Bitcoin had a massive dump towards the Downside yesterday and that was all due To the fact that the ussc deems the Bitcoin spot ETF findings as inadequate And in this exact video I will talk About what this means for Bitcoin I will Talk about is this bullish or bearish What will be happening next for Bitcoin Right now and it will of course talk About the most important charts in Crypto right now that is going to tell Us a story about where the big support Lies below us and where the most Important resistance lies above us so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap up the like button on today's Update video can we smash it back about 500 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that as being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content and once looking at the image Your turn we can currently see that Bitcoin of course dumped yesterday Massively towards the downside and Basically broke below the symmetrical Triangle and initially it had a Significant move towards the upside Breaking the 31 000 but then the news That in the eyes of the SEC the recent Findings from BlackRock Arc Investments Fidelity and all these other asset Managers are not significantly clear or Comprehensive what means that they're Basically lacking information and due to

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That they all have to refill their Bitcoin sport ETF and let me make this Clear straight away this isn't outright A Bitcoin spot ETF rejection so this is What the SEC basically said yet the SEC Told the exchanges that it returned to Findings because they didn't name the Bitcoin Sports Exchange with which they Are expected to have the surveillance Sharing agreement or provide enough Information about the details of those Surveillance agreements asset managers Can update the language and refill so They're literally telling them please Update your language as to which Exchange you have the agreement with and Then you can refill and literally Moments later after this news came out Bitcoin dropped towards the downside and Just moments after that I said to Everyone out there this is fat be on High alert so Bitcoin bounce back Towards the upside and we saw that all These institutions are once again Refiling their Bitcoin spot ETFs here so yeah just a moment later After they of course of course got not Rejected but that they got a word from The SSC that they have to update their Language and tell the SEC where they're Buying and where they have the sharing Agreement with they update it all and This only makes the case more likely That it is actually going to get

Accepted because now they know what they Can't say in the SEC filing and what They can say so the chance of an Acceptance so the chance that they are Going to get accepted is only way bigger And then in the comment section this Crypto kaduna guy is saying I think this Makes the approval of BlackRock ETF Looks more natural instead of approving It instantly while having rejected all The other ones in the past and I totally Agree with it I mean we all know BlackRock and they are probably going to Get this body TF through and people Don't see us because while this event Happened yesterday well they said the Filings are getting rejected what wasn't The case but that is what the news Articles made from it Bitcoin dumped Significantly towards the downside Liquidated more than 120 million US Dollars loan positions so of people Accidentally their long positions Because they were afraid and now Bitcoin Is still trading in the same range and Literally trading at the same level as Yesterday so nothing really has changed I only see this actually as bullish news Not as bearish news while many people See this as bearish news I see this as Bullish news because now we exactly know What to say and what kind of language to Use to get the sport ETFs findings Approved so this is in my opinion super

Bullish and Bitcoin is basically still Trading in the exact same range here I've been saying it for quite a while if We were to be breaking bullish we need To break up off the top side if we were To be breaking their bearish we need to Break below the Lower Side here and of Course this is a super important level Of support you can see it also on the Four early time frame Bitcoin is Consolidating and at the moment we're Going to be breaking outside of this Range this is the moment where we will Be expecting of course to see that Bigger swing for Bitcoin whether it is Going to be up or whether it's going to Be down here so I'm going to keep my Eyes wide open on this range because This range is exactly going to tell us Where Bitcoin is going to be really Breaking towards then on the four early Time frame we do know we create the Consolidation phase we due to the news That came out yesterday it really got Invalidated before it was looking very Strong here and we were looking to be Making a bigger move but then the news Hit the markets and of course messed Things up but at the same time is quite Good because many people got shaken out Again and that allows us to be having a Bigger and better entry so in order for Me to see of course a big move getting Initiated for Bitcoin we just need to

See either to break above or below this Resistance level because that is going To just indicate us which direction We're going to go towards then at the Same time I'm still long on bitcoin Making approximately 1.4 Bitcoin right Now in profit if you want to be trading This don't forget to subscribe to the Channel because I share all my trades Here on the channel if you actually want To open up a free 1000 US dollar Bitcoin Position or free 1000 US dollar xrp Position go to the link description it's Super simple you all you need to do Right now here is sign up for the Account using the link above here Deposit 100 and enjoy your free 1000 US Dollar Bitcoin or xrp position so it's Super simple and you can claim a free 1000 US dollar Bitcoin or xrp position Right now here furthermore we we can see That Bitcoin is right now running in Terms of resistance and I can put up the Text here as well on the top side Because resistance resistance and once Again another time resistance Bitcoin is Literally getting rejected by the same Level every single time and the moment We do break above it I personally think We're going to see a bigger bigger move Because if you're looking at the zoomed Out view here you can see it's very Similar towards the 2018 towards 2020 Bear Market Bitcoin basically had

Struggles of breaking above that key Level of resistance but as soon as we Broke above it we saw a gigantic Bull Run getting started towards the upside And personally I think something similar Could be happening again for Bitcoin as Soon as we do break Above This level the 30 000 US Dollars Bitcoin is going to See significant upside in my opinion so That is of course looking very good here And the moment we do break above it Things could go very quickly at the same Time Bitcoin is consolidating below Resistance and that is generally Speaking very bullish for the Bitcoin Price section and the moment we do break Above the resistance we're also going to Probably see once again an exponential Price search just like we saw the last Few times around here and if I'm looking At Bitcoin right now just purely at the Weekly time frame we are riding the Trading at one of the most critical Ranges in this entire Market we we just About as retested it this week but so Far we've not seen an experienced the Breakout yet but personally I think we Just have to wait for the news here Um and of course we're seeing a lot of Bullish developments in the background Happening here so pay attention towards It this is not bearish news here it's Only bullish news they're literally Refunding all their Bitcoin sport ETFs

And now the chance of getting accepted Is only getting bigger and bigger so I Think this is actually quite a bullish Thing that currently is happening so Make sure to pay attention towards it But anyways this is it for me on today's Update video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap on that like button and See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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