The first Bitcoin spot ETF is literally Coming within the coming 75 days will Affect more than 84% of the total supply Of Bitcoin has not moved in over six Months now so I will be exactly Discussing this what does it mean for Bitcoin on the ime short term what Happened yesterday because Bitcoin Yesterday had a small dump towards the Downside but is already recovering back Towards the upside I will discuss the Weekend predictions and many more Important charts so without any further Ado don't for foret to slap up that like Button and let me jump straight away in Towards the content and yes since it's Once again weekend right now here we Will be looking at another creation of a CME Gap I mean honestly yeah last Weekend we also created a CME Gap Hanging around 30 to$ 29,000 fortunately that c Me Gap did not Go f filled up but we did clearly Created one and right now once again we Are potentially going to create another One over the course of the weekend Depending what Bitcoin is going to do But this week at around the CI close Price is 34.1k so if Bitcoin is going to Trade below or significantly above it That is the point where we could Potentially create a c Gap so let's see Right now for the price where Bitcoin is Currently trading on we are trading at

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The exact CME close price here so this Is perfectly so I am expecting that over The course of the weekend Bitcoin is Going to be hovering somewhere around This $ 34,000 us region and of course Yes if we're trading significantly below It we're probably going to see a pump Over the course of the end of the Weekends and also vice versa we're Trading above it and of course yes last Weekend we did create a CME Gap but you Have to understand that nine out of the 10 times Bitcoin usually tends to fill Up the CME gaps either on the Monday or Already on the Sunday so that is why It's more likely that we're probably Going to hover around $34,000 us for the Remaining of this weekend further on we Can see that on the imature term for Bitcoin Bitcoin is right now creating a Beautiful consolidation phase here you Can clearly see it is still holding on To ours $34,000 and the longer we're going to Consolidate on this region the more Bullish it is going to be eventually Because yes we're going to see more Distribution from people that actually Are willing to sell their Bitcoins and We're going to see accumulation from People who are actually interested on Buying it so yesterday we saw a small Little fake out Bitcoin went towards the Downside and actually this was the point

Where the majority of the liquidations Laid so what did we saw we saw a lot of Liquidations took place and then Bitcoin Bounced back towards the upside so the End of the day a very very very Interesting structure to see for Bitcoin Right now if we're going to do something S similar we're probably going to go up To 34.5km below us so that is interesting For the Bitcoin price action because They were literally hunting stop losses And then also important to understand That this is really the time where you Should be zooming out here because Literally in 75 days from now on we're Going to get the Bitcoin spot ETF and Literally from time to approval to time Going on the market is only going to Take 75 days here so it will probably Only Take 5 days at at least that was The time that it had for the ethereum Futures ETF so this could probably go Very quickly and due to that the market Will probably not be able to actually Price in the shift of the month and that Could really cause a massive price surch In the price section of Bitcoin so yes Bitcoin is currently sitting on $34,000 But once the Bitcoin SP DF gets accepted I probably think it's going to even Search further on towards the upside From of that point onward so I am super Excited about Bitcoin still we remain to

Be holding above 34,000 And you have to also understand that Actually the point that Bitcoin broke Above 31.5k was basically the point Where we started this more exponential Movement towards the upside and Basically this break back in towards This bull market territorium so if Bitcoin will ever have a potential Retest of 31.5k I will be the one that Actually is going to be opening up a Massive long position over there so I'm Going to look closely if we potentially Are going to retest it but that would Definitely be a very big gift if we Potentially could open up a trade over There and this statistic actually blows My mind because 84% of the total Bitcoin Supply has not moved longer than 6 Months right now what means that more And more suppliers getting inactive or Are becoming long-term Believers and This is making it only more likely and Only more easy for Bitcoin to actually Go up and you know what's interesting While Bitcoin has been actually surging This number has been going down as well So of course we have seen some Short-term activity but in general it Has been coming down so still people are Holding still people think $34,000 that Is way too cheap to sell of my Bitcoin And that is making myself super excited For the market right now here one thing

