Right now the Bitcoin 12 hour MCD is About to cross bullish again and this is A very interesting signal that right now Is Flushing I will be discussing this And much more on today's update video I Will be of course go over my trade how I'm preparing for the next Bull Run I Will be talking about many more Important things that currently are Playing out in this market also the Dollar Index because currently this is Flashing an insane signal that you need To be knowing right now here so don't Forget to watch this video till the end As well don't forget to slap off that Like button can we once again smash your Deck about 400 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and initially once Looking at the one hour time frame for Bitcoin there is not necessarily a lot Of interesting things playing out right Now but we can currently clearly see That this previous very important Support box is currently flipping into Resistance like you can see So currently I think the 16.9 to 17 000 first is the Main resistance we need to be breaking And if soon as soon as we do break Above This level I honestly do expect we could Be expect to see that further Continuation happening towards the Upside so that is the thing I'm

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Currently really looking forward towards To see you break Above This level you Can clearly see over the past 12 to 24 Hours we've been seeing a lot of Rejections from of this level and that Is also the reason why I really want to Be seeing a break Above This level Happening right now on the four early Time frame yeah there's not a lot of Things changing here we can currently See that we're still training in this Wider range here we're still Consolidating in this boring price range For a Bitcoin and on the immature term We are confirming lower lows and lower Highs and as soon as we do break this Trend we could be expecting to see more Upside but as long as we're in this Trend we are expecting the continuation Towards the downside is only more than Likely so I will be also still Anticipate that on the 12 hour time Frame right now we can currently start To see that the macd is starting to Cross bullish on bitcoin and that is Definitely a good development the Crossover is coming closer and closer And like you can see compared to the Previous drop-off and also if you look At the moving average we're forming a Significant higher low here so it means That currently the cell pressure is Really disappearing in the market what Means that we could potentially start to

See a potential bottom formation Happening in the market right now what I'm definitely definitely very excited For and that is also the reason why I'm Definitely paying attention towards this Insane signal that currently is flashing Historically speaking once we cross Bullish we tend to see of course an Imminent short-term relief in the market Historically speaking also right here Also right here also we cross bullish Right here we saw small little relief so Usually this happens this follows after A bullish goes over on the 12th hour MCD We tend to see a short-term relief here Of course we saw some fake out sorts a Downside and right now we've been Trading in a bearish territory for a Little bit longer but we're about to Cross bullish once again and that is Definitely a good thing to see yesterday And I mean almost every single day I Keep repeating this but this is very Important the most important resistance Is 18.7 K if we do break above this blue Box of resistance I honestly think we're Going to flip extremely bullish if I'm Zooming out here on this trend on the One hour time frame you can clearly Still see okay the one hour time frame Is still clearly trading in the Downtrend right so as soon as we do Break this downtrend right here so Really above that previous high around

21.5 k then the daily time frame is also Going to be entering a bullish Trend and That is also the point Where I will be probably skilled of my Long position even more so I am already In a long position currently I am in a 1.7 as 7x long position this is quite a Small long position it's an Approximately one hundred thousand Dollars that I deployed in this trade Right now here but if we are going to go Lower I will double down my margin and If we're going to go higher and break Above these previous highs I will also Up my leverage and get a better position From up that point so however the market Is going to develop I will be most Likely add more margin towards the Straight this is just the beginning Trade of mine currently it's a 100 000 Trade and I am looking to scale my trade Up to an approximately one million Dollars so if you are interested in Trading yourself as well you can do so On vibrate or bid Gap bitcat allows you To trade from the US without kyc without VPN without using anything so if you are Interested in that make sure to check Out the links in the description because You also will receive an additional Deposit bonus on top of your already Deposited funds that you are making on The bit Yeah Exchange make sure to check It out right now here further on if we

Are going to be looking at the daily Time frame for Bitcoin and opening up The bullet events we can start to see That the price section for Bitcoin is Yet again squeezing in here it's Squeezing in just like we were doing in The yeah previously around we of course Widered a little bit here but once again We're narrowing what means that we are Probably going to start to see even more Volatility happening for Bitcoin in the Coming days ahead of ourselves and that Makes it once again very interesting to Trade in this exact price range right Now here and that is also why we'll keep My eyes wide open on the current price Range we're trading in also I want to be Pointing it out the three-day super Transfer Bitcoin is an extremely Important indicator to look at because This will be determining whether we're Going to be entering a bullish or Bearish Trend you can see it in the Previous bear Market the whole time Where the the three day super transfer Was bearish who basically moved down Once we cross bullish we moved up once We were bearish we came down etc etc so Basically what I'm also waiting for is a Potential bullish across on the Three-day super trend for Bitcoin once That happens you will be the first one To know be notified here on the channel Or on my Twitter page or anywhere on my

