Today Bitcoin volatility will be Massively increasing due to this event That is happening today and in this Exact video I will be talking about this Event my forecast whether Bitcoin is Going to be having a significant pump or Dump and I will be talking about the Bitcoin CME Gap that currently streaming Below us the Bitcoin momentum we're Creating on the one hour time frame the Four hour support and much more Important stuff in terms of the charts Of Bitcoin right now here so make sure To watch the video till the end can we Once again slap up the likes backup of 600 that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content Once looking at the one hour time frame We can right now see that Bitcoin is Cooling off a little bit here on the top Side but of course like we do know today Is the day where the U.S inflation data Will come out and look you can see from The past four times we have seen the U.S Inflation data there has been a lot but A lot of volatility around these events Here and today we're will be another day Of the CPI data that we'll be getting Released out of the US and if I'm going To be looking at the forecast we can Currently see that inflation looks to be Dropping by 0.8 percent and what I will Already tell is that of course if the

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Inflation is going to come in below Consensus we are most certainly going to See a significant pump but if if it Comes higher in then consensus the Bitcoin Market will be significantly Dumb because the Federal Reserve has Said that it will act on the way how Inflation will develop so if it will be Coming in higher than expected we will Be most certainly see a more hawkish fat And that will have a bearish effect on The markets in general what also is Going to be very important to know here Is where the core inflation is going to Come in at and what is very interesting Is that the core inflation looks to be Rising by 0.1 percent and the core Inflation is maybe the most important One to keep your eyes wide open on so Make sure to keep your eyes wide open on This one if it's really it will come in Higher than expected then I wouldn't be Surprised if the market is going to be Falling significantly and if I'm going To be looking at Big support levels for Bitcoin the levels that I really will be Expecting Bitcoin can find a lot of Support of if we're going to fall Towards the downside is of course a 28.7 K what is previously around the big Level of resistance that right now could Be flipping into massive support for Bitcoin of course if we do see the Inflation coming in positively so below

Expectation the market is going to be Moving up and I will be talking about These Targets in a moment from now on But if I look at the last event here we Also saw a significant run up here in Towards the event and once the inflation Data came out Bitcoin saw a small cool Of period before eventually once again Seeing more positive price action Towards the offside so right now as well We've seen a significant rally towards The outside getting created and could we See something similar like this price Movement right here if that happens we Will see a slight cool face happening so Make sure to take it in account it's Going to be very important to see where The inflation date is going to come in At for the price section of Bitcoin at The same time what is very important to Pay attention towards is that the Bitcoin price action actually still Created a CME gap on the beginning of This exponential movement towards the Upside and usually see migups tend to Get filled up not always but usually They tend to get filled up there's also Still CME gap on forty thousand dollars One on ninety thousand dollars so yeah They don't necessarily have to get Filled up but usually they tend to get Filled up and right now we still got CME Gap trading below us on 28 000 US Dollars furthermore if I'm going to be

Looking at the 12 hour time frame for Bitcoin we can actually right now Potentially see that we're once again Running into our some resistance you can Currently see it at the top side of Bitcoin has been getting rejected by This level for approximately six to Seven to even eight times already and Every single time we touch it we see a Small little rejection and yet again we Retested this level and we're seeing a Small movement towards the dancers Getting occurred what I want to be Pointing out here is that yes Bitcoin Point broke bullish Bitcoin officially Broke above thirty thousand dollars but If I'm looking at the 12-hour time frame We are officially still creating a lower High on the RSI while the prime section Is forming a higher high what means that We're currently are still creating a Bearish Divergence on the 12 hour time Frame for Bitcoin so yeah that is very Important to pay attention towards it if I'm just purely going to do my analysis On the horizontals and if Bitcoin is Going to see a retracement towards the Downside that 28.4 to 28.2 K level is Definitely going to be the level where You should keep your eyes wide open on And where I am expecting to see a Significant bounce happening from so Make sure to take that level very Seriously right now in terms of my

