Bitcoin is creating a bullish Hammer Candle on the daily time frame world is Right now confirming a bullish Divergence ends this is the decisive Moment of the falling wedge pattern so All the things are coming together right Now and in this exact video I will give A very big update on my traits I will Talk about these very important patterns And many more important charts we need To discuss right now so don't forget to Slap off the line button on today's Update video can we smash it back up at 500 that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the image short Term for Bitcoin and yesterday we saw a Big move towards the downside before Once again we're covering back towards The upside and in the end of the day There was once again not a lot of new Stuff happening because Bitcoin if You're looking at the bigger perspective Is still trading around at 29.1 K and Basically for approximately the last two Weeks Bitcoin has been trading around This region it has been super boring and So far we've not really clearly seen the Net X direction for Bitcoin on the four Hourly time frame however we can Currently start to see that we're Creating this very important downward Solving resist line first we only got Rejected twice from up this level but

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Now also we've seen another retest of This level and we got rejected again on This four hourly candle and so far you Can also clearly see Bitcoin is holding The support level around 28.8k every Single time so far we've been retesting It we've been bouncing from of this Level so I will be looking at this level The 28.8k as the most important support For Bitcoin because yes if we do break Below it we are probably going to go Much much lower but if we do break above The resistance yeah we're probably going To see much more upside so yes Bitcoin Remains to be boring but we want to be Seeing the next move getting generated Only for early time frame right now we Actually created a lower low the wall Effect the RSI creates an higher low What means that we're currently creating And seeing a bully's Divergence on the 4 Hourly time frame for Bitcoin and this Could also start to mean the Bitcoin is Going to see some more upside here the Last time we created bullies The Virgins Was right here where can create of Course a lower level on the price Section higher low on the RSI and Bitcoin had a massive run up here to Thirty thousand dollars so yeah we could See something similar this time around And of course looking at the horizontals There's not a lot of things going on Right now here and really we need to

Just break above the resistance on the Top side the 29.7 K in order for Bitcoin To be flipping bullish but we can Currently also clearly spot this new Important damage helping resist line From off the top side looking at the Daily time frame and just quickly Looking at the daily candle we created Yesterday Bitcoin had first a big wig Towards the downside and after that it Closed the candle in green and this is Of course a bullish Hammer candle for Bitcoin and last time I ran we also Created one but unfortunately it didn't Play out here but this is once again a Bullish signal in the market that the Market is looking to be reversing so so The candle we generated yesterday is Definitely a very bullish signal for the Market and that is super excited in my Opinion because currently we're still Trading in the falling watch pattern I've been talking about the falling Ridge pattern for quite a while right Now and doing be exact we've been Trading in this bedroom for more than 48 Days right now here and while we've been Trading in this pattern the volume for Bitcoin has been rapidly decreasing and Really where we were waiting for is a Breakout of this pattern because if we Do break outside of this pattern that Could be the point where Bitcoin can Start to see the breakout really take

Place so yes there are still a chances That Bitcoin is going to be breaking Bearish if it does decide to be breaking Bearish my price Target is 25 000 and of Course if we break bullish the price Target on the top side is going to be a Renter's level here on the top side that Is sitting around 31.5 K so keep your Eyes wide open on this level right here The daily time frame for Bitcoin is also Still creating a bull flag and a Bullflex scenario could also be breaking Out as soon as we do break the daily Downtrend of course looking at my trades I remain to be longing on bitcoin Because yes I'm still expecting that in The end of the day we're going to see The next move towards the officer Getting created and of course on my Bible trade I'm in a very small loss Here my Bitcoin and ethereum position But like I've said here if Bitcoin Released going to come down to twenty Eight thousand dollars I'm going to Double down on my margin but so far I Didn't have the opportunity yet so far If you are interested in trading Yourself because if you go to the link Of today's video you can actually claim The post bonus up to thirty thousand Dollars on bodybed and all you need to Do here is sign up an account and Deposit 100 and you will be eligible for These deposit bonuses so go to the link

Description and check it out right now Further on we can actually also see that The volatility for Bitcoin remains to be Super low we do know this the Bitcoin Historical volatility is as low on The Daily time frame as December 2022 what Was of course the beginning point of This entire rally towards the upside and The period where Bitcoin is currently Sitting in is already 32 days here and The volatility for Bitcoin has never Been so low for such a long period of Time and looking at the weekly time Frame we do know that this volatility Where we are currently looking at has Historically never been seen before in History of Bitcoin so this is super Exciting Bitcoin volatility is super low And this is only indicating there's Going to be a big move happening further On we do know that in exactly two days 48 hours from now on we will have the CPI data hit the markets and like you Can see from the previous locations Usually once the CPI data comes out There Bitcoin tends to be super volatile Of course if we're looking at the Expectations it's not really looking That good right now here I mean the core Inflation remains to be sticky and Inflation looks to be increasing a Little bit here so yeah if we want to Really call about which direction the Market is heading towards it would

Really depends about where the data is Going to come in at and I will be live Streaming this event in exactly two days From now on but don't forget to Subscribe to the Channel with the Bell Notifications enabled because then you Will be getting notified when I will be Doing this live stream of course on The Daily time frame for Bitcoin we remain To be seeing this legendary support line Towards the upside as long as we're Holding it it's looking quite okay here And of course if we're going to be Looking at the gigantic next breakout For Bitcoin I'm just going to be looking At this pattern right here because yes It is very simple if you're looking at Bitcoin you're zooming out there there Is just one gigantic breakout happening Any time soon here and this breakout Will be happening happening in an Approximately 28 days here so you can See we've still got a room a little bit Of room left here but as soon as we do Break below support or break above Resistance that is really the point Where I expect the big Market moves are Going to take a place so yes Keep Your Eyes Wide Open Bitcoin is squeezing the Price action in right now here and once That happens we are going to probably See a massive move for Bitcoin and you Can see it also on the weekly time frame We're creating a gigantic pattern maybe

We're going to see another rejection if We come down to twenty thousand dollars It will be a legendary opportunity to Accumulate more Bitcoin so make sure to Be keeping your focus right now on the Market if Bitcoin were ever to come down Back to twenty thousand dollars I am Going to be buying massively in towards This market so if that will happen I Will of course let you guys know here That yeah you can clearly see we're Creating this legendary support line Last time around I also talked about it The moment we retested it was the Perfect opportunity to be accumulating So if we will ever see you read this of This level I will be history to be Notified everyone out there on the Channel and of course one final warning I want to be ending the video with Bitcoin is still creating a bearish Divergence on the weekly time frame and That could maybe cause Bitcoin to having Some struggles in the near future so Keep your eyes wide open on that here But currently what it will be looking at Here is of course the bullish Hammer Candle that we're creating of course on The image short term we can be creating This new consolidation phase right here And really what you want to be seeing Here is either a breakup of resistance Or a break below support to really call The next move for Bitcoin but yes for

Now on bitcoin remains to be boring We're still not breaking out we have to Be waiting a little bit longer but one Thing is for sure the breakout is coming Closer and closer As Time continues so Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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