Right now there's a signal that is about To flash on the Bitcoin price section And in this exact video I will be Talking about this signal and much more Important things because right now Bitcoin is breaking above the 17 000 and Yesterday I already talked about this Level how important this level is for The Bitcoin price action and how Important it is that we are finally Breaking outside of this consolidation Range that has been here for over an Approximately 21 days so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's updates video can We once again smash it back above 300 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that of being said let me jump Straight away towards the imminent short Term on bitcoin and once looking of Course at The Limited short-term Target We can see that Bitcoin Consolidated Sideways for a very long time and like I Discussed yesterday already after we Officially broke towards the upside of This pattern we are writing and seeing Some sideways consolidation above the Important level of resistance of this y Guideline right here and after we Officially confirmed the break above That white line here we basically Retested it yet again for a few times And then we had a significant push Towards the upside and right now finally

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We have broken above 17 000 US Dollars And that's 17 000 US dollar Target for Bitcoin is an extremely important level Because like you can see from the post The seventeen thousand dollars has Provided a lot of resistance a lot of Support right here a lot of resistance And yet again it provided resistance Right here and after we broke above it We retested it as support and right now We're moving towards the upside and many People are currently going to ask me What are your next price targets since We broke above seventeen thousand Dollars and those are very easy for me To say because the next price socket for Me is all the way on the top side on Eighteen thousand dollars and I already Said this to yesterday before we broke Above 17K here I said it if we break Above towards the upside my next Target Is going to be eighteen thousand dollars For Bitcoin yesterday I also talked About a potential barriers diverges Because like you can currently see we Have got a higher high on the foreign Time frame and an higher high on the RSI So the four hourly Bears Divergence Clearly got invalidated once also Looking at the four-league time frame we Can look at that bigger symmetrical Triangle I have been talking about the Symmetrical triangle ever since we've Broken outside of this and like you can

See currently the price target of this Pattern is somewhere around 17.6 K and I Personally do really think we can reach It in the coming days ahead of ourselves It is from of this point onwards another Approximately one to a two percent move Towards the upside or and the price Target of the symmetrical triangle is Also meeting this very important Horizontal level of around 17.6 to 17.5 K so I honestly do think there's going To be some resistance around that level So that is what I'm also going to be Looking forward towards also once Looking at the 12 hour time frame on the Bitcoin price chart and looking at the EBay ribbon we can see that Bitcoin is About to be Crossing bullish on the 12 Hour EMA ribbon and what is very Interesting about this signal is that Every single time this signal flashed Here here it was not such of a Significant move here but after we Crossed bullish we moved up still Another 3.6 by the end of the day we Moved down but historically speaking the Majority of the times that this signal Flash here so it flashed here as well we Moved up seven percent in the following 10 days here the time before the signal Flashed here was over here we moved up And approximately 15 here in the coming 26 days here also right here the signal Flashed here after the signal flash we

Moved up and approximately 20 percent in The following 10 days so every single Time this 12-hour email ribbon signal Flashes not every single time but the Majority of the times we tend to see More upside following for Bitcoin in the Coming 10 to 20 days ahead of herself so That is why I want to be pointing out That this signal was about to flash for Bitcoin because historically speaking it Means that we are probably going to see Some more upside happening for Bitcoin And that is definitely a good Development worker really spotting and Also talking about my trade I'm finally In a profit again here but like everyone Already know if you have been following The channel for quite a while now this Straight is a swing trade so I don't Really care if I'm in a loss on the Short term or if I'm in a profit right Now here all I care about is to get a Good entry for the next big bull run for Bitcoin and if the market falls down Towards levels open approximately 14 to 13 000 I will double down my margin but If nothing happens between then I Probably will just stick in my trade and Nothing rule will really happen right Then so currently I'm still long on Bitcoin I'm looking to add more margin But only if we do drop down Significantly or if we break above Twenty thousand dollars yet again here

Um if you are interested in trading Yourself as well you can check out the Links in the description if you sign up An account on buybid you get an Additional thirty thousand dollars Deposit bonus and if you sign up an Account on bid get you can trade in the US without any VPN so check it out right Now in the link in the description but More importantly also looking at the Daily time frame for Bitcoin looking at That bulge events here we can see that The Border events is widening again here So after squeezing in for quite a long Time here we're finally seeing the Bullish events widening up here what Means that we're probably going to be Experiencing some more volatility in the Coming days ahead of ourselves as well Here so um very interesting to see the Bullish event is finally showing us that The volatility could be picking up again On the 3D time frame as well were Extremely narrow the move we saw Yesterday evening is not so big yet so Far but yeah still we are finally Starting to be moving a little bit Towards uh any direction again here Because yeah in the past few 20 because In the past 20 days we basically have Not moved towards any direction so yeah Bollywood is still extremely tight so The big move still awaits for Bitcoin Looking in at the daily time frame we've

Been talking about this down solving Resist line for quite a while already You can clearly see it once we broke Above it we moved towards the upside and Still for the bigger picture if Bitcoin Really wants to be flipping bullish and Just like I told you as well if I really Want to add more margin towards my trade Here I need to see a break about this Orange Box here and that's somewhere Around Nineteen thousand dollars if we break Above nineteen thousand dollars for the Confirmed daily candle close we are Officially re-entering bullish territory For Bitcoin and then uh I will Definitely start to get a little bit More excited about the price section of Bitcoin and then I will also exactly Call that this was the bottom for Bitcoin if we do break above 90 to 20 000 US Dollars and uh yeah that's really Where I will be looking at right now Here but of course I'm not going to say Necessarily at the bottom it's already In as long as we're not breaking above This important level right here but if We do break back above this region Um it could be very likely that seven Sorry 15K could have been the bottom for Bitcoin also looking at the legendary Support line uh we just yesterday closed The weekly candle and like you can see Yet again we're holding up towards the

Legendary support line so things are Still looking great here for Bitcoin We're still holding on towards this Level of course if you're subscribed to The channel you will exactly find out Once we ever break below this level and What the next targets are going to be For Bitcoin if we do break below it but Uh yeah so far we're still holding on Towards it so things are still looking Good here and of course on the weekly Timeframe for Bitcoin we are still Creating that the insane big falling Wedge structure and right now we are Very close by potentially creating that Breakout so things are heating up for Bitcoin more and more exciting things Are playing out right now here right now We have to wait and see how everything Is going to be playing out here we broke Towards the episode we broke back above 17K here if we do have a retest of the 17 000 like we have seen from the past It is likely to see this level flip into Support so that is also a potential new Trading opportunity for sculpt Traders Out there on the channel I personally Will be looking for some trades on 17K Here from a skull trading position but Anyway we finally broke outside of the Range we've been talking about for such A long period of time here to be exact We've been consolidating in this range And if I count this

Um small little consolidation here with Us as well we have been trading in this Range for over 23 days here and right Now finally we officially broke out and It is towards the upside so I'm also Really expecting that right now the Continuation is also going to be more Towards the upside if we do see that Break below this green box right here Um we could be saying okay right now we Are experiencing a fake out towards the Downside and then it is more likely to See more moves towards the downside Happening but only if we do break below The green box of support right so if you Want to be staying up to date with all The new developments playing out in the Market don't forget to subscribe to the Channel slap up that like button and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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