Bitcoin is going exponential right now And in this exact video I will talk About this the most important resistance That Bitcoin is currently running into Ours and more importantly I'm going to Talk about the biggest support below us I'm going to talk about the potential Bitcoin SP tdf window that's currently Opening up here the price targets that I'm currently aiming for and many more Important stuff we need to discuss on Today's update video so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up that Like button back above 400 likes on Today's update video and with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and yes looking at The imminent shortterm for Bitcoin we Can clearly see this major previous Level that acted as resistance we broke Above it and then after retesting it Successfully we bounced towards the Upside and hit targets of around $39,000 so Bitcoin did an amazing job Here and currently the biggest support Trading below us will definitely be Laying around the 38.3k and this was Also the exact level that I talked about While we were trading over here that I Thought this level is going to be Flipping into support So this did a very Well job here but honestly right now Bitcoin looks to be going quite Exponential you can clearly see Bitcoin

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Is forming higher lows after higher lows And the lows are getting more and more Exponential but at the same time we're Still creating somewhat of an upward Slobbing resist line here on that 4 Hourly time frame for Bitcoin and every Single time we are testing this level Basically we're seeing gigantic Rejection for Bitcoin so this is Definitely important to be paying Attention towards on bitcoin right now Here but honestly once we do break Above This level I do really think the rally Could become more exponential but I've Been saying this for quite a while here I am not necessarily bearish on bitcoin I've been bullish on bit Bitcoin for Already this entire region and of course Like you guys know before as well but The reason why I think it's not so smart To be flipping bearish on bitcoin right Now on this exact stage in the market is Because there's reduced sell pressure Because why would would anyone sell Their Bitcoin days before the Bitcoin Spot ETF could be getting accepted and I Mean yesterday we got an official word From a Bloomberg ETF analyst James Sepher he said the window for potential Bitcoin spot ETF approval is going to be Between January the 5th to January the 10th most likely the ETFs are going to Get accepted on either the Monday the Tuesday or the Wednesday itself so

Honestly why would you sell your Bitcoin While there's a 90% chance that all the Bitcoin SP ETFs are going to get Accepted within 35 days from now on and That is also the reason why Bitcoin is Creating these higher lows every single Time because people are just not Interested in selling their Bitcoin days Before the Bitcoin SP ETF going to be Arriving so that is why I remain to be Believing that actually this trend is Going to be continued towards the upside For quite a while because no one is Really interested in selling of their Bitcoin and honestly the longer such a Trend is going to continue uh the more Fa mode is going to be here and the less People actually are going to be selling It and of course right now it looks to Be that we're going exponential and in An exponential rally you could search Quite significantly and people usually Tend to be holding their Bitcoin in such Kind of a rally further on I mean on the 12h hour time frame we're creating Somewhat of an Rising wedge pattern Right here typical bearish bias pattern I do want to be pointing it out just Like I said I am not bearish on bitcoin But we are creating potentially some Bearish movements right here just like On the daily time frame creating a Bearish Divergence here uh but I'm not Too worried about it but I just want to

Be pointing out that we are indeed Creating this because of course yes I Want to be also pointing out the bearish Things that we're developing here in the Market I mean one of the very good Things that currently is playing out Here is that this ascending triangle the Daily time frame actually finally broke Out here and the price target of this Pattern here is sitting around 39.7k and That is from of this point onwards Another $900 towards the upside and About 2.5% so the price Target is going To be very close and at this price Target I'm also going to take a full Take profit on my trade hope we reach That Target I'm going to be looking for New entries for my Bitcoin trade here so Make sure to stay up to date here guys But honestly I think we are going to be Easily hitting the target I am going to Go out of my positions even though I Think Bitcoin is could be going much Much higher but at some point you just Have to take profits and of course be Happy with the profits you're making on Your trade and from of that point I'm Just going to be waiting I'm going to be Looking at the market again and Potentially open up a new trade on the Next big level of support so I'm just Going to wait to see how the market is Developing but I'm looking to be opening Up some new trades after I close down

