THIS IS A HUGE BITCOIN BEAR TRAP!! [don’t get fooled]

Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas everyone But right now Bitcoin has seeing a Significant breakdown of this pattern Like we yesterday have been expecting Due to the fact that liquidity was Piling up on the lower side and the top Side so on today's video I will exactly Talk about what I think is going to be Happening next to bitcoin I will talk About a $1,000 giveaway I'm currently Doing that you could be claiming Yourself and many more important CHS That we need to discuss on today's Update video so don't forget to SL up That like button back about 600 likes And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term on the Bitcoin price action So currently Bitcoin has finally broken Out of that consolidation phase it was Towards the downside but on yesterday's Video I exactly talked about that we Were creating of course significant Amount of liquidity on the lower side And due to that I was expecting that First we were going to grab the Liquidity on the lower side and then Move towards the upside so I said also In my video yesterday that I think Bitcoin is going to come down before it Is eventually going to come up again and Currently what have we seen we have Exactly seen Bitcoin breaking down here Reaching a target of 42.6k after that we

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Are straight away bouncing back towards The upside and actually on the chart we Are once again back in towards the Region already even I mean right now on The 1 hour time frame you could Potentially argue okay we have not Broken this very important level right Here what will in this case make this Red dotted line here I mean honestly if We break Above This level then we will Really Break intoon range once again Here but to be very hon I still think Due to the fact that the majority of the Liquidity is currently piling up on the Top side that we are going to be seeing A short squeeze around that 44.7k level And especially due to the fact that of Course Black Rock literally announced That they are seeding their Bitcoin spot ETF on the 3rd of January and they are Going to be buying $1 10 million US Dollar worth of bitcoin from the market I know this isn't a lot and what it does Mean is that they're preparing to go Live on the market and that is going to Be the real Catalyst that's going to be Sending Bitcoin higher but to be very Honest the seed creation is already Going to be adding some buy pressure and Giving us the confirmation that the Bitcoin Black Rock sport ETF is just Going to come and that is going to be Pushing prices higher as we're going to Be approaching the 10th of January that

Final day where the deadline is going to Be hitting the market for the Bitcoin Spotf so that really makes me super Bullish on the market I mean as well We're currently doing an insane $1,000 Giveaway on my Twitter page just go to At Rover CRC or just search on Crypt Rover on Twitter and go to my page and Look for the street I posted it on 9:00 A.m. Central European Time you can check It out the only things you need to do is Like retweet follow these account and You could be getting a free $1,000 this Is a super valuable free $1,000 us you Could just earn further on we can Currently see on the Bitcoin forly time Frame that we're still exactly holding On towards our support Target and just Like I said earlier in the video I don't Really think that this is is the time to Be super bearish on bitcoin because I do Still believe we could still see further Pushes towards the upside because this Has literally been my expect my Expectation we push out that liquidity On the lower side and then we bounce Back towards the upside and literally Due to the fact that we're currently Just days out before the Bitcoin SPO ETF Is going to get accepted because the Chance is going to get accepted is Literally 99% and chances are increasing Every sing single day we're going to Come closer so it is just likely it's

Going to be getting accepted and this is Going to generate another big push Towards the upside because just like I Mentioned previously on my Twitter once The Bitcoin blackrook SP ETF gets Accepted it's going to just take Probably days just also days with like Two or three days before it's actually Going to be live trading on the market And that is just going to generate so Much buying pressure on the market that You're not expecting what is going to be Happening next for Bitcoin so so if you Want to be trading Bitcoin on what is The next move here or on these massive Moves towards the downside that I've Been predicting as well or the break Down of this massive pattern right here If you want to be trading it make sure To go to bit because bit is an exchange Where you could trade and if you're R A Signit account using the link below you Could claim a the pule bonus up to $40,000 without this link if you Directly go to the website it's only 400 And on top of that if you sign up using The link below you could claim a free $1,000 position it's currently only 74% That's remaining but all you need to do Here is sign up account using that link Below complete KC deposit $100 in your First seven days and you could be Claiming a free $1,000 trade position it's super

Valuable for such a small deposit so Make sure to check it out in the link Description of today's video and if you Can't trade on buy it check out fmax in The link description of today's video as Well so going further in towards the Content I don't believe that there is a Reason to be getting fooled or a reason To be panicking for the Bitcoin price Action that it is potentially breaking Down or whatsoever as long as we're Trading in this ascending triangle I Mean right now still Bitcoin is Providing super support from all this Level it's actually bounce exactly from Of that support Target of the assing Triangle and I mean once we break below Support that is potentially a point in The market where I would say right now We should start to get worried but as Long as that is not happening I don't See a reason at all to be starting to be Panicking on the Bitcoin price action we Are expecting a big breakout is going to Be happening in the coming six days and It does really make sense in terms of The time Horizon with the Bitcoin sport ETF and yeah once we really break the Top side of resistance that is the point Where I really think Bitcoin is going to Head towards 4 46 to 48,000 that is my price Target in my Opinion further we can currently see the Bitcoin is struggling against that

43,000 us exactly the level that I've Been predicting is going to be providing Resistance for Bitcoin and of course on The bigger perspective I mean while we Could be pushing back towards the upside I still think that the majority of the Weekly resistance is literally laying Around 46.7k I think if we were to be Creating a local top for Bitcoin what I Think is extremely likely that it could Be happening somewhere around this Region where we're currently trading in And also somewhere around the dates We're currently trading in so I think We're very close um but where it would Be happening is in my opinion most Likely around the 46 to 47,000 level why It's because that is just that massive Weekly resistance from the past and it Makes sense that that is going to be a Level where Bitcoin is going to be Seeing massive massive struggles of Breaking through of and of course if we Potentially break through this level Then I won't be necessarily expecting a Big rejection at all I mean then we Could potentially get a rejection from Of this next level sitting around $51,000 but that is of course already a Significant amount higher than the Previous level I discussed so these are Two levels I'm currently aiming at these Are two levels that's probably going to Be providing some resistance for Bitcoin

But these are all two but these are also Two very important levels that you Should be paying attention towards so This was it for me in today's update Video I truly hope you did enjoy it make Sure to share this video with your Friends and family here Christmas Because if you want to be learning Anything about where Bitcoin is heading Towards right now you need to subscribe To the channel right now so with that Being said thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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