The bits going Golden Cross is happening Right now and in this exact video I will Be talking about this exact Golden Corrals what this means for the price Action of Bitcoin and much more Important stuff I will go over my trades I will talk about the price action of Bitcoin and much much more so don't Forget to slap off the like button can We once again smash it back about 400 That will be absolutely incredible and With that of being said let me jump Straight away towards the content and of Course once looking at the immature term On the one hour time frame we are still Holding up towards The Orange Box of Support we've been talking about like You can see this is a very important Love of support for Bitcoin and so far We have been experiencing only bounces From of this level and just like Yesterday while we were coming down very Quickly towards this level we have seen Two successful bounces and currently on The one hour time frame we could Potentially maybe see that we're Creating a double bottom on that one Hour time frame if we do continue the Bench towards the upside and if we Really break above the top side above 20 H3 1050 we could potentially maybe see a Breakout above course Above This range And maybe shift around the trend on that Immature term for Bitcoin so that is

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Going to be important to look at on the Four early time frame my Approach on the Market is still the same as yesterday as Soon as we do break below the support Box then I'm targeting levels lowers Around the 21 000 as long as we're Holding up towards the support box Things are looking okay here so yeah That is basically the strategy how I Will be trading it if I'm looking at the CME Gap we can currently see the CME Gap Is yet so far enough filled up and we Can see that we already had a small Little push towards the officer Yesterday filled up a partial bit of the CME Gap but so far we still Gotta See Me Gap above us on 23.2 K to 23.6 k for the Price action of Bitcoin right now and That is definitely important to pay Attention towards I still think it's Likely to fill up the CME Gap if not It's probably because we broke below the Important level of support on the four Early time frame you can see that we are Still creating this is rising wage and We officially broke down of this Rising Wedge and the breakdown Target for the Downside of this Rising wedge is Somewhere around the 21 000 US dollars What is also around this very important Support box of this previous range on Bitcoin right here if we do break below The four hour support that is the point Where I will be looking for the surprise

Target around 21 000 US dollars of the Rising wish if not I'm not going to be Looking at this level because I Personally think that this horizontal Support is as important to look at as The rising watch itself so that is Exactly how I will be trading it it's Very simple my strategy and this is Basically how I'm looking at the market Right now here but if I am going to be Looking at the daily time frame at the 200 daily moving average and the 50 Daily moving average we can write and See that the 50 daily moving average is The crossing the 200 what means that we Officially have confirmed a golden cross On the Bitcoin daily time frame and this Is very good news I mean I want to be Straight away pointing out here the Golden Corrals is a lacking indicator And like you can see here in the past we Got this signal here we got it right Here in September 2021 the moment we got The golden cross was actually Embarrassed momentum the moment that we Were bullish was before the Golden Girls Happened so the momentum in towards the Cross was bearish and the moments Bitcoin cross bullish we had like a Small bullish relief for two or three Days and then we dumped towards the Downside so that's likely to expect once Again some small bullish relief due to The fact we're crossing bullish so also

If I'm looking back here we crossed also Bullish we had a positive face here and Then once we were getting the golden Across we had bearish momentum but on The day we crossed we saw a big pump Towards the upside also again very Interesting to see looking them to 2019 Bear Market we had of course bullish Momentum and then once we had the Bullish momentum leading in towards the Golden gloss we actually had a dump in Towards the Golden Cross but what is Interesting to see that basically all The times we do get the Golden Girls Maybe not on the short term we tend to Pump here because here we dumped on the Short term but usually on the longer Term we tend to see an uptrend getting Firmed there and that is also what I'm Expecting right now here maybe today Could be a very good bands here for Bitcoin the Bitcoin can still dump Towards the downside and still be Looking good and uh still continue Towards the upside for the bigger Picture the going across is happening Right now it is a lacking indicator but Definitely this is a very beautiful Signal that is right now flushing in the Market of Bitcoin currently I'm still Low on bitcoin if we do have that crash Down here to 21 000 I'm going to be Adding 20 000 US Dollars towards my Bitcoin long position what I've been

Waiting for for quite a while right now I am definitely planning to take some Profits on the straight and I am Planning to take some profits on the Straight somewhere around 25 000 US dollars so make sure to stay up To date for that one right now here and If you're subscribed to the channel you Will definitely stay up to date about Once I'm opening new trades because also This right I showed it exactly once I Open it I showed exactly once I was in a Loss and right now am also exactly Showing you once I am making profit so If you're interested in trading yourself You can check out buy bit if you sign up Again using the link in description you Can currently claim a 30 000 US dollars To post a bonus so make sure to check it Out it's only valid if you sign up a new Account using that link in description Right now living in the US no worry Because you can also use bit get bit get Is basically the same as buyback but Only it allows you to trade from the US Without kyc without VPN so make sure to Check it out and they're also offering a 20K deposit bonus if you sign up against Using the link in the description then Real quickly I need to talk about Something very crazy that's currently Playing out here I guess I think really This move that we're currently having in The market is very similar towards that

2019 bear Market recovery run up you can See in the 2019 bear Market recovery run Up of course because solidate is very Long on the lower side also look at how Fast we drop towards the downside and How fast we were covered now we look at What currently is happening we drop so Fast and we recover offered so fast very Interesting to see right so currently What you can see is that it was forming Somewhat of an broadening wedge right Here that's what it is currently doing And in 2019 it also formed a programming Wedge before breaking out eventually if You're looking at uh the moves here we Had like three impulsive moves and three Big corrections I can right now really Say here that this maybe was the first Move and I will more likely say this is The first move this is the second move And this has been the third impulsive Move and now are we at this stage now we Are at this stage if we are following The same path as 2019 we are currently Getting ready for another massive run up Towards the upside I mean if if I have To believe 2019 it is definitely Currently getting ready for another run Up and that is actually pretty exciting To see here so we are creating same bro Knowing wedges we're creating similar Price structure and if I have to believe What happened at that point and if it's Going to copy we're probably going to

See something like this playing out for Bitcoin right now here so I still think That where it's very interesting points In the market where there's a lot of Opportunities to be buying some Bitcoin You can also say we are currently still Trading at horizontal support I think Bitcoin is probably not likely going to Be breaking down if we do break down we Could go in with a shorting position but If we do go anywhere along right now Here that's what I'm also doing with Some other accounts I have opened along On the support box right here and as Soon as we do break below the support Box we confirm and break below that is The point where I'm going to go in with A short position and of course close all My loan positions that is just the way I'm currently trading the range so make Sure that you make your own strange Right now as well on how to trade this Range here there are many opportunities And Bitcoin is just getting right now Ready for another massive massive move Here whether it's going to be up or down Bitcoin is getting ready The Golden Girls got confirmed so this is it for me On today's of the video if you did enjoy It don't forget to slap all the like Button on today's update video and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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