This trade literally if I hit that Target I made 20K profit from a 10K Trade so I flipped literally $10,000 us Into $30,000 and it was not necessarily That difficult I had to stop loss I had To take profit setup the risk management Was definitely on point and I mean guys If you want to be trading yourself make Sure to go to the link description of Today's video because right now if you Actually go to the link description of Today's video you can actually claim a Free $1,000 air position on buybit all You need to do here is sign back out Using that link below complete kyc Deposit $100 in your first seven days After signing up and you could be Claiming the free $1,000 airw position On buybit but honestly if you can't do Kyc or whatsoever make sure to check out FX FX is also a very similar exchange to Buyit only you don't need kyc and there Are no restrictions so if you're Interested in trading over there make Sure to check it out also in the link Description if you sign up account using That link below you could also claim a Deposit bonus up to $330,000 and without That link it's only like $400 or $500 so It's a win-win situation if you're Interested in trading on fem X make sure To check it out in today's video Description going further into towards The G Bitcoin actually broke above this

Very important drop off point here in The market that was sitting around 37.7k And currently you can clearly see we Broke Above This level with significant Continuation and honestly the next big Level resistance is going to be the 39.7k level I'm going to be keeping my Eyes wide open on it but yeah just like It was my price tet of the sending Triangle I should take this level very Very serious at the same time Bitcoin is Creating more than seven weekly candles In a row towards the upside so we're Creating seven green candles in a row Right now for Bitcoin if we close this One in one day and 18 hours from now on Honestly this is quite historic because The last time that Bitcoin did this was At the beginning of the bull run and After the pandemic recovery so this is Definitely very important to be paying Attention to Parts because honestly These things usually only occur in Bull Markets and right now people are Definitely very bullish on bitcoin Especially since it's only a few days Out before that ETF could get accepted So if we're looking at the dates it's Probably going to be another 30 to 32 Days before the window for the potential Bitcoin SP ETF acceptance comes so it's Going to be very crazy it's going to be Very close and it's going to be very Exciting but you have to understand

About what part of the cycle we're Currently in I still think that we're in The bare Market recovery phase in about 3 four months from now on we're going to Get the Bitcoin Hing then I still think We could get a small correction and then I think the bull market is going to Start so in that halfing phase here so In this wide phase here in the market I'm going to be opening up massive Massive long positions because I think That that is going to be the last big Dip before the bull market starts the so Of course subscribe to the channel to Stay up to date about that and currently I'm still remain to be super excited and Super bullish on the Bitcoin price Action on the current moment of time and Actually going fur towards the content Ethereum already has got more than seven Issuers that are currently filing for an Ethereum spot ETF so while Bitcoin spot ETF is actively getting pursued by all The big issuers we're also seeing that Blackrook and all these other parties Are jumping on ethereum and honestly if We're looking at ethereum it is still Trading below this very important level Of resistance and to be very honest I Think that the next Bull Run ethereum is Probably going to be performing better Than Bitcoin and currently for me my Portfolio is more into ethereum than in Bitcoin because I purely think I could

Make more profits with ethereum right Now so etherum is currently sitting at This very important horizontal Resistance level and if we break above It honestly the next big Target towards The the upside or the next big Resistance I should say is going to be Sitting around $3,400 what is already Like a 60 to 70% move towards the upside What is of course super beautiful so There are many good things coming for Ethereum but I am right now investing Heavily in towards altcoins I mean one Of these altcoins like GMX I think is Going to be performing very well but These are the altcoins that I've Currently invested at least $50,000 in I Am also just created a new channel here And I'm going to show this to you guys Anytime soon here but I am creating an Altcoin Channel where I'm going to Discuss altcoins in depth why is because I believe in the next Bull Run we could Even make more money if we're also going To be focusing on all coins so I am Preparing myself correctly right now Here to be investing in all these Altcoins to make the majority of the Profit if you want me to make videos About altcoins on my other channel let Me know in the comment section down Below because then I'm going to be Trying to upload a video today about Some alt coins that I'm currently buying

Here but anyways this was it for me in Today's update video and I will see you Guys on tomorrow's update video thank You so much for watching peace out Goodbye

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