Bitcoin is currently trading as critical Support while we are seeing that an Historic signal on the price chart of Bitcoin is once again repeating so I Will be exactly discussing this on Today's update video and much more Important stuff on the image short term Because right now Bitcoin looks to be Creating an entire new consolidation Phase that will be breaking out anytime Soon here so make sure to watch this Video till the end it's going to be a Very important one can we once again Smash Up the likes back about 500 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That of being said let me jump straight Away in towards the chart once looking At the image shorter for Bitcoin we can Start to see that on the one hour time Frame Bitcoin is clearly creating a Downward solving trend line and as soon As Bitcoin breaks the downward sloping Resist line that is the point where you Could start to see a reversal happening On the price chart of Bitcoin so that One hour time frame for Bitcoin is right Now creating a very important Consolidation phase and we're just Waiting to see when we're going to be Seeing this breakout and I will be Keeping my eyes wide open on this price Chart right here and as soon as we do Either break above the resistance or Break below the support it's going to

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Tell us a more clearer Direction about Where we're really heading toward also On the one hour time frame we can Currently still see that the 27.5 K Previously Iran provided significant Support here it flipped into resistance And currently it is once again acting as Resistance right now in the imminent Short term so that is also a very Important thing we're currently looking At we can currently see that we're Trading against it and I've been saying This for quite a while if we do confirm A break back Above This level it's going To be a very bullish thing for Bitcoin But right now we're just trading against Resistance so I wouldn't necessarily Open up a long position while Bitcoin is Trading against resistance because that Just doesn't make any sense for me so so Be on high alert right now for the image Short term because Bitcoin could Definitely see a significant rejection From off this level furthermore we can See an important downtrend getting Created here on the four hourly time Frame and on the 12 hour time frame We're creating this new consolidation Phase the that will probably see a Breakout anytime soon I do really like The down solving trend line here from The top side we're seeing a lot of touch Points getting generated from of this Level what makes this level a very

Important level to be looking at and Like you can see we've got already four Touch points on this downward sloping Trend line what means that this is a Valid trend line to be looking at and on The airport sloping support line we got About three touch points so that one is A little bit less significant but we can Clearly start to see that we're creating Somewhat of a new consolidation phase Then they were expecting to see a Breakout happening for Bitcoin anytime Soon here yesterday I decided to close Up my short position and wait a little Bit longer here before I see a more Clearer breakout what I'm going to be Waiting for for me to open up a new Position is whether Bitcoin is going to Be breaking out of this consolidation Phase right here because yeah it could Still also break towards the upside I Was making about 2.6 K in profit I Already closed down 700 so I made an Approximately 3.2 K in profit I did Tweak my profit and right now I will Just casually wait before I do see Clearly where the next move is heading Towards for Bitcoin as soon as we do see A breakout of this pattern right here I'm going to be opening up a new trade Here so if you're interested in my Trades don't forget to follow me on this Channel and more importantly don't Forget to check out the links in the

Description if you are interested in Trading yourself because you can Actually right now claim the possible Bonus up to thirty thousand dollars if You sign up an account using the link in Description so if you're interested in Trading make sure to create an account Using the link description because Without this link it's only a 4 000 US Dollar deposit bonus so it's definitely A win-win scenario if you are interested In trading to sign up using the link in Description furthermore we can see that Bitcoin is still creating a daily bull Flag and the price chart could still see A significant rally towards the upside As soon as we do break the down sloping Trend line and at the same time we're Creating a falling wedge here there are Different approaches on the price chart Of Bitcoin right now you could be Approaching it like a bullfrog you could Be approaching like a falling wedge but One thing is for sure we're coming Closer and closer towards a potential Breakout you can see it here on the 12 Hour time frame you can see it here on The bull flag you can see it here on the Falling wedge there are different kinds Of patterns in creation right now here And they're all pointing towards one Gigantic move that is going to be Occurring anytime soon for the price Section of Bitcoin and also this chart