Socials because this will be a very Important signal to look out for and to Be exact if I will be looking where this Is going to come in at it's somewhere Around 19.7 K currently so if we come in Around 19.7 K that is the point where we Could be seeing the bullish cost offer Happening for the three day super Trend Indicators so I am personally definitely Looking forward towards to see this Crossover happening and once it does Happen that will be the turning point For the Bitcoin Trend then quickly still Looking at the monthly candles because If I'm looking to bitcoin at the monthly Candle we know it's going to close them 10 days from now on and if this one Closes it means that the next Bitcoin Hall thing is only going to be 396 days Away from us so I'm 10 days from now on The next Bitcoin whole thing is less Than 400 days away from us and if we Look at the previous bottom the previous Bottom was formed 456 days to the next Bitcoin whole thing and right now we're Already sub 400 so the bottom in my Opinion it's closer and closer as time Goes on here and especially in this Region we're currently trading in I Think the bottom is either already in or It is ridiculously close right now and That is why I think and I believe that This is a good time to DCA to get your Position in the market that is at least

What I am doing and that is of course Um the way how I will be benefiting Maximally from the next Bull Run because I am accumulating in the exact bear Market bottom because that is of course Why the biggest returns are coming from And just even in the bear Market at the End of the bear Market you could already Make a two to three hundred percent gain Just like it was back in June 2019 so Make sure to keep your eyes wide open up Will we once again get into the new year Another significant rally because last Year the bottom was also formed in December 2018 and right now this candle Will work early in is also December 2022 Exactly four years later so the four Year cycle is still intact and this was A thing I I definitely needed to say but Do whatever you think is necessarily With this information of course we are Creating still that Weekly falling wedge Falling wedges are a typical bullish Vice continuation patterns and this is Definitely one of my most beautiful Falling wedges I have seen in a very Long time here at the same time we are Having a legendary support line Balancing the prime section of Bitcoin And so far we're once again seeing yet Again another bands from off this level But let me right now get in towards the Most important part of the video maybe The most important part of the video but

That is the dollar Index compared to Bitcoin if you don't know already the Dollar Index is invert correlated to Bitcoin and once the dollar Index moves Up Bitcoin usually moves down and once The dollar Index moves down Bitcoin Usually moves up and look at the very Interesting significance from the dollar Index to bitcoin so the dollar Index is At the bottom and that equals the top For Bitcoin the dollar Index here was at The top and that equaled the bottom for Bitcoin or basically the start of the Next Bull Run right here the dollar Index was topping and that equaled the Bottom for for Bitcoin then of course we Had that rally and the dollar Index Dropped and Bitcoin moved up look about What currently is going down here the Dollar Index drops out Bitcoin bottoming Question mark is Bitcoin right now Bottoming since the dollar Index is Stopping out I mean historically Speaking for the past five to six years It has been playing out like this but of Course we're only going to know if it is Really a bottom in a few months or even A year from now on so whether this is The exact bottom we will only know it After the bottom is in and after we have Seen the next rally for Bitcoin and Usually it takes like a couple years to Confirm okay this was really the bottom And that is why it's very hard to catch

Exact bottoms right only what I'm doing I'm dollar cost averaging also because The dollar Index is moving down of Course of this a very important Indicator I have me showing you guys Right here and also the following match There are many things pointing towards One Direction and that is why I'm dollar Calls averaging and that's why I'm Taking a position in the market I'm very Much aware we can go lower but this is Also a very interesting signal that Currently is flashing so make sure to to Do whatever you feel comfortable doing With this thing what you're seeing in The Market at least I am currently Building up my swing trade position Because I want to be longing the exact Bear Market bottom and that is also Exactly what I'm currently doing so make Sure that you have your own strategy to Trade this market and thank you so much For watching towards amazing new update Video If you do enjoy don't forget to Slap out that like button subscribe to The channel it will be absolutely lovely And I'll see you guys in the next one Peace out goodbye

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