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Big breath as a beacon chain stops Finalizing the ethereum mainnet briefly Stopped finalizing transactions but Recovered after 25 minutes you know what This doesn't happen on proof of work Chains Just In case you're wondering an unidentified Issue on ethereum's Beacon Chain LED to An issue with transaction finality for Nearly half an hour on May 11th around 8 15 p.m UTC on May 11th a number of Ethereum core developers announced that The beacon chain was having issues Confirming transactions new blocks were Able to be processed but an unknown Issue was preventing them from being Finalized A similar issue occurred on March 15th Where low validator participation rates Caused the delay on the Gourley test net Version of ethereum chappella upgrade Which was successfully executed on Mainnet on April 12th the beacon chain Is ethereum's original proof-of-stake Blockchain the first launched in 2020 on September 15th of 2022 ethereum's Pre-existing proof-of-work chain got Merged with the beacon chain finalizing The Network's transition to a faster and More environmentally labor mistake Foreign You know because gpus emit emissions They're terrible for the environment

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Yes I know the argument is that it's the Power that they use but I would go ahead And once again point out That the crypto mining industry is Highly incentivized to go to Renewables And on top of that is the highest user Utilizer in the United States of Renewable energy at over 60 percent Which is pretty impressive So that's pretty much it according to Data from the blockchain analytics Provider Beacon chain or Beacon cha dot In that's a clever website ethereum Epochs two hundred thousand five fifty Two to two hundred thousand five fifty Four witnessed a sharp and sudden Decline in the number of attestations an Epoch is a period of 32 slots during Which validators propose and a test for Blocks and Epoch typically lasts about 6 Minutes and 24 seconds the cause of the Issue remains unclear however ethereum Developers said that the problem is Being investigated to prevent it from Occurring again now I will point back to Solana being you know highly centralized And proof of stake and experiencing Similar issues where it's gone down six Times last year and I think that Whatever is causing it can obviously Happen again because they don't have a Reason for it which means that you'll Probably see some issue is over there And unfortunately like as I trade some

Of these mean coins that we're about to Talk about the fees are still high as Crap it is what it is I guess that's so What we'll keep saying today following The incident pseudonymous ethereum Consultant super Fizz noted that client Diversity was one of the main reasons That the loss of finality was so Short-lived however he also pointed out That the loss of finality could have Been avoided altogether if no client had More than 33 percent control Centralized much Client diversity refers to the number of Software clients available to the Network validators and greater diversity Among clients means a more secure and Robust Network for validators So the only proposed issue that is Running in here running into here is a One of centralization which has been Something that I think a lot of proof of Work proponents were shouting at the top Of their lungs for the longest time About the eth moved to proof of work or Proof of stake from proof of work and The fact that it also didn't solve the Fees issue just makes this all that more Insulting I think to the proof of work Community that's how I feel about it I'd Like to hear your thoughts and opinions In The live chat as well as the comment Section below thanks for checking out

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