Right here is indicating that there's Going to be a big move anytime soon here The bullet events is extremely narrow And to be exact it's as narrow as the Beginning of April as the beginning of February as the beginning of this year And many other occasions but if they Were so low in volatility the Bitcoin Volatility always picked up a couple Days slash weeks after that make sure You get ready for it I'm not saying Bitcoin is going to be exploding Tomorrow I'm not saying Bitcoin is going To be volatile tomorrow but we are Seeing that volatility is most likely Going to be picking up anytime soon here Then we can also see the 100 daily Moving average actually providing Support for Bitcoin right now on this Very important trend line and that is Making it extremely interesting to see This level you can see in the past that This level basically provides Significant rejections here you can see That basically every single time we Touch this level we saw significant Rejection and right now we're finally Finding support on this level what makes It very interesting and this was also The one of the many reasons why I did Decide to take some profits on my trade Here because yeah there's definitely a Possibility Bitcoin could be bouncing From it and for me to really see what is

Going to be happening next for Bitcoin Is just going to be on the breakout Right here on the 12 hour or on the Daily patterns that we're currently Creating so I'm going to be just a Little bit more careful before saying That Bitcoin only can go down right so Furthermore we can see that on the Weekly time frame Bitcoin is about to be Having that Weekly bearish MCD cross That is still actually quite a bearish Thing that's currently playing out and This is the first bearish macd cross That's going to happen in an Approximately 300 days so that is Definitely a very very signal that we're Currently spawning here on the market But at the same time if I'm looking at The bigger perspective we can see History is repeating Bitcoin upsided Every single time once it was trading in This red range of the super guppy it was Basically a good time to accumulate so Just like it was in the previous bear Market just like it was in the bear Market before the this bear Market as Well it was a good time to accumulate Once the super guppy was red I've been Saying this many many times on Twitter I've been saying this many times on my Channel as well and right now we can see That we're entering the gray stage again What means that we could potentially Start to see that next phase happen in

The market right and the next phase is Basically the recovery of the bear Market and after the recovery with the Bear Market the Bitcoin whole thing Comes and we tend to see of course an Exponential rally so just like years While recovery and then the exponential Rally so it takes usually a similar Approach here so I'm expecting we're Going to see something similar we are Recovering and after that we could see Some Cyrus action and then the bull Market starts and Bitcoin is going to go Exponential again and the reason why I Think it's going to be happening again Is due to the Bitcoin halving Approximately 300 days out before the Big next Bitcoin holding is going to Occur 300 days it's just nothing time Flames flies in crypto so make sure you Get ready for it it's going to be Happening in April 2024 and after that I'm expecting the exponential price Really is going to start for Bitcoin so I expect the price charge is going to be Quite boring this year but after the Bitcoin Hall thing I think we're going To be absolutely sending it towards the Upside so make sure you get to get ready For it history is once again repeating Also if you're just purely looking at The EMA ribbon on the weekly time frame You can basically see always once the Email ribbon is red it's a good time to

Be buying Bitcoin currently we are Actually still right here and if I'm Zooming in here you can see that we're Finding also some close support here on The email ribbon so so the email ribbon Once again also telling us a good story Here about what happened on the price Chart of Bitcoin currently we're finding Some support on it and the question Really is when are we going to be Crossing bullish again here the only Bigger perspective does nothing really Changes here for me it's a long-term Game here this is the time to accumulate Long term I'm extremely bullish for Bitcoin short term we could still go Down here and if we go down you know my Price Target my price Target is this Previous high on the market that's going To come in around 24 to 25 000 if Bitcoin goes down towards that level I'm Going to be deploying more than 100 000 US dollars on a gigantic Bitcoin long Position so don't don't forget to Subscribe to the channel right now here Because I will give you guys my exact Entry and I will show you guys exactly On how I'm going to be trading this so Thank you so much for watching towards Amazing new update video on the channel I hope to see you guys on the next one And peace out goodbye

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