Bitcoin is creating a Bear Flag right Now here and it's what we do know from The fat speech of yesterday is that Jerome Powell is probably going to keep The rates higher for longer and in this Exact video I will talk about what does This mean for Bitcoin what is going to Be happening next with the price section Of Bitcoin will we be holding this Important support and many more Important charts we need to be Discussing right now here so don't Forget to snap up that language on Today's update video okay we smash a Backup of 500 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the image short term and to kick Off the video last week there was once Again no announcement on the Bitcoin Spot ETF grayscale decision so we're Expecting that this could potentially Start to happen somewhere next week Since there has no decision been made Yet so far we're still seeing Bitcoin Very boringly consolidating since there Is no decision made yet so far we're Seeing that Bitcoin is just very Boringly consolidating in the sideways Pattern and potentially we can start to See that Bitcoin is going to create a Move anytime soon but right now it is Weekend and due to the fact that this Weekend we're probably not really

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Expecting a lot of volatility so looking At the four early time frame I am Looking at a very important pattern Because Bitcoin after it created massive Dump towards the downside is when you Start to create a consolidation phase to Indicate the next move is about to be Happening whether it's going to be up or Down here we are right now creating a Bear Flex scenario and this is a typical Bearish bias continuation pattern and if Bitcoin really breaks the uptrend right Here we could start to see potentially Bitcoin to drop further on towards the Downside so I'm going to keep my eyes Wide open on this level if we can breaks Below this very important support I will Be expecting that Bitcoin is going to Drop further and that could of course Mean more bearish price actually for Bitcoin looking at the four early time Frame in general we can currently just See the Bitcoin after the big move Towards the downside has been just only Going sideways and like we had on the Top side we're once again seeing boring Cybers consolidation and this will be Once again happened before a next big Move is going to get initiated so yes Bitcoin remains to be super boring Because yesterday Jerome Paul had a Speech here and basically what we did Learn from the speech is that they're Probably once again going to hike the

Interest rates with another 25 basis Points probably not in the following Meeting but in the meeting after we're Probably going to see an interest rate Hike and this would also mean that the Interest rate hikes are going to stay Higher for longer what could also Massively influence the market at least This is what they are saying and Percy I Think they're bluffing because if they Will be holding the interest rates high Like this I think the US government is Going to devote on its depth currently The depth of the U.S government that They have to pay every single day or That they are creating is 3 billion US Dollars and that is absolutely crazy and With these high interest rates the US Government would have to pay an Approximately 35 on its yearly income on Interest rates payments so the U.S Government is paying more on its debt Than actually spending on other things And that is of course due to the fact That the interest rates is so high so This is of course very interesting Because yes not only you have to be Paying more but the government as well And that could be leading towards a Potential to Vault so very interesting To see this development firstly I think They are bluffing and that is why I Think the rate cuts are still going to Be happening in 2024 of course they're

Also projecting rate cuts are going to Happen in 2024 but they're only Expecting that in the end of 2024 we're Still going to sit around four percent In terms of interest rates and I will be Expecting it's going to be a little bit Lower than that third on if I'm looking At Bitcoin and ethereum the funding Rates are remain to be negative so if You want to be trading Bitcoin or Ethereum go to the link description Because you can currently claim a 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin long or short Position and all you need to do here is Go to the link description of today's Video deposit 100 and if you do that Within seven days you can claim a free 1 000 US dollars xrp or Bitcoin in long or Short position so it's super valuable so Check it out in the link description of Today's update video further on what we Can also see on the daily time frame is That Bitcoin of course remains to be Hovering around at price of twenty five Thousand dollars I think this is the Major support for Bitcoin you can Clearly see it from the past this level Provides very big resistance here you Can see it flipped into support right Now again we've so far not even retested It but if we retest this level it's Going to be making up a very important And interesting level for accumulation So yes I do think that this novel right