Trades I want to be shorting Bitcoin if We do see a rejection from the weekly Time frame what we'll be getting close In four days and 19 hours and of course I want to be still long Bitcoin if it's Going to come down towards this very big Level of major previous resistance that Most certainly will be flipping into Support for Bitcoin right now so they're Going to be many trading opportunities Coming towards us in the coming days Weeks ahead of ourselves and right now What we need to do is basically wait a Little bit patiently for Bitcoin see Where the inflation date is going to Come in at and then it could really tell Us what the next move for Bitcoin is Going to be here but for now on we Should be very patient looking them at The daily volatility for Bitcoin it is Starting to be picking up again and I Expect that today is going to be even More volatile than yesterday we can see That the bullet events are also widening Up again here indicating us right now That the volatility is striking on the Market and since we're today we'll have Another big event here not only of the U.S inflation data but also the fomc Minutes will usually also tend to Generate a lot of volatility and if I'm Looking at the weekly time frame for Bitcoin we can right now see that we're Actually about to be entering the bull

Market stage yet again we're currently Trading below this Lower Side of weekly Support and we're retesting it as Resistance as of this moment we're Trading above it and if we confirm the Weekly candle close above 29.5 k we are Basically officially breaking back above And back inside of the bull market range And this is what I call the bull market Range because in this range right here We were getting supported from the Lower Side what is the level that we're Currently trading against and basically The moment we were trading above it we Always saw exponential price action Towards the upside and Bitcoin from of That low even towards the top side Rallied more than 130 in just a matter Of like 100 days so that is absolutely Incredible and if we can confirm the Breakback above this level we are Confirming the break back in towards the Bull market range here but it is going To be important to see if we confirm the Weekly candle close back in towards this Range yes if I'm looking at let's say The three day or two day time frame we Can right now see that we are actually Breaking above the previous high in Terms of let's say the daily candle Right here like you can see we're Breaking above the daily low and if I'm Looking at the weekly time frame we can See it right now that we have not

Officially confirmed a break above the Weekly low so let's see if we can Confirm that as well here what I still Want to be saying here is that actually Yes on The Daily time frame we could Argue okay right now we're officially Breaking out back in towards the bull Market range here but on the weekly time Frame we can still see this as a major Major level of resistance and I still Want to be a little bit cautious right Here because there could be still a very Big possibility the Bitcoin is going to See a significant rejection and still Move down towards a 25 000 US dollar Range here it is not out of the books Yet here and I want to be warning Everyone out there is that we're Officially on the weekly time frame have Not confirmed a breakout at all towards The upside you can see that these are The two most important levels that you Should be watching on the weekly time Frame and the low is basically 29.4 to 29.5 K and the high is 31.7 k so if we Confirm this weekly candle above 29.5 K The realistic next Target for Bitcoin is Going to be 31.7 or 31 highs in general So that is going to be very important to Look at it's going to be important to See what a weekly candle is going to Come in at and what is also very Important to take in account is that in 16 hours after this video comes live the

Shanghai ethereum update will be getting Released and in this update base Basically people can start to unstake Their ethereum Gladstone is expecting That only one percent of the stakers is Going to unstake their ethereum to sell It and personally I think this Shanghai Update could only have a more bullish Effect on the market why is because Right now people know that if there Starts taking their interior they can Actually withdraw it so this will Probably incentivize more people to Start staking their ethereum what could Of course generate more hype to ethereum More locked up liquidity what means less Cell pressure in the end of the day so I Don't think it's going to be a bad Update on the imminent short term it Could cause some cell pressure wise Because 40 of the stakers are currently In profit and if they do want to be Taking some profits off the table Yeah They could start mistaking their Ethereum and take some profits off the Table so make sure to take it into Account I am bullish for the long term This is definitely a good update for Ethereum this is of course going to Incentivize more people to actually Stake their ethereum I Percy right now I'm staking all my ethereum that I'm Having and I think it's very smart to do I'm doing it for Ledger and I'm making

Like more than 5 four percent and you'll Return so make sure to take an account This was it for me in today's update Video today it will be extremely Important to be watching the data where The inflation is going to come in at be Aware if it comes in below consensus we Will be significantly seeing a pump if It comes in higher than consensus and Especially if the core inflation comes In higher than consensus we will have a Big problem and Bitcoin could see Significant volatility towards the Downside one thing is for sure we will See more volatility today so make sure To stay up to date but anyways thank you So much for watching towards this Amazing new update video if you want to Be trading don't forget to check out buy Within the link in description don't Forget to check out cryptoc the AI Trading algorithm that can help you to Automate your crypto trading strategy Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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