There's a 3.4 billion US dollar worth of Crypto assets that are going to get sold Off in the coming 17 weeks and also this Wednesday we're going to get the core CPI data with good really favor the Bulls in this case so in this exact Video I will talk about what this means For the market I will talk about the Most important charts for Bitcoin I will Talk about the most important support And resistance on the internet short Term an insane transaction that paid More than 500 000 US dollars in fees and Many more important stuff so can we once Again Smash Up the likes back above 400 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the image short Term here for Bitcoin and once diving in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin we can straight away see here Only image short term Bitcoin create That CME Gap and basically we were Trading significantly below the CME Gap But just like I've been predicting while We were not meeting the CME close price On the beginning of the Monday we Straight away pumped towards the upside Filled up that CME get and move towards The downside so so right now we've Filled up to see me get what is of Course definitely very beautiful news to See so once again another weekend and Another perfect weekend prediction and

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Basically if we're zooming out on Bitcoin nothing has really once again Happened here looking at the four Lake Time frame I'm still approaching this Range exactly the same like I did two Weeks ago here I think 24.8k is the Ultimate support and that's going to be Reached if we do break potentially below This level if we break below this level Right here I think 24.8k is going to get Reached and that is also the liquidity Range where previously around we saw That big wig heading hit towards the Downside and if we can manage to see Bitcoin go down to 24.8k I will be Personally be a massive buyer and right Now for the image short term there's Just not a lot of stuff happening and Bitcoin is just hovering around on this Price and if we can manage to be Breaking Upwards and we break above the 26.7 K level I think the next resistance Is going to be somewhere around 27.8k The previous high in the market so this Is what's going on on the minute short Term there is not a lot we are currently Creating a bullies that virgins on the 12 hour time frame for Bitcoin but yeah Bitcoin is just not moving so I can't Really talk about the image short term And what currently is going on here Yesterday there was a transaction on Bitcoin that actually paid more than 500 000 US Dollars on fees what is

Absolutely crazy and probably what Happened is that the guy that sent the Transaction put in a lot of satoshi's to Get first and towards the transaction But someone mined 500 000 worth of Bitcoin so the miner must be very happy Further on before I go back into Bitcoin I quickly want to be saying something by Solana and I can really see the people In the comments that are really taking It up for Solana but it was the same Like the last Bull Run there there's a Very big cult following on Solana but Personally Solana looks very dead to me The total value Lux is at a low point And it is literally down more than 99 Here from its ultimate the total value Locked here and also at this point we Know that FTX is holding more than 685 Million US dollars worth of Solana and They're going to be liquidating these Salanas over the course of the coming Years so yeah you should be very careful With uh you know thinking about buying Solana because literally the amounts That FTX is going to sell is 10 of the Circulating Supply and that will be Having a massive influence on the price And I know they can't sell it off Straight away and they said that they Were only going to sell off 200 million Dollars worth of crypto assets every Single week but it will be definitely Have a devastating effect on Solana and

If you're zooming out on Solana and so Many people are so excited about Solana And I said it also on the Range High on The top side right here please get away From it Solana may be down let me say This correctly Lana may be Dan currently 93 from its Autumn high but it could Literally go another 95 down here and That would mean if you were buying it Right now it's going to be another 35 Decreasement on price so you have to Understand the risk of buying Solana in This point in my opinion is extremely High yes you could potentially make some Profits from it but I am always looking At a risk to rewards at standpoint and I Personally don't really think it's a Good risk to reward also the same same With binance is it a good risk to reward To hold all your coins on binance no I Don't think so literally the auditor of The report of their backing of their Cryptocurrencies has been a Self-verification so can we once again Trust this report from binance I Personally very much doubted so if you Want to be trading or buying Cryptocurrencies and you're holding Everything on binance make sure to start To look elsewhere as well and if you Want to be trading I am doing it on by Bit I trust by bit with my complete Heart and by the way buy bit is the only Exchange that's currently still growing

On their balance on exchanges and also On their user base so that's pretty Interesting so if you want to be trading There's an insane deposit bonus if you Want to be trading go to the link Description of today's video sign up an Account using this link right here and If you do so you only need to deposit 100 and you can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars deposit bonus for only Depositing 100 and it's only going to be Valid if you sign up an account using That video link description of today's Video so make sure to go below and sign Up your account right now here also this Week is going to be attack with Volatility first of all tomorrow we're Going to get the Apple event and you see That leads to work some volatility Across the stock market but Wednesday And Thursday we're going to get some Very important days first of all Wednesday we're going to get the core Inflation and the regular inflation and Since the core inflation remains to be So sticky the prediction for this coming Wednesday the core inflation looks to be Dropping by 0.4 percent and that is Quite significant because we haven't Seen such a significant drop in a while Right now and that would mean really That the core inflation is going to come Down and inflation in general and that Would maybe give the FED a reason to

Start cutting rates and if we're going To be looking at the forecast about what Their fed is going to be doing with Their rates currently the consensus is Is that in the midpoint of 2024 we're Going to start to see the rate costs Really take place maybe if something Catastrophic happens in the meantime With a banking collapse or whatsoever we Could start to see the rates getting cut Earlier but right now the consensus is Mid 2024 we're going to start to see the Rate Cuts amid to 2024 is also the point That the Bitcoin Halloween is going to Happen so I'm actually quite excited About 2024 because yeah 2024 is also the Year of the Bitcoin sport ETF that is Going to be inevitably happening in my Opinions and if money creation is easier Bitcoin is only becoming more attractive So that is super exciting if you would Ask me the meantime Bitcoin is hanging On daily support and you have to zoom Out in these periods of time guys we're Right now in a bear market and this is The time for accumulation so that is why I'm not really discussing the image Short term here because there's just not A lot of stuff happening but looking at The weekly time frame you can see Clearly this upper sloping support line This is the Bitcoin Hall thing this is The previous whole thing the whole thing Before that and you really want to be

Holding at least until that whole thing Because after the whole thing you always Can see that exponential rally right and That is what I'm expecting again here so Give it at least two years before we're Going to see a more exponential rally For Bitcoin and the coming year is Probably going to be very boring for Bitcoin it's probably going to be super Sideways but if Bitcoin were to be going Down here it would be a gift and if Bitcoin were to come down I think the Worst case scenario is twenty two Thousand dollars and that will be a Retest of the legendary support line so I will be keeping my eyes wide open on That the legendary support line is also Meeting somewhat of resistance here on The top side and potentially we are Going to start to see a gigantic Breakout happening in 2024 and that is Really where I'm looking out for at this Current point of time because yes the Whole thing would have been at that Point and also that is the moment where Bitcoin can start to see new exponential Rallies so yeah Bitcoin is looking quite Excited a lot of things is going to be Happening this week here so keep your Eyes wide open on it and also this Thursday we're going to see the PPI Reports hit the market so that was it For me in today's update video thanks so Much for watching and I'll see you guys

On the next one peace out goodbye

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