Here that we're currently looking at the 24 to 25 000 is a big support level for Bitcoin and I won't be surprised that We're going to be seeing a massive Bounce from off this level of course if I'm looking at Bitcoin in the future We're going to be looking at massive Trend lines towards the downside and in The past as well we've been retesting These trend lines at the point we broke These trend lines was the point where Bitcoin really go went exponential so if Bitcoin is going to see an uptick in the Market I won't be surprised to see a Rejection from over this trend line and Of course once we break above this trend Line that is the point where I will be Expecting Bitcoin could start to be Going more exponentially towards the Upside and if you're going to be Comparing these consolidation phase Towards each other here it took us Approximately 67 days here before Creating an another exponential move Towards the upside and here we've been Already sitting for an approximately 64 To 65 days as well here inside which Boring consolidation towards the Downside while the macro Trend remains To be up so let's see what is going to Be playing at this time around but I do Believe that Bitcoin is probably going To be consolidating between this level Of 25 000 and 32 000 till the remaining

Of this year this is a very bold Prediction but I personally think the Bitcoin is going to be sitting around This range right here till the end of The year and why am I saying so is Because in previous years before the Whole thing Bitcoin always had a super Boring consolidation phase and probably That is what is going to be happening Again here so won't be surprised if this Is actually going to be happening for Bitcoin third on what I really can see Here is 25 to 24 000 is a major support For Bitcoin that I do not really expect This game to be breaking anytime soon Here and if you're looking at Bitcoin of Course we can currently see here that Bitcoin on the weekly time frame is of Course holding on towards 25 000 you can Also approach it from of that inverse And shoulders perspective where you can See a left shoulder at head a right Shoulder and currently we're retesting The neckline so this is an important Level that we're currently retesting and I won't be surprised to see a very Strong Bounce from it but what I really Wants to be pointing out here is that 2023 is the year of accumulation and 2024 is going to be the year of the bull Why is because 2024 is the final Deadline for not only the blackwork spot ETF but also for all these other Bitcoin Sport ETFs here so 2024 is probably the

Year where we're going to get the small Tdfs approved and I can guarantee you That is going to drive massive massive Value in towards the market these Institutions are going to drop in Towards Bitcoin and these regulated Bitcoin sport ETFs have to have a One-on-one decking with their Bitcoin on Their sport ETF with a Bitcoin on the Market so this is is going to cause a Massive squeeze in the market in terms Of interest in Bitcoin but also it's Going to be allowing Bitcoin to be Getting invested by these larger skill Institutions because yes they want to be Buying it for an ETF because then they Can borrow against it they can create Debt against it so that is of course why They're probably going to be buying more Bitcoin through sport ETFs and that is Why I also think it's going to be Definitely the Catalyst for the next Bitcoin Bull Run and it's going to be Happening in 2024 what is also going to Be happening in 2024 is the next Bitcoin Hall thing that is currently only 238 Days away here so I think everything is Lining up for 2024. right now this is The year of accumulation and 2004 is Getting to be the year off the bull so Get ready for that right now here if You're just looking at Bitcoin on a Bigger perspective you can currently see It's in a macro uptrend here and

Basically right now we're just seeing a Minor retracement on a larger scale Uptrend and I still think and I will be Saying this that I will be at least Accumulating more and more because I am Preparing for the next Bull Run I didn't Bowl Bitcoin for the bear Market Directly I am buying Bitcoin for the Next Bull Run and the way to the sport ETFs already getting in towards the Market we could easily do a four to five X from here um and these are very very Easy predictions and easily reachable Predictions that uh are probably going To be playing out for Bitcoin so looking Also at the macd here we can currently See on the monthly time frame the macd Is crossing bullish again here uh we're About to potentially have a bearish School server again here we saw Something similar in the bear Market of 2020 so let's see how it's going to be Playing at that basically wants a Buy Signal flashes on the macd here on the Monthly time frame it is historically Speaking a good sign for accumulation And the last thing I want to be saying Here is that this is not the time to be Buying Auckland yet so if you're really Looking to be buying all coins massively In the spirit in the market I think you Should be waiting a little bit here Before the opportunity gets a little bit Better and of course if the opportunity

Gets very well to be buying all coins You will be the first one to know here On the channel because I will be of Course addressed this because I've been Talking about the cycle many many times Before and once the time is there to be Starting to ape in towards all coins I'm Going to be doing it again here and I'm Going to be making tons of money and I Will be showing you guys this on the Channel so thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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