That is actually coming down massively Right now here is the S&P 500 it is Crashing down here more than 11% down From its high and currently there is a Lot of people saying that the S&P 500 is Heading down for a massive crash here Honestly there's so many people right Now saying that we're going to crash in The S&P 500 that for me it's becoming Less and less likely that that is Actually going to be happening because That is usually what happens in these Markets but indeed S&P 500 is crashing Bitcoin is going up gold is also going Up here so Bitcoin and gold are Definitely the flight of safeties right Now here and especially Bitcoin since Bitcoin has been performing so well and Government bonds are even more down than Bitcoin right now here and yeah the real Boomers they always said that you should Be investing in government bonds because It's safe but if we're looking at Bitcoin Bitcoin looks to be a little bit More safe than these government bonds so A lot of things are changing right now In the financial world and Bitcoin is Really making a name for itself right Now in this market so beautiful to see Bitcoin holding $34,000 broke of the dam Soing resistance line and guys if you Want to be trading this you could do so Now on buybit because bybit is Definitely one of the best exchanges to

Be trading Bitcoin at if you're write a Sign up account using that link below Make sure to do it right now here Because as the boss bonus is ending in Four days from now on guys you can Actually claim a free $1,000 air drop Position for only depositing $100 and All you need to do is just sign up Account using the link below complete KC Deposit $100 within 7 days and you can Claim this insane deposit bonus so make Sure to check it out in the link Description the Bitcoin broke this Massive down soing resistance line and Of course we are currently looking at These most important levels of Resistance I think the next big level of Resistance is 36.5k right now as well in The weekly the mecd is actually Crossing Bullish right now here what is also a Gigantic development for the price Section of Bitcoin but personally if You're looking at the market closely 31.5 to 31.7k is the big support below Us so we will be looking very closely Towards these levels and once Bitcoin Breaks above it that is the point where We could see of course the massive Continuation really start to take place Here so that is of course very important To understand right now here but also For the price action of Bitcoin we can Currently see here is that Bitcoin is Literally breaking above the most

Important resistance because this was Marking the bare market territorium and This is marking the bull market Territorium above it so we're currently Literally entering the bull market Territorium again after 600 days of Bearish consolidation and I mean I see So many people talking about altcoins And I have literally said this since the Bitcoin dominance was at 40% or 55% I've Been saying I've been bullish bullish on It but more importantly I've been saying Not to be buying allcoins right now here Because honestly yeah there are a few Altcoins that are exploding left and Right but in the bigger perspective this Is not the time to be buying altcoins so I mean at the point where the Bitcoin Dominus drops here that is the point Where you want to be going into altcoins Because that is all season that is where You can make a ton of money and I mean Literally the two times that Bitcoin Broke its ultim high that was the point Where you should have stepped in towards All coins and that is why I'm going to Be waiting very closely again here Because I think there's going to be a Better opportunity anytime soon to step Into alins again here and it will be a Ton of money to be made with all coins Again yes it will be a ton of money to Made to be made with all coins again and If you step in towards all coins in the

Right time you could maximize your Profits and that is what I am planning To do I'm going to buy a few altcoin Projects left and right but the majority Of my money I'm going to allocate is Once Bitcoin breaks as altim my because That is the point where I think the Bitcoin dominance is massively going to Come down here currently it's on 54% Here still Rising my target is actually To look for 57 to 58% here going to look Very closely towards that level looking Forward to toward it but currently I'm Super excited about Bitcoin I think Allcoins are going to get a little bit More hurt maybe they're going to have Some rallies maybe the Bitcoin dominance Take some dips here then in bigger Perspective I think the Bitcoin Dominance is going to remain to be in an Uptrend and it's going to remain to be In it until Bitcoin breaks its alltime High here so this was it for me in Today's update video if you did enjoy it Don't forget to slap all the like button And see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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