestly If we're going to be looking at the Liquidation heat map we can currently See that there is indeed liquidity on Both sides here but currently the Majority of the liquidations are indeed Laying above us we have an approximately 1 billion US dollars worth of Liquidations laying around that 43.7k level and that is of course quite A lot of liquidations that is laying There and is only 1.7k above us on the Current price of Bitcoin so that is

Important to pay attention towards so The majority of the liquidity is Currently laying above us and that could Definitely be a very good thing for Bitcoin because usually Bitcoin density Be moving towards the direction where The liquidity lays and guys make sure to Understand that what I'm currently Talking about is about the imate short Term and I mean talking about the imate Short term it looks to be potentially we Are going to be finding some very Important horizontal support so let me Right to talk about why we are currently Potentially in one of the largest Bitcoin Bull trps and this is really a Thing you should be paying attention Towards because right now we had another Massive memec coin explosion called bnk Bonk absolutely went towards the Moon it Even hit more than 1.5 billion US dollar In market cap just like Pepe and just Like sha and Dogecoin and honestly there Is one big thing that these meme coins Have in common and that is that they Always stand to explode moments before Bitcoin is going to crash lower and I Mean you can see it right here on Dogecoin Dogecoin really exploded once Bitcoin was setting a lower high and That was the point Bitcoin also had a Massive crash afterwards and then you Have Shiva as well exactly on the Bitcoin ultim High people thought they

Missed on the Bitcoin pump and then they Stepped into chat but eventually the Bitcoin price action really reverted Because there was too much Euphoria in The market because meme coins they Literally reflect Euphoria because People feel like oh we missed the Bitcoin pump and now it is time to be Stepping into this meme coin because There I could potentially make some Money with it and that is why it goes to These billion use dollars market caps Then you had Pepe also just moments After Bitcoin formed its local top and It actually hit alltime highs while Bitcoin was forming that lower were high And just once again we had this new meme Coin called bunk it just hit new autom Highs and more importantly we have seen A very interesting signal it is once Again getting pumped to new autom highs While Bitcoin is forming a lower high But more importantly bunk wallet is Already more than 35% down from its Autumn high so it's very likely that the Autumn high is in because literally what Happened is that bnk got listed on Binance how we had this as well with Pepe once Pepe got listed on binance it Was the top for Pepe and Ry now Bon got Listed on binance and it's probably Going to be the top on bunk and I mean This is the chart on coinbase they Listed on coinbase they had an exent

Liquidity pump towards the upside and After that they came down and right now Approximately the people that bought it On coinbase if they bought it up are Down more than 61% what is of course Absolutely terrible this is absolutely Terrible to be seeing but the point I'm Trying to be making right here it's not Not necessarily something that you Should 100% rely on but usually these Meme coins they tend to be pumping so Significantly towards new Alise once Bitcoin found its top already and once The market is about to be refering Because because this is such a point Where people feel like oh we missed out On the Bitcoin pump so we're going to be Moving in towards these altcoins or Le Not altcoins these meme coins so this is Something very important to be paying Attention towards and that is why I Thought okay I need to be saying this on My video this is something else than Like pure technical analysis but this is Some more um fundamental analysis Because this is just how fundamentally Bitcoin tends to be moving so what I'm Trying to say here is not that Bitcoin Is going to be going down here straight Away and Bitcoin is going to crash or Whatsoever but my realistic forecast I Mean I've discussed this many times Before I still think that there is a Potential scenario where Bitcoin is

Going to be pumping a little bit higher On that Bitcoin spot ETF approval window And that is going to be happening Anytime soon here I still think that Bitcoin is going to be consolidating a Little bit sideways here before that Next big move is going to be happening And then once the Bitcoin sport ETF gets Accept that I personally really think we Are going to come down a little bit here Since there could be so much more sell Pressure in the market I mean this is a Very bold prediction because no one is Really saying this publicly because People don't really want to hear this And usually people just say things that People don't want to be hearing but I Just try to be as realistic as possible So honestly this uh chart this layout That I currently have drawn is been my Forecast for quite a while here I mean I Short the Bitcoin on the exact top here Right now I am a little bit more neutral Because of these mecoin stuff as well And usually it tends to indicate the top Here I mean just like Shiva the week After we hit a new autum high but then Of course the the top was in here but This is a very clear indication Euphoria Is running High here but if anyone wants To be trading Bitcoin or any other Altcoins make sure to check out buy B in The link description of today's video Guys because if you run a sign up

Account using that link below you could Claim it a PO B bonus up to $40,000 Without the link only 400 and on top of That you could claim a free $1,000 free Position here on buybit and all you need To do here is sign up using that link Below complete kyc level one and you Only have to deposit $100 in your first Seven days and then you could already Claim this free $1,000 position what is Of course absolutely nice and if you Can't trade on bybit for any other Reason make sure to check out FX because FX allows you to trade without kyc it's Very similar to where buit and they Currently giving you a 10% cash back so Everything you deposit they give an Extra 10% on top of it so that is of Course also a great deal what fmx is Right now offering and it counts up to $40,000 us so make sure to pay attention Towards that going further in towards The content if I'm looking at Bitcoin I Mean I've been saying this for quite a While I think Bitcoin is going to Consolidate between these two regions Right here and basically at the point Where Bitcoin is going to be either Break above resistance or below support That is the point we're going to see a Gigantic move getting created towards Either the left or the right and that is The point where we're going to see that Next big move getting created because I

Believe that right now we're entering a Consolidation phase and you can clearly See it Bitcoin is just getting ready for Another move here on the imminent short Term but you have to understand that This is quite a big consolidation phase That we're about to be breaking here so The breakout direction is going to be Super important for the next move for Bitcoin so if it really breaks below the Support I really think Bitcoin is going To be going lower and if it breaks Resistance on the top side I really Think we're going to be having that jump Towards the upside so I will be also Open up a new trade on the breakout of This B so make sure to pay attention Towards this B right here make sure to Follow me on Twitter as well and I mean There's so many opportunities in the Market right now here but I do think That right now in this stage of the Cycle we are not in a bull market yet And this is once again a bold thing to Say here because people want to hear That we're currently in the bull market But I still think that the bull market Is just like 6 to nine months out from Now on so it's not long anymore but once The bull market comes we will make a ton Of money and this is just a prep Preparation stage and just a Advertiser About what we are about to get here for That Bitcoin Bull Run so make sure to

Get ready right now here I think there Is a lot of ways to make money in this Market right now and like someone of you Guys maybe know here I am going very big Here on bitcoin punks I currently own 17 Of them I bought three more this morning Right now I own 17 Bitcoin punks and They're worth about $1,800 a piece right Now here honestly I called this Literally on $200 on the lower side Right here no one really cares but I Think that ordinal on bitcoin are going To do extremely well here and um I think Bitcoin punks it's literally the first 10K collection on bitcoin so so I'm Quite B big in towards it I almost hold Uh yeah I currently hold 17 of these Bitcoin punks so uh for me it would be Very beneficial if it goes to that 100K Mark personally I really think that is Very possible because there are some Other collections already at a floor Price of $330,000 and I think the Potential for this project is just Extremely high here so guys this was it For me today's update video thank you so Much for watching I truly hope you did Learn something from it because this is Important to be paying attention towards Right now so if you have learned Anything make sure to slap up the like Button and I'll see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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